Day: May 24, 2019


SW Chapter 12

Here’s the second chapter of Slow-witted for the week!

Edited by Quwu.

Read it here.


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Did you know that we have released two completed novels in celebration of reaching 1 mil views? Go check out Social Outcast and Seduction Game now! (but right after you read SW teehee)


LE Chapter 1

This is the last of my monthly pits! (For now, no promises!)

This one’s about a little proud little nutcase who’s all damaged on the inside.

It’s a dogblood grovelling novel as usual, read the ToC for a little more details.

Here’s Chapter 1 of Love, Expired!


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POBE Chapter 48

Did you guys enjoy Seduction Game and Social Outcast?

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Now for some cute little Renzi!

Here’s Chapter 48 of A President’s Out-of-Body Experience!



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