Nah we’re just joking! Editing a chapter twice each time? We must be crazy! Hope you’ve enjoyed this April Fools’ Day joke, and come back in about 1 or 2 days when we upload the actual translated chapters!

– Love, BBTL

P.S. For those of you who missed this, here’s the prank:

BBTL is heading in a new direction! To upkeep our website as well as to continue purchasing raws, BBTL is coming up with a subscription option.

Noticed the difference in translation quality for this chapter? From now on, we’ll be posting two versions of every chapter, one that is properly translated and the other a slightly edited mtl version. As such, readers will still be able to continue getting the gist of the novels, while subscribers will have access to the properly translated ones. This will be the case for all novels under BBTL.

For more information about the subscription and cost, please do take a look at our Patreon link here! Do shoot us any questions you might have as well!

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17 thoughts on “040119

  1. Holy crap you scared me! Naughty naughty naughty! I appreciate all you do, even when you bully us 🙂

  2. All the April Fools’ jokes are showing up early because of time zone differences, lol. MTL is so powerful. Its influence could be felt in the very first sentence of a chapter…

    1. oh my god i was literally so offended by the “slightly edited mtl chapter” thing and then i got jebaited so hard. i keep forgetting its april fools somewhere in the world

      god bless yall for your sense of humor. fucking gottem

  3. My eyes were burning because of the sudden low quality translation and then they were blurry with tears at the sudden patreon message ahaha. I clicked this with the same enthusiam as a dying deflating eggplant lmao.

    Thanks for the sudden April Fools scare lololol

  4. I hate this so much. I read through a MTL chapter with my eyes burning and with much sadness and WAS READY TO DONATE TO GET QUALITY


    I hate the joke but I’m forever grateful for the HQ translations you give out. Thank you.

  5. YALL RLY HAD ME SITTING THRU MTL WONDERING IF I LOST MY DAMN MIND SKDNSMFNNXNC im reluctantly impressed!!!!!! also fuck u! but like ty for not actually doing the subscription thing!! i apprteciate it a lot and am rly booboo the fool 😔😔😔

  6. I kinda believed it the first time I read the announcement.

    Then after a while thinking it might be april fool prank, I read the announcement till the end.

    Scared me 😲

    1. Huhuhu…
      I’m almost going to cry??

      But thanks anyway ..
      I’m so glad this is just a joke..

      Thanks for the MTL chapter

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