AWM Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

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Qi – FPS Invincible King – Girl Killer – King of Poison-tongued Mockery – Light of eSports – Career Terminator of People in the Same Industry – Right Hand of God – Single-Handed Solo King – Zui’s first attempt at commentating successfully failed in front of HOG’s 19-year-old young general Yu Yang.


Maybe it was because Yu Yang’s rank was quite high yesterday, maybe it was because Yu Yang’s face was too good at attracting fans, or it could be that the Korean media had also heard about the scandal about the ‘child bride’… In short, the director gave Yu Yang more than ninety seconds of camera time.


Yu Yang was never scared of the director zooming in on him. His face was expressionless throughout, just doing what he was supposed to do.


Qi Zui, who was in the hotel room, was different. In these more than ninety seconds, he had practically ended all possibilities of him advancing in a career as a commentator.


After he made such a big move and directly said that this was his Youth, Qi Zui’s livestream room exploded and increased by three million popularity again.




In the camera, Yu Yang did not understand why the rocker arms of the several main cameras were shaking around in front of his face. He seemed to be a little irritated and looked at the camera with a cold face.


“He…” Qi Zui could not control himself and suddenly said, “He never has this sort of attitude towards me.”


There was a whole bunch of “??????” floating by on the barrage instantly.


[No…Did anyone ask you?]


[Hahahahahaha splitting my sides from laughing! Who asked you about God-Yang’s attitude towards you?]


[I just came over. I heard that Qi Zui came out of the closet? Is it true?]


[????? What are you doing?]


[God-Qi!!! Wake up!!! Do you remember that you are commentating right now?!]


[My gosh, so scary…Qi-Killing-God is suddenly on the wrong channel?]


[Crawling around the floor in panic.]


[I’m suddenly starting to worry about how my God-Yang has been living every day in HOG.]


[Worried every day that Qi Zui, this old hooligan, has already done something to Youth…]


[Ten thousand people’s blood letters1 asking God-Qi to explain in detail what Youth’s attitude towards you is like, you must describe the details clearly.]


“Cough…” Qi Zui took another sip of water. He put on his headphones and controlled his tone, trying his best to be objective and serious. “Youth, God-Yang, HOG’s new blood2, specializing in solo matches and squad matches, taking the position as the fragger and the commander. He is a player with great talent and great endurance, his ability to resist pressure is very strong… The Korean commentator said that he’s very aloof and arrogant, what the fuck is he talking about. You have to look at the person in question, he’s preparing for a competition, do you want him to give a peace sign towards your camera before you’ll say that he’s approachable? I’m very clear about whether his personality is good or not, must we tell the overseas media how soft a player is in private and how good his temper is when facing his captain? Does that have anything to do with the competition at all… Youth could not beat Zhou Feng in the solo competition yesterday, missing the top three, it’s a bit of a pity.”


Qi Zui’s words did not lack either ridicule or commentary, and the fans in the livestream room were stunned. It took them a long time to react and grasp that Qi Zui had mixed in his private opinions again3,. The barrage was scrolling by crazily, asking Qi Zui to talk more about the ‘how soft he is in private’ detail.


Qi Zui pretended to be blind and did not look at the barrage. Anyway, Yu Yang was competing and would not know about him live-streaming. Qi Zui completely let go and said all the crap he wanted to say.


The competition was about to begin. Qi Zui indicated that he was anticipating HOG’s performance a lot, and he took the chance to give his blessing to the other five Chinese teams as well. The type of comments4 in the barrage changed instantly, and everyone started to spam the teams that they liked like crazy, giving blessings one by one. The keyboards of the Chinese team players at the competition venue were about to spout milk5.


The first round of the duo competition started.


Qi Zui’s attention was completely focused on the two HOG teams. The flight path was the Z City-M City6 one. For the HOG teams, one dropped at the start of the flight paths, and the other dropped at the end. Bu Nana and Lao Kai went to the Nuclear Power Plant and Yu Yang and Xin Ba landed at the containers7.


Xin Ba died as soon as they landed.


