AWM Chapter 32

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Chapter 32



The two people in the Are team had used their abilities to get a good result of fourth place, but they were not happy. Their faces were ghastly pale as they threw their keyboard, leaving without even keeping their computer accessories.


Yu Yang carried his own accessories bag, leaning at the side as he watched his teammates huddle together.


Bu Nana was so happy he was going crazy. He grabbed Lao Kai and Xin Ba and kept messing with their hair. Thankfully, Xin Ba was still quite rational, he hurriedly helped Bu Nana and Lao Kai sort out their hair, laughing as he reminded them, “Bro, don’t mess around… Your clothes are all messy, you guys go to the interview area first, there’s still a lot of things you have to do.”


Bu Nana nodded, he looked towards Yu Yang, smiled, and reached out his plump fist.


Yu Yang raised his hand, and fist-bumped Bu Nana, using the perfect amount of force.


The two of them met each other’s eyes and the little friction backstage yesterday disappeared instantly.


They felt everything in the silence.


“It’s all thanks to you both! When I saw your kill feed, I understood instantly. Oh, fuck!” This was the first time Lao Kai had any good results in duo matches, for him, it meant a lot. Lao Kai hit Xin Ba’s shoulder and said, “Feels great!”


Bu Nana’s face was flushed with excitement and he nodded fiercely, “I understood everything at that moment. At that time, Lao Kai and I were really about to cry… Damn it, there’s this sort of method of doing things too?! I think they’re probably also confused, no one expected that we even have scavengers here!”


“God-Yang had started to eye them since the beginning of the fourth match and he had even caused trouble for the South Korean team in first place in the middle. However, it’s a pity… I dragged him down,” Xin Ba said, ashamed, “I shot too early and exposed our position, otherwise, God-Yang could have killed more people in exchange for his life.”


Bu Nana hurriedly shook his head, “Don’t talk about this, the last round was all thanks to you and Youth.”


“We only helped you get third place, you were the ones who fought to second place,” Yu Yang shook his head and said seriously, “Your duo playing is very good.”


Lao Kai took a deep breath, the number of people that recognized his ability was too little, although he had long grown used to it, it was hard for him to feel good with being misunderstood and ignored time after time.


This runner up really meant more to Bu Nana and him than that bit of money and the silver pot.


Lai Kai let out a long sigh, then fist-bumped Yu Yang.


“Are you guys trying to kill me with your handsomeness?!” He Xiaoxu and Lai Hua came over from downstairs, so worked up that they were not speaking clearly, “Are team! Hahahahaha can you guys believe it? They rejected the interview! Hahahahaha I’m dying from laughter, Youth do you know how our country’s media is talking about you? Wow! That camera shot just now, that one scene where you looked at the camera after you died. It got made into a GIF animation by the official blog of our club, and it’s being shared crazily on Weibo, you’re killing me with your handsomeness ah ah ah ah ah…”


Xin Ba’s face was red as he apologized to Lai Hua, “I dragged God-Yang down…”


“What rubbish are you saying?” Lai Hua, who had always been stern rubbed Xin Ba’s head, “Duo matches have always been a shortcoming of yours and Youth. You two didn’t train a lot either, being able to get such a rank is already not bad. You can take it as gaining experience this time.”


“Yes yes yes, Youth also started as a substitute, don’t be discouraged, learn more from Youth… furthermore you’ve also contributed,” He Xiaoxu was happy for a moment before he remembered the interview, he hurriedly chased Bu Nana and Lao Kai to go to the interview area. He also did not forget to instruct Yu Yang, “Don’t forget to repost the official blog, your older sister fans are so happy that they’re going crazy. They’re just waiting for you to post on Weibo. Nana, Lao Kai, don’t stand there dumbly listening to me! Go for your interview!”


“Let’s go together, let’s go together. What’s the use of just the two of us going.”


Bu Nana grabbed Xin Ba, Lao Kai pulled onto Lai Hua, everyone made a lot of noise and went to accept the interview together.


“Hello everyone, we’re the mixed up pair of the boorish man and the pug,” Bu Nana smiled widely in the interview area, “We don’t know what happened today, but we accidentally got the silver pot.”


