Update on BBTL

Hi guys!

For those of you who have been looking forward to further updates on Qizi, Thousand Autumns and Peerless, Moe will be picking them back up! However, she’ll be posting them on another site, which we’ll update you guys once the new chapters are up!

As for Yudun, she’s currently on a break. I will be picking up Breaking Through The Clouds and I Ship My Adversary x Me, and Nyan will be working on Summer Drowning until Yudun is ready to come back! She’ll still be working on Heart of Glass in the meantime though, so please do send her words of encouragement! Slow-Witted and Those Years in Quest of Honour Mine have been moved to teasers. If you’re interested in picking them up, do drop us a message and let’s see if we can arrange something!

Akarin too has to go on a hiatus, and she’ll be back when she’s ready!

As for me, I have a multitude of ongoing projects (my own fault) AND things happening in my personal life as well. Once POBE is completed, I’ll no longer be working on daily updates so as to juggle all these projects that I have (oops).
My schedule will be as follows:
Updated Weekly
You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale
A Race to (Be) The Top
Chasing Tides (I know I know, a new project, but I really really really REALLY love this one)
Updated Monthly
Muted (I’ll also work on additional chapters for this one whenever my schedule permits)
My Little Poplar
Winner Takes All
Perfect Match
[Rebirth] The Cannon Fodder Strikes Back
Love, Expired
Breaking Through The Clouds
I Ship My Adversary x Me

Once things settle down a bit I’ll see how things go. My personal life schedule is a little up in the air at the moment.

Man, being an adult is tough.

6 thoughts on “Update on BBTL

  1. Eiiiii… I Ship My Adversary x Me is back! Suddenly not used to Alex PT translating non-dogblood novels XD

    1. Love Stops Rumours, A President’s Out-of-Body Experience, Undead and A Race to (Be) The Top aren’t dogblood though QAQ

      Ahahahaha I’m just hoping that I’ll be able to capture the humour in ISMM!

  2. Slow-Witted is literally how I found this website. I’m really sad, and I really wished I didn’t start that story. It’s such a cute story with so much promise. If you can pick it up, I would be so happy. If not, I dunno. 😭 Man… I kind of seriously regret reading it. 😭

    Alex PT—thanks for being awesome.

    Yudun, I hope you feels better. I can imagine how stressful translating can be. Thanks for introducing a wonderful story—one that I’ll be thinking about for a while.

  3. Thousand Autumns and I Ship My Adversary x Me are back!!!!! Excellent news!

    Well, you’re nice giving us all those suffering pits just once a month… we’ll die of heartbreak, otherwise.

    Thanks for let us know!

  4. Great news my first story that led me here was I ship My Adversary. Anyway my grasp of Chinese is really poor but I could help with editing or something idk 😐

  5. I hope Yudun and Akari both take care!!!
    Speaking of taking care… Alex please don’t overwork yourself!! xD

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