“…HOG has always had a tradition of sacrificing teammates before eating their chicken dinner, it’s very normal.” Yu Yang and Xin Ba were both not good at duo, and they had limited time to get used to playing with each other. Wanting to have results from this duo competition was too difficult and Qi Zui had expected it from the start, so he was not surprised. He just said calmly, “Let’s watch God-Yang’s solo now.”


He did not know if they had been poisoned by milk8; not just Yu Yang and Xin Ba, but the other few China teams also had an extremely hard time fighting. The Knights and the Lioness teams landed in P City and as soon as they landed, they started to have internal fights9. TGC and FIRE had met in the first circle. After a fight, they had traded one person for two, leaving Zhou Feng alone as he entered the safe zone.


The China teams did not really practice duos, and in the competition, all their weaknesses were exposed at any instant. Just after the third safe zone, all the China teams completely collapsed. When the safe zone started to contract for the fourth time, there were only three of the twelve Chinese teams left, and there was only one team that had both alive.


Too horrible to look at.


The people that were doing badly were not just the China team; but the Japanese team and the Thai team were not willing to be outdone. When Yu Yang had a chance to enter the circle, the two teams eyed Yu Yang at the same time. Even when the safe zone shrunk, they refused to go away, insisting on killing Yu Yang off.


Qi Zui had originally been trying his best to commentate. But when he saw Yu Yang getting caught in a 4v1 fight with the Thai team and the Korean noob team, and getting surrounded and killed, he was so angry that he laughed.


“Four people surrounding Youth… And Youth actually managed to team wipe one of the teams…” Qi Zui was completely unable to continue commentating, “Tch…”


What sort of shitty play was this?


Yu Yang had been killed by someone, and his rank was seventeenth place.


The few Korean commentators started acting like they were celebrating the New Year. They were even hinting that Qi Zui had only been able to get first place yesterday because the Korean team had not adapted to the competition yesterday.


Qi Zui completely gave up on salvaging the situation and acted recklessly10. He took off the earphones, no longer listening to the excited noises of Korean commentators, then picked up his snacks, explaining whatever he wanted as he ate.


When the director cut the camera to the South Korean team, Qi Zui nodded, “This player has a lot of his own opinions. A gunshot sound with such an obvious position, yet he’s acting like he can’t hear it, and he’s still camping on the third floor. Maybe he has a religious belief, not willing to kill.”


The camera was then cut to the Japan team. Qi Zui laughed lightly, “These two people are probably from the same religion as the one just now.”


Then the camera cut to another Japanese team. They were fighting with the South Korean team. Two groups of people were sending bullets to each other for two minutes, not even losing a single drop of blood, causing Qi Zui to have no fucking words while watching it.


Saying that it was noobs fighting each other…was already considered praising them.


“Sprinkle a handful of rice on the keyboard…” Qi Zui chuckled, “Nevermind, I won’t say it.”


The barrage kindly helped to post the sentence Qi Zui had stopped himself from saying:


[Sprinkle a handful of rice on the keyboard and carry a chicken over, the chicken pecking at the rice would have more coquettish11 positioning than those few people12.]


That was why people with overly strong abilities could not do any commentating. This was just a livestream. If they asked Qi Zui to give a live commentary, Qi Zui was really not sure if he would push away a player on the spot and give them a live lesson.


In contrast, Bu Nana and Lao Kai were playing steadily. As the last team that had both members alive, they killed their way to the final circle. During the fourth circle, they even managed to get kills off the Thai team.


“I’m not surprised,” Qi Zui seemed to gain a little bit of interest. “Their cooperation in duo matches is very good, they have practiced quite a lot… Their weakness is that they are average in sniping, however, they will have the advantage in the late-game when they fight head-on. Bu Nana is very strong in short-ranged fights.”


They were probably having suppressed anger in their hearts after being scolded as a boorish man and a pug all day by others, so Bu Nana and Lao Kai worked very hard in private.


As Qi Zui had said, in the last safe zone, Bu Nana and Lao Kai suddenly emerged as a new force. Lao Kai helped to cover for Bu Nana and Bu Nana attacked people head-on, they had no holes in their teamwork. However, it was a pity, but the safe zone was not good for them, and they got second place in the end.


