Sasam Chapter 5

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SASAM Chapter 3

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More cute kitty in Chapter 3!

TSNLT Chapter 4

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Xiao Han, our long-suffering MC, is definitely not enjoying himself though! Fortunately for him, the plot is finally moving forward, and he meets an old friend in this chapter. ENJOY!

TSNLT Chapter 3

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What new adventures miseries await Xiao Han after death? Find out in the latest chapter here!

(P.S. Read with caution for some teeny steamy bits! OwO)

TSNLT Chapter 2

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In this chapter, our fed-up MC decides to test the limits of the script! What happens when you go against the dictates of the omnipotent script-sama?

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TSNLT Chapter 1

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This novel’s about a person who has transmigrated and has to complete the plot as a scum top who becomes a loyal dog. Of course, it’s not that simple. Watch as our male lead goes through various hijinks throughout the worlds!

Without further ado, here’s Chapter 1.