ARTT Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 — A Direct Attack
Who doesn’t have an egg?!

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“It’s— It’s— It’s—”


411 looked as though his soul had departed him. His expression looked just like one of the shrieking chicken toys that had its throat strangled, so much so that Ling Long retreated three hundred miles away from fear.


Dumbstruck, he stared at Li Zheng who was making his way here, looking as though he was untouched by anything mortal. Suddenly, under everyone’s eyes, he lifted his hand and slapped himself on his left cheek.


Ling Xiaolu: …


“Heehee,” 411 giggled happily. “It doesn’t hurt, I’m dreaming. I knew it, how could Li Zheng appear in an arena like this?”


A kind hearted soul next to him reminded him, “Did you turn on your pain sensitivity?”


411: …


He adjusted his pain sensitivity to the highest setting, then slapped himself lightly on his right cheek. Momentarily, he leapt up in pain. “It hurts! Ow, ow, it hurts!”


Ling Xiaolu: This was too exaggerated!




If the benefactor present was Dou Kou, everyone would definitely swarm forward and call him Papa; if it was Ji Meng, there would naturally be those bold and unrestrained ones swarming up and calling him hubby. However, as Li Zheng stood in the center of the waiting room, shrouded in his own isolating aura, everyone was eager to go forward, but dared not be hasty about it. At that moment, they were secretly finding an angle to take a selfie, while there were others who were making a commotion as they experienced schadenfreude.


“Just now, in the arena, he secretly plotted against little Lu Bi, even commanding them to go to their deaths. We all bear witness to it.”


“He even said Li Zheng was something… that they’ll really lose out big — all the way to the bank?”


“If not for the assistance of our Adonis and his disciple, we would definitely have lost in the last game!”




The members of the other teams who did not experience this public case were enlightened. “I knew it. No wonder at the end, your team started fighting among themselves.”


“411,” one of the players with excellent memories teased him, “did you say if 627 was Li Zheng, you’re Zhen Jiu? Come, take your mask out!”


“This must be fake.” Covering his cheek, 411 refused to accept the reality. “How could Li Zheng have accepted a disciple?”


“Has your village only just been connected to the internet?”


“The entire server knows about Li Zheng accepting a disciple, but you don’t?”


“I…” 411 had no words. “I’ve always been focused on the arena, and never cared for gossip. Can I be blamed for that? Furthermore, just now, among all of my teammates, none of them believed it too.”


The moment he spoke, there were a few people at the scene who turned away and started whistling, feigning ignorance.




“It’s you guys!” 411 seemed to have suddenly gained piercing insight. “Right before the match, when I talked about Li Zheng, the few of you were laughing along!”


“Don’t speak nonsense. Who laughed along? Do you have proof?”


“I laughed, but I was laughing at you. They had already given such obvious hints, but you actually did not believe them!”


“Right from the start, I had already believed that 627 was Li Zheng. Is it very strange for a master to bring his disciple to train in a low level arena?”


One by one, the members of the Green Team denied what had happened with great certainty, to the point where even Ling Xiaolu was about to believe them.


“You guys…!” 411 was left speechless from anger.


“So what if you guys know?” He turned towards Ling Xiaolu, regaining some of his previous arrogance. “Can a benefactor’s disciple just kill people randomly? I- I’m still going to report you!”




Shifu.” Ling Xiaolu pretended to look pitiful. “He says he’s going to report me.”


“You killed your own teammate by accident, what’s wrong with reporting you?”


411 nearly vomited blood. What was by accident? It was clearly on purpose!


“Then what should I do?” Ling Xiaolu looked even more like a victim than 411. “Would my account be locked?”


“It’s not impossible.”


Ling Xiaolu was full of grievances. “I only made my move after seeing Shifu make his move first.”


411 hurriedly interrupted. “Your master is good looking, are you good looking like him?”


Li Zheng swept a cold gaze around. “I did attack him, but did you see me kill him?”


411: ???


“I was wrong. Next time, I’ll only attack him, I guarantee I won’t kill him.”


“Did I say that you were wrong to kill him?”


Shifu means…”


“Just now, you gained the advantage through a sneak attack, and your win was not honourable. I want you to defeat him directly, face to face. Only then will you be considered to have passed today’s training.


411: ?????




“Hold on. Even if you’re Li Zheng, aren’t you looking down on people too much?” 411 had something to say. “Have you seen this 18cm long broadsword of mine? With one swing, I’m afraid your disciple’s life and bounty would all belong to me.”