Compared to the other China teams, this was considered quite a good result already.


The final points statistics came out. Qi Zui took a look—There was only one China team in the top ten, HOG. There were four in the top twenty.


Qi Zui did not need to look at the forum; he could already guess how horrible the trolls were scolding them.


It was not just the forum, there were already people starting to send hate in the livestream room. People were saying that Qi Zui was neglecting the overall situation, accusing Qi Zui of only focusing on personal achievements, withdrawing after playing a solo match and not caring about the team’s duo results.


Qi Zui chuckled.


The fighting power of Qi Zui’s fans was amazing, they were attacking the haters like it was a life-or-death struggle. The rational fans continuously tried to mediate: Let’s not have internal fights alright? It’s just the first round, it’s not like there is no possibility of a comeback!


Qi Zui was more rational than them and shook his head, “That’s very difficult.”


In the second round, Bu Nana and Lao Kai’s ranking dropped to fourth. Yu Yang and Xin Ba’s total points ranking rose by one… Sixteenth place, not even touching the edge of the top three.


In the third round, the Knights’ points rose. Hua Luo’s team got into the top three. Bu Nana and Lao Kai were still in fourth place, while Yu Yang and Xin Ba dropped three places to rank nineteen.


In the fourth round, the Knights fell to fifth place, Bu Nana and Lao Kai were still ranked fourth place, and Yu Yang and Xin Ba were ranked fifteenth.


There was a difference of more than 500 points between Bu Nana-Lao Kai’s team and the Korean team in first place. It was impossible to catch up and surpass them, the goal now was to rush into the top three. As for, Yu Yang and Xin Ba…


In the fifth round, the director cut the camera to Yu Yang. Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s and Xin Ba’s landing location and frowned slightly.


Yu Yang and Xin Ba had landed at the airport.


It was already the last round, and Yu Yang and Xin Ba’s points had fallen behind by way too much. Even if they bombed the plane at the start of the game13, it was impossible for them to win.


In the last few rounds of a PUBG competition, the teams that had no hope of reaching top three would start to play passively, and those people who had a strong feeling of trying to take revenge on society would become a dung stirring stick14 and commit suicide attacks. They would attack everyone who they could catch head-on, and it was fine if they died.


Yu Yang and Xin Ba were ranked fifteenth, and they were considered a failure of a team as no matter how hard they tried, it would be useless.


The director would mostly not even give screentime to this sort of team. If it was not for the fact that Yu Yang’s popularity was high, Qi Zui would not have the opportunity to see him at all.


People started to spam the barrage, confused about what Yu Yang was doing.


[Does Youth want to show-off his skills at the airport in the last round? It’s useless already, right?]


[My God-Yang has been carrying one person along this whole time, playing a duo competition like a solo competition, what else can he even do?]


[We’re not trying to push responsibility15, for us, Xin Ba is already very brilliant, but for this sort of competition…He’s really not strong enough.]


[I’m still curious, what’s the use of him trying so hard to go to the airport? Xin Ba can’t manage to fight at the airport at all. Is he planning on playing solo as soon as he lands again?]


The corner of Qi Zui’s mouth curved up slightly and he smiled.


“Youth…He’s just like that,” The screentime the director gave Yu Yang was very short and the image flashed by quickly. Qi Zui stared at Yu Yang’s ID, “Whether there’s any hope or not, he would put his all into playing…”


In the past, to enter Team One, Yu Yang had risked not placing in the top three. He still remembered the competition where, in a circumstance where Yu Yang had almost zero chance of succeeding, he had blocked Hua Luo. Qi Zui took a deep breath. It could not be denied that when Yu Yang was like this, he had a different charm.


It had nothing to do with winning or losing. Yu Yang seemed to have a natural resilience. He never seemed to care about how bad the situation was, and whether he was completely out of hope or not. As long as the game was not over, he would fight with all he had to the last second.


When Yu Yang was like this, it practically made Qi Zui obsessed.


It could have been because there were a lot of people playing passively in the last match that Yu Yang and Xin Ba miraculously managed to kill their way into the final circle.


