Day: May 20, 2019

Muted Chapter 1

An oldie but a goodie! (It was written in 2013??)

This is apparently one of classics to read if you like dogblood and grovelling novels. It’s really really good, and I went to work the next day with swollen eyes after finishing this novel.

However, it is written in the 1st pov, and it’s really really dogbloody, so take note before you decide to read it.

Here’s Chapter 1 of Muted!


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PM Chapter 1

Another addition to the monthly pit!

Of course it’s also a grovelling novel (I love the hell out of them).

Please be aware that this top starts off really really really scummy. Do take note of the warnings at the start of the chapter, and the author has also included a few warnings with you can read in the ToC.

Here’s Chapter 1 of Perfect Match!


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TANW Extra 2


I’ve been keeping and timing the TANW extras just for this extra to be posted today.

You’ll understand when you read it.

With this extra, everything in the three volumes of TANW is now fully translated D:

(I’m conveniently ignoring the spinoff at this point)

Without further ado, here’s Extra 2 of The Antelope and Night Wolf!


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YGMCT Chapter 13

Guan Shanjin probably regrets not joining the Peng Society earlier lol.

Here’s Chapter 13 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!


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POBE Chapter 44

That comment wondering what type of underwear would Shu Jingyi would be wearing made me laugh. Renzi’s so good at seducing others without realising it, huh?

Here’s Chapter 44 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!


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