Ling Xiaolu took a closer look at that broadsword waving in the air, expressing his agreement. “What you say makes sense. It’s dishonourable to do sneak attacks, but is it honourable for the strong to bully the weak? Conflict between people cannot be resolved through just combat force alone. There’s so many fun things to do in this game, why must we insist on PK?”


Li Zheng did not force him. “Alright, then we’ll go back and fix the yard.”


“However, the instances, arenas, and pet-raising in the game are all to be better in PK. PK is the game’s final objective, and a game without PK is no fun at all. I love PK, and I’m willing to engage in a battle with you!”




411 was astonished by his seamless transition. “I never thought that you’re actually such a weathercock!”


“Yes! You gotta see who my master is!”


411 was even more astonished. “Your master is a weathercock too?”


Ling Xiaolu had a grim expression. “If you have a master like this, you would also turn into a weathercock with no outside help.”


The popcorn-eating audience, unable to hold themselves back, quickly asked, “Then what do we have to do to have a master like yours?”


Ling Xiaolu was put on the spot. “Hmm, maybe you first need to get yourself drunk?”




Li Zheng’s thin lips parted slightly. “How long more do you plan on chatting?”


“Stop with your nonsense now!” Ling Xiaolu pointed at 411. “Come, fight me!”


411: ??? You were clearly the one with all the nonsense, alright?!


“Sure, we’ll fight!” He gave a swing of his broadsword. “Everyone here shall be a witness. It’s Li Zheng who wants his disciple to fight me, and not me who is bullying a newbie.”


“If I win, you can’t report me.”


411 laughed disdainfully, pointing his thumb towards himself. “If you can beat me, I’ll report myself, noob!”




“Hold it.” Li Zheng spoke up, interrupting them. “Tu’er, you don’t have anything on you, what are you going to use to fight him?”


Ling Xiaolu did not understand. “I don’t have anything?”


Li Zheng tossed something over. “For now, just use this first.”


Once the crowd saw what that item was, envy and jealousy spread through them. The eyes fixed upon him nearly lit Ling Xiaolu up, and only the main party was left confused.


He tilted his head, considering the item. The colour of this thing was very gloomy, and it was not eye-catching at all. It looked like a fox tucked into a ball, carved out from rock.


“Don’t tell me you don’t even know what this is.” 411 stood the closest, and his eyes nearly bulged out as he stared at the item. It so happened that Ling Xiaolu looked just like he did not recognise it, and this was anger-inducing.


Ling Xiaolu was unwilling to be looked down on by him, and hugged the rock close to his chest. “Of course I know what this is. Later on, when I use it to beat you, you better not cry!”




“Stop talking so much, start fighting!”


Ling Xiaolu had long made his plans. With that extremely perceptive master of his watching from the sidelines, he had to use concealment methods and quickly end this fight, so as to prevent exposing himself.


“Fog!” He shouted loudly.


Li Zheng: “Disperse!”


Ling Xiaolu: “…”


“I already said that you must attack directly. Why are you again using this sort of sneaky tactics?”


Ling Xiaolu maintained his smile. “Have you seen it? My master uses only one word for his skills, and yet he’s still so handsome.”


“What’s so amazing about one-word skills? I have a one-word skill as well.” 411 was rather scornful.




“Roll!” 411 then rolled across the ground.


“… What use does this have?”


“It can remove all controlling effects.” 411 was very proud.


“…” Ling Xiaolu nodded. “Impressive.”




Flashing his bear claws, Ling Xiaolu lunged over, and 411 shouted again.


“Hold on!”


Ling Xiaolu nearly did not brake in time. “What now?!”


A few arrows came flying over from the air. Fortunately, Ling Xiaolu’s reaction time was quick. He dodged to the side, and the arrows plunged into where he was just standing.


Ling Xiaolu was badly shaken. “You plotted against me?!”


“You didn’t expect that, right?” 411 placed his hands on his hips proudly. “The command for that skill is ‘hold on’!”


Ling Xiaolu: … Despicable people truly had despicable methods!


This time, he no longer engaged in random chit chat with 411, rushing forward and scratching him. Upon receiving a slash of his claws, 411’s face changed wretchedly. Hugging his head, he yelled, “Hold on! Hold on! Aiyoh! This time, I really need you to hold on! Aiyoh! Stop! Stop attacking me!!”