The director was probably also very surprised, frequently turning the camera over to the two of them.


Qi Zui was currently staring at Bu Nana and Lao Kai. Compared with Yu Yang, their situation was more serious. The top three teams were still alive. Bu Nana and Lao Kai were still in the fourth place in terms of total points. It was still difficult to catch up with them. Moreover, Bu Nana and Lao Kai were facing a Heaven’s Wrath circle again!


The director hardly turned the camera to them. Qi Zui could only judge the situation from the perspective of a God16 OB camera view… Afterall, no one had much expectations for these two.


There were even people commenting in Qi Zui’s barrage: I don’t feel that the pug and the boorish fatty combination can get any results.


Qi Zui was too lazy to say anything more. It was useless to explain it. People would only be able to see the one with the most kills17, and only see the first place. The people who quietly sacrificed for the team were not well-liked.


However, Qi Zui could see how hard Bu Nana and Lao Kai had practiced playing duo together day and night.


Not only Qi Zui… Yu Yang and Xin Ba saw it too.


The director turned the camera to Yu Yang again. The commentator praised Yu Yang’s competitive spirit, breaking the ice18 as he pointed out that it was useless to only have spirit. One needed to have ability too. He then started to boast unrestrainedly about how strong the Korean players were, directly saying that the top three places would all be taken by the Korean teams…


And at that moment–


In the game, Xin Ba helped Yu Yang throw smoke grenades the whole way, then switching to auto and spraying bullets the whole way while Yu Yang carried his gun and rushed into the house directly.


The Korean commentator was startled. “For some reason, Youth is suddenly being impulsive. There’s practically no meaning in him rushing into the house. Even if he managed to rush in while attacking, it would be very hard for him to win a one versus two fight. Furthermore, when he and his teammate forced their way into the housing area, they were already stared at by quite a few teams, there’s no way for them to retreat with no losses…”


Qi Zui’s eyes shone as he murmured, “He doesn’t intend on retreating with no losses.”


Yu Yang was going there to suicide.


Yu Yang’s hearing was first-class, judging by the kill feed, he knew very well that the two people in the house were Are team from Korea.


The Are team that was the third place in points ranking currently.


Qi Zui’s heart rate increased and he suddenly knew why Yu Yang was fighting so hard this round.


It was not just his personality.


Yu Yang swept the area with bullets as he went upstairs, exchanging one life for another. Before he was killed off by one of the Are team members, Yu Yang managed to exchange his life for the Captain of Are, directly killing him off.


Yu Yang rushed into the room before he died and had already confirmed the position of the other team member. He hurriedly reported the location to Xin Ba who was still outside. Xin Ba knew his skill level; he was not as good as these people, and did not have the ability to do a close-ranged battle in a 1v2 situation like Yu Yang had. Xin Ba threw a smoke bomb and pulled the safety off the grenade in his hand. According to where Yu Yang had reported that the enemies were, he directly went there to face the opponent head-on.


The Are team member was tricked by the smoke grenade and randomly shot towards the smoke. With an exploding sound, Are and HOG died together.


“Fucking brilliant!!!”


The director was stunned. Instantly, he reacted and cut the camera view to the camera outside, to the front of Yu Yang’s camera.


Yu Yang’s hands had already left the keyboard, he lifted his gaze to look at the camera and curved his lips slightly.


Who was the one who said just now that the top three positions were already taken by the Korean teams?


HOG’s Yu Yang and Xin Ba had been eliminated, but the other HOG team was still alive.


Because Are was eliminated, in the live rankings, Bu Nana and Lao Kai had already jumped to the third place.


When Bu Nana and Lao Kai saw the kill feed, they knew what had happened. Bu Nana gritted his teeth, swearing to not let Yu Yang and Xin Ba die in vain. He fought hard this round; during the fights, they did not camp for a higher ranking and instead directly played aggressively, killing off the second ranked Korean team and successfully eating chicken dinner.


The five rounds of competition ended. Bu Nana and Lao Kai managed to get the second place silver pot, giving a harsh slap to the Korean commentator who had said beforehand that the Korean teams would completely take all the top three places.


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