CFSB Chapter 1

ANOTHER dogblood and scum top novel!

(Now you guys know what I’ve been reading in my off time. Like seriously. If you know any good ones like this, REC ME. And join our discord where we yell at each other about the characters.)

Anyway, for this one the author’s synopsis is a wee bit more detailed, so do check out the ToC!

Here’s Chapter 1 of [Rebirth] The Cannon Fodder Strikes Back!

(Yes we got inspired by Star Wars.)


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2 thoughts on “CFSB Chapter 1

  1. Hi Tranlator

    I new see your project and I want translate your project ‘The Cannon Fodder Strikes Back’ to into language Indonesian and then publish to wattpad. So I want permission to you.

    Can I do it? Please give me your a response.

    Thanks for your time and have nice day.

    1. Hi sure you can go ahead, just remember to give us the link to your translation so we can update the ToC!

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