Having beaten him up, Ling Xiaolu bounced away, giving his hands a break. “As if I’ll believe you again!”


411 was about to cry. “I’m telling the truth! After setting my pain sensitivity to the highest, I haven’t reduced it yet!”


Ling Xiaolu: ……




The popcorn-eating audience was having a great time watching them.


“Hahaha he deserved it!”


“Reaping what he sowed. If you hadn’t used ‘hold on’ to deceive people, he would have believed you!”


“Carry on, little Lu Bi! Don’t give him time to adjust the setting back!”


411 readjusted his setting in a fluster. “It didn’t count just now! We’ll start again!”


Ling Xiaolu rolled his eyes. Who was going to start again? Without waiting for 411 to recover his hp, Ling Xiaolu rushed forward, attacking again.


“Look up!” Mushrooms popped up one after another on the ground, and then exploded one by one.


Ling Xiaolu leapt here and there, dodging all the mushrooms. When he arrived in front of 411, he slapped a claw onto the other person’s head. “Look down!”


The audience were all interacting in a friendly manner with each other. “411 is still more obedient! He looks down when he’s asked to do so!”


Stamping his foot, 411 summoned a large patch of thorns on the ground. “Hurry up and lie down!”


“Wow, he’s using this sort of underhand method again.” The crowd could no longer bear to continue watching him. “It’s enough that others fell for his trick once. Who’s going to fall for it again?!”




Ling Xiaolu naturally would not fall for the trick. In one leap, he bounded onto 411’s shoulders. “Fog!”


This time, Li Zheng did not dispel the fog, and 411 also had never learnt how to do so. By the time the fog dispersed by itself, everyone was delighted to discover that 411’s hair had been messed up into a bird’s nest, and right on top was even a little ponytail.




411 was so angry that he furiously swung his broadsword about, creating an impervious barrier. Ling Xiaolu’s close-combat weapon was clearly at a disadvantage.


“I’ll just see how else you can bounce around!” 411 drew closer with his swinging broadsword, and it was now Ling Xiaolu’s turn to retreat.


“Hahaha, you’re getting scared, right?!”


Ling Xiaolu tapped two fingers together. “Don’t come over!”




The skill was in cooldown. “Don’t come over!”




“Don’t come over!”




“Fuck!” 411 could not help but curse. “Are you taking me on a stroll?!”




Ling Xiaolu put his finger to his lips, and 411 lost sight of him. Where was he?


Targeting the period when 411 was dazed, Ling Xiaolu aimed at his back with no hesitation.




His bear claws hit against something hard. Despite Ling Xiaolu using all his might, 411 was not injured at all.


“Heeheeheehee, you didn’t expect that right? That I still have this impenetrable armour!”


Hiding in a dirt-yellow oval shaped shell, 411 exposed only his face.


“You look just like a potato,” Ling Xiaolu critiqued with no courtesy.


“Because this is my pet! The armoured potato!”


Ling Xiaolu had never seen the power of the potato before. He swung his claws down a few times, but his attacks failed, and not a single scratch appeared on the potato.




It was truly a tough problem.


The crowd threw out suggestions.


“Plant-type pets are most afraid of bug-type pets. Do you have any insects? Quick, take them out!”


“The armoured potato is of the earth characteristic. By using wood characteristic pets, you can break it!”


They gave a whole lot of ideas, but to Ling Xiaolu, they might as well have not said anything.


411 was unable to move his body, but his mouth still flapped away non-stop. “Just give up, you’ll never be able to get past this seamless impenetrable fortress of mine!”


“Is it really seamless?”


411 froze. “Of course!”


“I don’t think so.” Ling Xiaolu folded his arms. “Watch this hidden weapon!”




Aiyoh!” 411 was struck in the face by the so-called hidden weapon. He screamed and returned to his original shape. The item that hit him bounced onto the ground, after a few rolls, it stopped.


The entire waiting room instantly fell silent, except for 411 who had been hit.


“Hidden your ass! Are you crazy? If you are, go see a doctor! Why are you here playing this game!” Covering his nose, 411 roared loudly. It seemed like he was furious.


Ling Xiaolu observantly discovered that the atmosphere was wrong. The people that had just been making noise and watching the show were now looking like goldfish, staring at each other with wide eyes, their mouths gaping.


Could it be that when he threw the hidden weapon out just now, his posture was not impressive enough?