Smoke spouted from the top of He Xiaoxu’s head, and he pinched Bu Nana. Bu Nana’s whole body was covered in fat, and in a moment of folly, He Xiaoxu failed to pinch him. Bu Nana shook his belly and shrugged off He Xiaoxu, then started to talk in coordination with Lao Kai,  with sarcasm and mocking it caused the translators to be so tired that they were feeling disorientated.


Yu Yang did not go to the interview area. He stayed with the workers to take care of the accessories bags of the few of them. There were no chairs in the hallway, so Yu Yang directly sat on the ground and listened to He Xiaoxu’s instructions, going to repost the official Weibo and helping everyone watch their backpacks.


HOG’s logistics personnel repeatedly came to ask Yu Yang if he wanted to go together with the others, but Yu Yang shook his head to refuse every time.


Yu Yang looked at the HOG team that was surrounded by reporters and cameras from afar, and could not help but think in his heart.


If only Captain was here, everything would be good.


Yu Yang did not dislike Xin Ba. Xin Ba had come to be a substitute player at the last minute, it was already good that he could play stably. Furthermore, he had played together with Xin Ba for some time and was familiar with his skill level. He had long expected that he would not be able to get any result today.


The first few rounds, Yu Yang did his best, he had tried, and he also knew that it was indeed impossible.


In the last two rounds, Yu Yang had kept planning his path, to prevent meeting Bu Nana and Lao Kai, trying his best to stick to the few Korean teams, thinking of ways to help clear the way for Bu Nana and Lao Kai.


This was actually not Youth’s style.


Yu Yang was only thinking about if he were Qi Zui, what would he do?


When Qi Zui was not here, he was the captain.


What Yu Yang needed to consider was no longer just himself.


Yu Yang took a few deep breaths, kept his phone, and leaned on the wall to close his eyes and rest.


TGC’s Luo Feng and Hai Xiao walked past. Hai Xiao smiled and greeted Yu Yang, “God-Yang, your playing was great today!”


Yu Yang opened his eyes.


Hai Xiao sincerely praised, “I found that HOG is really great, whether you get the first place or not, the headlines are always yours.”


“Don’t talk rubbish,” Zhou Feng1 frowned and asked Yu Yang, “You aren’t going to do the interview?”


Yu Yang shook his head.


“Another one who treasures their words like gold2,” Hai Xiao looked to the left and right, not seeing anyone from HOG around. Hence, he boldly said, “Hah! Is it hard for you to talk to them? I knew it! HOG is a nest of rogues and bandits. It isn’t suitable for you… How about you come to our team! You’ll definitely get along with our team! All of you are mutes! How about that… eh?!”


Zhou Feng slapped Hai Xiao on the back of his head and pulled him to leave.


Hai Xiao refused to give up on his evil plans, muttering, “Captain, what are you pulling me for? Qi Zui isn’t here today, I’m just trying to get close to Youth, perhaps he’ll come to our team? We can just give him a higher signing fee!”


Zhou Feng’s tone was calm, “With Qi Zui, there’s no chance.”


Hai Xiao shouted, “What’s wrong with Qi Zui? Did Youth sign a contract to sell himself to Qi Zui?”


Zhou Feng shook his head, “No, but it’s practically that.”


Hai Xiao did not understand, “What do you mean?”


Zhou Feng said calmly, “Youth is his child bride.”


Yu Yang, who was not far away and had great hearing: “?”


“Wow! Child bride?!!! What century is this?! There are still such things happening?”


“Yes, Qi Zui’s family decided on it.”


Yu Yang looked at Zhou Feng and Hai Xiao who were walking further and further away in disbelief…


“Their family is so feudal-like?”


“Yes, I heard that his family members are all very satisfied.”


“My gosh! His family background is really great, they’re even able to find this sort of child bride…But who told you about this?”


“Ye Huo.”


“Who told Ye Huo?”




“Who told soso?”


“Hua Luo.”


“My gosh, Hua Luo, that big mouth! Then won’t the whole world know? So who told Hua Luo?”


“Qi Zui.”


