AWM Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

As Qi Zui finished speaking, he clicked opened the livestream assistant. His livestream now reached over eight million viewers. The barrage scrolled rapidly, and as expected it was blowing up.


[What kind of situation is this?!!!!!!!]

[This Youth is little God Yang? That’s him, isn’t it? He joined HOG?!!!!]

[Hahahahahahaha! Is HOG really signing people based on their attractiveness rating?]

[Ahhhhhhh! Why did the German lad ask something like this? Is there something I’m missing?]

[Who is Youth? Why would he like God Qi?]

[Ugh that’s not it. Although I only studied for half a year, but why do I feel God Qi’s translation just now was a little strange?]

[I can’t understand, but my hubby speaking German sounds so good!]

[Hahahahaha, Qi Zui you old hoodlum, you really believe no one understood? See you at the forum, hahahahaha!]

[What’s happening with God Qi today? Ahhhhhhh, call the police. He’s flirting with me!!!]

[Those who understood are going crazy. Oh, my dear Qi, are you being too arrogant or is my German major level 8 lacking [1]?]

With this many people watching the livestream, inevitably there would be someone who could understand German. Not to mention Qi Zui kept a recording of every livestream. Even if everyone did not understand what was happening now, after someone translated it they could also comprehend.

Qi Zui encountered controversies all year round and did not care. It was fine for now as long as Yu Yang lacked comprehension.

Yu Yang indeed did not understand what he heard; he could not even distinguish whether the foreigner spoke English or German.

On the first floor training room, Yu Yang’s fingertips felt cold and butterflies fluttered incessantly in the pit of his stomach.

In the game interface, Youth resembled a noobie, exposed in the window opening above, foolishly standing idle.

What could he say?

The truth was, when Qi Zui posed the question: Do you have a habit of shamelessly demeaning yourself, even scheming up a tactic to have me continue taking care of you at HOG?

“It’s unnecessary for you to force yourself to do this with me.”

That was the last thing Qi Zui said to him a year ago.

After Qi Zui walked away, Yu Yang painstakingly recovered the cell phone data to find Qi Zui’s contact details.

He even tried contacting Qi Zui, but the messages went unanswered.

Over half a year passed before Yu Yang also realized the futility of contacting Qi Zui directly. He simply could not clearly explain the incident from last time.

Yu Yang gnashed his teeth. If he told a lie now……

On the third floor training room, Qi Zui closed the barrage prompt and switched back to the game interface…… the small speaker beside Yu Yang’s game ID had not lit up again.

The overlapping barrage in the livestream already filled the screen entirely, yet it was completely silent in the game interface.

In game, the safe zone had already began to shrink. The German lad seemed to also sense the undercurrent was a little strange. He probed again: “Wohin gehen wir?” (Where are we going?)

Qi Zui was at a loss for a moment before pulling the keyboard closer: “ My German is so-so. I probably didn’t translate correctly. He said……”

“I like him.”

In the game interface, the tiny speaker behind HOG-Youth lit briefly.

On the first floor training room, Yu Yang’s eyes reddened. Lowering his head, he discarded a few extra attachments and equipped a 2x scope. He looked outside the window through the scope, waiting for Qi Zui’s sarcasm.

Joining HOG as a youth trainee, Yu Yang had already prepared in advance.

He heard others say, that the PUBG battle team here was ruled by Qi Zui. He joined HOG, fully prepared to be disciplined by Qi Zui.

He absolutely did not fear Qi Zui bullying him

Yu Yang’s lips shivered slightly. He straightened his neck and in a low voice repeated once more: “I like him.”

Afterwards he turned his face to the side, quickly rubbing it against his shoulder.

[Oh my God, ahhhhhhhhh……]

[Hahahahahahaha, dang this is the first time I heard Youth’s voice. I like the sound of this little wolfdog [2]!]

[What kind of situation is this?!]

[Did HOG have a club dinner party? Did everyone drink too much?]

[Calm down. If you play PUBG who doesn’t like God Qi? What are you all getting excited over?]

[Ahhhhhhh, I don’t need to live the rest of my life. Ahhhh! God knows, I’ve adored these two since the Goblet of Fire! Does anyone know if Qi Zui coached Youth back then?]

On the third floor training room, the corners of Qi Zui’s mouth gradually rose.

