POBE Chapter 6

Hey it’s Alex here!

I… haven’t been translating much recently. I’ve been reading and reading and reading! (Not a lot since my chinese reading speed is slow as hell.) So… I kinda have an idea what I’ll be doing next after POBE but it’s too early to say anything!

And… have you guys started reading Times of Our Lives that’s being translated by BaiGou yet? It’s so good! All the sweetness and fluff in it <3

Anyway, continue on to read more about the adventures of Renzi and how he turned himself gay!

Here’s Chapter 6 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!

P.S. Hey guys! Wondering why you’re seeing this again? As mentioned, here’s the actual translated chapter! Yes, the patreon subscription was a prank! If you’ve missed it, here’s a link to our April Fools’ page!

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