TOL Chapter 7

Poor Xie Meng!!!

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TOL Chapter 6

Man, Zhang Ganggang lugging a huge bear down the street with his baby face, how adorable!

Time for a feel good chapter, and… some sparks?

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TOL Chapter 3

It’s BaiGou bringing some wholesomeness back to BBTL! (yes I saw Alex’s pengpeng smut and it is… smutty)

Let’s have Chapter 3 of Times of Our Lives!


TOL Chapter 2

And here’s some school life fluff!

Phew~ I think I’m done for the week! Off to tl a little more! (I should start learning from Alex and stack chapters D:)

Let’s have the next chapter of Times of Our Lives!

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TOL Chapter 1

Hiiiiiiiii it’s BaiGou with a new translation!

This is all thanks to Cloud/Yudun. She’s been recommending shoving this novel in our face recently, especially because there’s a new PO for it (and apparently it’s the last time they’ll have a publishing run for it?)

So, with the promise of diabetes-inducing fluff, I started reading, and… I fell in love.

Watch as our MC and ML progress through their youth, and see how they live their lives.

Without further ado, here’s Chapter 1 of Times of Our Lives!

Imprisoned Oneshot

Heyheyhey it’s GouGou~~

To join in the fun, I’ve translated a short story from Mo Chen Huan! (I don’t know if you’ll think this is fun though…)

This is a story about a man being imprisoned by his pervert stalker! What’s going to happen?

Welcome to Imprisoned!

SASAM Chapter 6.1

It’s GouGou back with more kitties!

This is how I imagine Lin SuCi to look like as a kitten.

Isn’t he crazy adorable????

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TSNLT – Chapter 5

Hihi all! It’s GouGou again.

Does everyone still remember our long-suffering MC? OwO He’s back today, and this time he’s figured out how to game the system~ and oh, the plot thickens too (just maybe not in the way it’s supposed to?).

Click here for the long belated Chapter 5 of TSNLT!