Muted Chapter 1

An oldie but a goodie! (It was written in 2013??)

This is apparently one of classics to read if you like dogblood and grovelling novels. It’s really really good, and I went to work the next day with swollen eyes after finishing this novel.

However, it is written in the 1st pov, and it’s really really dogbloody, so take note before you decide to read it.

Here’s Chapter 1 of Muted!


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6 thoughts on “Muted Chapter 1

  1. This might sound stupid but… what’s dogblood? I’ve looked it up but can’t find an explanation anywhere…

  2. hi..Iam momo,, I am interested in translating this novel into Indonesian, can I ask permission for that, thank you for translating this good novel.

    1. Hi, go ahead with the translations. Just leave us a link to your translation so that we can add it to our ToC.

  3. Hi!
    Can I do a translation for Spanish? I will put the respective credits and upload it to the wattpad platform

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