SO Chapter 1

BBTL HAS HIT A MILLION VIEWS! \o/ (maybe half the views are just us hitting the refresh button like crazy but whatever)

To celebrate this milestone, here’s another grovelling novel!

Butttttttt!!!!!!! This time, you’ll be able to read ALL chapters within 24 hours!

There’s some slight angst in this one, and of course a scum top like usual. But it’s really really well written, and I do really like this novel A LOT (like read it a few times A LOT).

Here’s Chapter 1 of Social Outcast!


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3 thoughts on “SO Chapter 1

  1. *throws rainbow confetti* CONGRATULATIONS to y’all for reaching the 1M milestone!!🎊🎂🎉

    ( I was surprised when I saw that there was 30+ notifications from ‘ya guys. Turns out you posted the whole series in one go. WOW!!!! )

  2. You should place more ads here and there then. We readers don’t mind as long as the ads don’t cover the content 🙂

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