Month: January 2020

YGMCT Chapter 49

Now comes a part of the story where things get a little bit sad. (5 POINTS IF YOU KNOW WHERE THIS CAME FROM)


Here’s Chapter 49 of You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale!



Muted Chapter 10

littleredflowers will be assisting me in translating Muted from now on!

You should see more frequent updates now…


Here’s Chapter 10 of Muted!


HOG Chapter 8

Readers of Heart of Glass (if you’re still around), it’s been a long time!

Cheshire has agreed to pick up the rest of the translations, and we hope you’ll get to see the end of the novel soon!


Here’s Chapter 8 of Heart of Glass!

ARTT Chapter 16

It’s more shenanigans for Ling Xiaolu!

Between him and Lin SuCi, I wonder who’s the bigger troublemaker…


Here’s Chapter 16 of A Race to (Be) The Top!