“Looks like it’s real then, fuck, isn’t that just so good for God-Qi? Captain, I want this sort of child bride too!”


“Think about it after you get a gold pot.”


“Aiya, I’m so envious so envious so envious…”


All of Zhou Feng and Hai Xiao’s words were poured into Hearing God Yu Yang’s ears.


In a world that Yu Yang did not know, everyday, the legend of him and Qi Zui was being played out.


Yu Yang’s eyes were empty and he sat on the ground in a daze. After a long time, due to the staff reminding him, Yu Yang reluctantly stood up, and because he was not careful enough, he even staggered.


So everyone… knew that he was Qi Zui’s child bride?


The delirious Yu Yang had already forgotten that he was not Qi Zui’s child bride…


That bit of sadness at separation that Yu Yang had in his heart was completely squeezed dry by the incident. On the way back to the hotel, Yu Yang was feeling muddled, and Bu Nana and the rest were making a lot of noise and did not notice either.


Yu Yang tried to adjust his mood several times, trying not to be too affected. However, the heavens were really not prepared to let him off. He Xiaoxu who was sitting by Yu Yang’s side suddenly screamed, as if he had been scratched by a cat, “Qi Zui!!! Fuck you!!!”


Bu Nana, Lao Kai, and Xin Ba were still discussing today’s game. When they heard He Xiaoxu’s words, they turned their heads around. He Xiaoxu was hysterical, “Who the fuck came up with the idea to let him stay in the hotel!!! I don’t want to live anymore!!!!!”


He Xiaoxu was too worked up that his mobile phone fell to his feet. Yu Yang turned to the side and helped him pick it up. He then saw the headlines of the eSports news on the phone screen.


[Live at PUBG’s Asian Invitational Cup! God-Qi Drunk does real-time commentary and he openly shows off his love for a rising star in eSports, Youth.]


[Is this doting for the new team member or is there some personal feelings involved?]


[Why did Qi Zui, God-Qi, who’s known for his poisonous tongue make mistakes frequently, causing people to laugh, when he was commenting on Youth, the rookie of HOG?]


[After interviewing the few captains of the large teams in China, the captains all avoided talking about it, expressing that they were not willing to participate in Qi Zui’s family matters.]


[Is it a competition matter or a family matter? There are rumors that Youth grew up in the Qi Family from a young age. Or that he’s Drunk’s child bride that the Qi Family had brought up from young.]


[God-Yang had even been in the same frame as God-Qi during the Goblet of Fire in the early years, which is thought-provoking.]



Bit by bit, Yu Yang’s face slowly turned completely red.


“Is there a bug on Manager He’s phone?”


Bu Nana stretched out two plump fingers and carefully clamped onto the phone, taking it out of Yu Yang’s hands, and lowering his head with Lao Kai to look at it carefully…


Bu Nana sighed, “You guys are also too careless, leaving that old beast alone in the hotel, how could he not cause trouble?”


“Can’t be more coquettish than him, can’t be more coquettish than him…” Lao Kai shook his head, “I risked my life to get this silver pot, but I don’t have more news articles written about me than the person sleeping in the hotel.”


“During this sort of time, I’m always grateful that we are not recognized by the mainstream media,” Bu Nana tutted and sighed, “Otherwise, with your God-Qi’s personality of wanting the world to know when he has this sort of fucking news… we’ll have been banned3 a hundred times already.”


Lao Lai comforted Yu Yang, “I can guarantee this! Even if you two really come out of the closet, it’ll be fine. Lan Dong4 has never said anything before, but Quan Tou Company5 openly supports homosexuals participating in competitions and recognizes their results, other companies…should be the same.”


“How can it be alright!!!” He Xiaoxu screamed, “Are we still selling the team uniform or not? Do we still want wife fans6 or not? Can’t he stay in the hotel and properly recuperate ah ah ah ah…”


Yu Yang covered his face in pain…


How was he going to meet Qi Zui later?!


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    1. Why do I feel like Qi Zui is doing it on purpose?? hahaha I’m not sure if this ‘world’ accepts gay couple but if it isnt then Qi Zui is prolly laying the foundation but he is indeed a big tease towards Yu Yang hahaha

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