Coughing, he raised a hand to brace the headphone. Qi Zui opened the map and marked a red dot. His tone subconsciously carried a hint of a smile: “Dort, das rote Zeichen.” (Here, the region tagged in red.)

The German lad agreed. The other teammate, who had yet to turn on their mic, found a vehicle to come pick up the three people. The four people escaped the poison effect on board the vehicle. They drove the entire way to the compound tagged by Qi Zu in the safe zone before they started to distribute equipment.

Qi Zui naturally took the large sniper rifle. The location he determined was prime; the second circle formed here after all. They need not escape the poison effect and continued camping in the compound. The four people each took a direction, cutting off the path from the poison circle and waited to collect the express delivery (*kill players fleeing the poison effect and loot equipment).

Qi Zui stood guard on the second floor and looked through the scope for a while. Out of corner of his eye he caught sight of Yu Yang standing behind himself.

Yu Yang’s game character hesitated before slowly walking to Qi Zui’s side, dropping a med kit at his feet.

Med kit, the only single use medical item in game that can restore health to 100% and considered a relatively rare consumable.

A year ago, Yu Yang was also like this, gifting him the daily ice cream provided by the organizers.

In fact, Qi Zui did not actually enjoy eating ice cream and to him Hagen-Daaz was not all that special.

But he knew that Yu Yang enjoyed it.

Since Yu Yang thought it was good, he left it for him.

Qi Zui sighed lightly and opened the mic: “You don’t want it?”

Yu Yang had no idea Qi Zui was running a livestream. He seemed afraid that the two strangers on the team would hear and quickly whispered: “You use it.”

Afterwards, Yu Yang also dropped two bottles of painkillers. Then he quickly turned around to descend the floor, continuing onward in the direction of his assigned block point.

His feelings in a turbulent state, Qi Zui did not resume randomly provoking. Yu Yang also did not open the mic again. With those two here, this game match they ate chicken [3] without any mishaps.

The German lad reluctantly parted saying: “Sehr glücklich, Sie zu treffen!” (I’m so thrilled to have met you all!)

Qi Zui smiled. Before withdrawing from the game he sincerely replied: “China und Deutschland Freundschaft für immer.” (China and Germany friends forever.)

Because this was a random squad, after logging out of the game Qi Zui appeared by himself on the computer interface.

In the livestream assistant, his livestream barrage was frantically flooded. Qi Zui stared unseeing at the game character, lost in his thoughts for a while. He spoke detachedly: “Ok, I’m ending the livestream here. Good night everyone!”

He turned off the livestream right after and removed the headphones.

On the first floor training room, Yu Yang was also lost in his thoughts for a long period until his heartbeat finally steadied a bit. He then wavered repeatedly before opening the game. Entering Qi Zui’s ID, he sent a friend request.

Yu Yang waited for almost half an hour, but Qi Zui did not reply at all.

Rubbing his face, Yu Yang recalled the details of the game just now. No matter how he analyzed it, he had been an utter idiot. Anyone with half a brain would definitely think he was blatantly scheming.

That Qi Zui did not openly ridicule him was probably because strangers had recognized him.

Qi Zui remained a gentleman…… by not embarrassing him too much in front of the two strangers.

Thinking from the other’s point of view, that Qi Zui did not give him a hard time was considered a positive outcome. That the other preferred to draw a clear boundary, probably meant…… Qi Zui was above ridiculing.

Wracked with anxiety, Yu Yang removed his headphones and rose, intending to go wash his face.

He exited the first floor training room and came to a stop.

In the late night, the empty first floor hallway only had a few light fixtures on. On the other side of the hallway, the lanky figure of Qi Zui leaned against the wall, wearing a team uniform jacket over the shoulders with a tube of burn ointment held in his hand.

Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang, his tone aloof: “Does your hand hurt?”

Edited by Armaria.

Translator’s Notes: If you find any errors, please let me know! -akarin

[1] Based on internet meme with the literal translation of “are you floating or am I unable to lift the sword”.

[2] 小狼狗: “little wolfdog” is slang for good-looking, loyal, and young boyfriend or idol.

[3] In PUBG, the winners of the match are greeted with the slogan, “Winner winner, chicken dinner!”on the match statistics page before returning to the lobby.

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