Imprisoned Oneshot

Heyheyhey it’s GouGou~~

To join in the fun, I’ve translated a short story from Mo Chen Huan! (I don’t know if you’ll think this is fun though…)

This is a story about a man being imprisoned by his pervert stalker! What’s going to happen?

Welcome to Imprisoned!

0 thoughts on “Imprisoned Oneshot

  1. Hello! Great job, thanks for your hard work.
    Can I translate it (and maybe other novels) into spanish, and use your translation as a source?

    1. Hi,

      Imprisoned has already been translated into Spanish I believe. In the future, you can check the Table of Contents page for each novel to see if it has been re-translated yet!

  2. Hi, can I re-translate this novel (or other novel) into the Indonesian? Of course I will include your credit into my translation. I will wait your reply. thank you

    1. It already has an Indonesian translation.

      Many of our novels have ongoing Indonesian translations. You’ll have to check out their Table of Contents pages and let us know which one you’re interested in.

  3. Hello Thank for your translation.
    I want to ask for your permission to retranslation to my language,Burmes in wattpad.I love this story❤️I’ll give a credit to you.Thank you❤️

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