Next to the hidden weapon that he threw, appeared a pair of pure white shoes.


Li Zheng bent down, picking up the stone on the ground and raised it to Ling Xiaolu’s eye level.


In an instant, all sorts of descriptions related to jade appeared in Ling Xiaolu’s mind. Li Zheng’s fingers, in front of him, seemed as though they had been carved from jade. What sort of overly detail-orientated person did one have to be to be able to create such a perfect beauty. Was Li Zheng’s real life identity a sculptor?


No, hold up! Ling Xiaolu shook his head. Just look at what situation he was in right now, and yet he was still thinking about such random things? Was jade the focus here? The focus was this stone!




Li Zheng did not say a word. His five fingers gently came together, and the stone in his palm seemed to glow white. Fragments of rock started crumbling down, and finally, with a hum, a snow white fox curled into a ball appeared. It tumbled twice in the air before landing on Li Zheng’s shoulder. As it stretched lazily, it yawned, and at last, it lay down obediently, its fluffy tail curling around Li Zheng’s neck.


Ling Xiaolu: … This is too cute, my heart is moved.


The popcorn-eating crowd whispered to each other.


“I didn’t see wrongly! As expected, it’s the rare cloud fox pet that only appears in the snowy mountain of Beimang!”


“I tried for an entire month, but I still didn’t manage to catch one!”


“A month? I lived on the top of the mountain for three months, but I didn’t even see one strand of its fur!”


“Right now, in the market, you might not even be able to buy this pet with a few million dollars, right? But Li Zheng had just willy nilly passed it to his disciple for him to use, and the disciple had actually willy nilly thrown it out to be used as a hidden weapon. Is this master-disciple pair from the willy nilly gang?”


“Is the Adonis still in need of disciples? If we’re talking about being a weathercock, I’m quite good at that!”


Many more started enjoying this new scene to the show.




With so much discussion, Ling Xiaolu was bound to hear some of the comments. He realised, he seemed to have done something really stupid?


“The system will give every account a newbie pet for free. Unsealing the pet is one task that has to be completed in the newbie training guide.”


Ling Xiaolu finally understood. It turned out that the true identity of the stone was a pet that was still sealed. However, how could he know that?! He was also a pet!


“Oh…” The pet answered guiltily.


“Where’s your newbie pet?” Li Zheng stared at him. “Let me take a look at it.”


“…” Ling Xiaolu was smiling cheerily, but silently, he had already started to chant “force quit”.




Bang! Next to him, a puff of smoke appeared. Ling Xiaolu received a shock, and his action to go offline was also interrupted.


Ling Long: Don’t panic! I’m here!


Ling Long was like a heavenly soldier descending from the skies, and for the first time ever, Ling Xiaolu felt that he was as cool as a dragon!


“Newbie pet?” Ling Xiaolu blinked innocently. “Shifu, are you referring to this?”


He grabbed the little fellow that Ling Long had turned into. It turned out to be an egg with wings and claws.


How extremely touching! Ling Long, who was afraid of birds, had actually transformed into an egg!




“I had been wondering, it turns out that a newbie pet is just an egg…” Ling Xiaolu mumbled quietly.


He looked up, meeting Li Zheng’s eyes. Shuddering, he hurriedly corrected himself, “No, what I meant was… Isn’t it just an egg? Who doesn’t have an egg hahaha…”


Probingly Li Zheng watched Ling Xiaolu, who was laughing drily, to the point where he gradually could no longer laugh.


A moment later, Li Zheng finally spoke slowly, “You best have one.”


Gulping, Ling Xiaolu swallowed down his last “ha”.




Li Zheng gave a wave of his sleeves, and the cloud fox jumped from his shoulder to his arm.


“Since you don’t like it, then forget it.”


Without thinking, Ling Xiaolu grabbed onto Li Zheng’s sleeve. “No! Shifu, you misunderstood!”


“What?” With lowered lids, Li Zheng’s eyes swept over him. “You’re regretting it?”


“…” Ling Xiaolu was unable to share his troubles. “I regret… regret…”


The look in Li Zheng’s eyes was telling Ling Xiaolu to continue.


“… not helping Shifu fix the yard! How can I, who refused to even fix the yard, dare to accept something so valuable from Shifu!”


In Ling Xiaolu’s face was a tragic look of having decided to achieve his goal at any cost. “I’m not fighting anymore! I’m going back right now to fix the yard!”

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