AWM Chapter 55

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Chapter 55



“Stop moping about. I’ve already tried my best, but no one is willing to take my place, what else can I do?”


On the day of the competition, Qi Zui did not wear the team uniform and wore a button-up shirt with trousers. He even wore a tie and looked like a proper person despite his inner beastly self. He rolled his sleeves up as he said, “It’s all He Xiaoxu’s fault. He didn’t tell me beforehand that TFC and the Knights were also participating in the competition. How can the leaders of these two teams not play? If they play, how can they help me commentate?”


Bu Nana said carefully, “Do you truly feel… That they rejected you because they wanted to play in this small-scale competition that isn’t a very formal event?”


“Of course, otherwise, they would have agreed,” Qi Zui fiddled with his sleeves to make them neat, “I’m popular within the eSports circle…”


Lao Kai looked at Qi Zui, speechless. He could not bear to remind Qi Zui that he had been banned from practically all the livestream rooms of the Chinese teams.


Lai Hua was done preparing and came downstairs. He happened to hear Qi Zui’s words and looked Qi Zui up and down, “Are you still asleep? Is your condition not good?”


“I feel so good that I could fly,” Qi Zui said lazily, “Are you done packing up?”


Qi Zui looked left and right, “Where’s Manager He and God-Yang?”


“He Xiaoxu is going to discuss the details for the new endorsement today, he left very early,” Qi Zui said, “Youth is the leader, he needs to go to the competition venue to record a few words of rubbish beforehand. He left two hours ago.”


Bu Nana was very curious, “How do you know so well? You even know what time he left the base? You woke up so early?”


Qi Zui smiled but did not explain.


Yu Yang had woken up before eight in the morning today.


After Yu Yang got up, he grabbed his toothbrush and soap, heading to the shared toilet on the third floor to wash up.


The single-person dormitory rooms in HOG were partitioned out into rooms when they had renovated the base, the sound-proofing was bad, and if Yu Yang was the shower in his room, he would probably affect Bu Nana, who stayed on his left and Lai Hua, who stayed on his right.


Yesterday night, they had done additional training till two in the morning again, and they had all gone to bed very late. Yu Yang did not want to disturb them and hence made do with the public toilet at the end of the corridor.


However, Qi Zui happened to wake up early that day. When he came out of his room to wander about, he saw the light coming from the bathroom.


When Qi Zui walked over, Yu Yang was peeing.


Yu Yang’s hair was a mess and it covered half his face. He had only slept for five hours and was extremely sleepy. He looked very sleepy and his eyes were only half-open, his expression was numb as he stood in front of the urinal and urinated.


Captain-Yu was always in a rush, he seemed to find that he was peeing too slowly, and his expression was frustrated as he started to whistle in a low voice to speed the process up, “Shh…”


When Qi Zui pushed open the door and saw this scene, he instantly turned his head to the side.


When Yu Yang heard the sounds, he lifted his head, his reaction a little slow. When he noticed Qi Zui, he lost all his sleepiness instantly.


Qi Zui left the washroom and leaned against a wall in the corridor. He tried to hold himself back, hiding a smile as he asked in a low voice, “Cutie, what are you doing?”


“No…” Yu Yang’s face was completely red and he pulled up his pants hurriedly, “No, nothing…”


Qi Zui recalled the scene he had saw just now and felt like someone was scratching at his heart.


How could Captain-Yu be so cute?


Yu Yang was so embarrassed he wanted to die. He quickly washed his hands and said awkwardly, “I’m done, Captain…”


Qi Zui could not control himself, his lips curving upwards, “Can I go in?”


Yu Yang forced out, “Yes…”


He was a little awkward.


Qi Zui did not want to bully Yu Yang and tried his best to pretend that it was no big deal. He looked at Yu Yang’s items on the washstand, “Is the basin in your room spoilt?”


“The soundproofing is bad in the room,” Yu Yang’s ears were red, “And I make a lot of noise…”


“It’s fine when the weather is warmer, but if it’s cold, don’t come out,” Qi Zui looked at the two air vents on the ceiling of the bathroom, “On the third floor, the only cold place is this place. It’s fine to make noise, they aren’t as delicate as you think they are. They’re always so tired, how can they be woken up by a bit of noise?”


Yu Yang nodded along with whatever Qi Zui said. He felt a little warm in his heart, Qi Zui had thoughtfully changed the topic, not allowing him to feel awkward. But the very next second…


“But,” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang and asked seriously, “Were you whistling for yourself just now?”


Yu Yang: “…”


Yu Yang lowered his head, his neck turning red. He explained after a moment, “I was annoyed that it… was slow…”


Qi Zui could not help it. He started to laugh.


Yu Yang looked at Qi Zui, begging for mercy.


Qi Zui stepped forward and looked at Yu Yang, “It’s always slow in the morning…”


Qi Zui raised his hand, and Yu Yang’s body stiffened, but he did not move away.


Qi Zui lowered his eyes and helped Yu Yang to zip up his trousers that he had forgotten to zip up in his frenzy. Qi Zui tried not to laugh, “Do you want me to introduce you to the reasoning behind why that happens?”


“No… I know why,” Yu Yang was so embarrassed that he wished that he could hide in the pool, “Don’t… don’t talk about it.”


“I won’t tease you anymore, go and wash up,” Qi Zui turned around and walked out. Before he left, he praised Yu Yang, “You developed well.”


Yu Yang’s face was red up till he had to leave the base.


On the way to the competition venue, Qi Zui kept remembering the scene he saw that morning.


Qi Zui could not understand. Why were Yu Yang’s careless little movements so likable?


Getting annoyed at how slow he peed…


Qi Zui could not stand it anymore.


He needed to find someone to talk to.


Qi Zui pushed Bu Nana, who was sitting beside him, “Are you sleeping? Weren’t you just eating a moment ago?”


Bu Nana was in a daze and opened his eyes, “I was sleepy… what is it?”


“We’re reaching soon, don’t sleep anymore,” Qi Zui opened a bottle of water and passed it to Bu Nana, “Let me talk to you about Yu Yang and me.”


Bu Nana: “…”


Bu Nana yelled, “Are you sick in the head?!!!”


After his yell, everyone in the car woke up.


Lao Kai yawned and looked at Qi Zui helplessly, “Captain… Even though both of you are dating, Youth is never like this.”


Qi Zui sneered, “Are you sure? Does he not talk about me at all in private?”


Qi Zui had overheard it once by accident.


Bu Nana carefully worded his next statement, “ Yes, he does talk about you, but he only talks about official matters, he doesn’t act as horny as you.”


Qi Zui said coldly, “Dream on, stop fantasizing about him.”


Bu Nana rolled his eyes and turned his plump body around, turning his back on Qi Zui and continuing his nap.


After twenty-five minutes, HOG’s car arrived at the venue.


Qi Zui was invited to the studio backstage.


Qi Zui’s first appearance as a commentator was something that the organizers had managed only after much difficulty. They placed great importance on this opportunity and prepared a private lounge for Qi Zui, as well as a make-up artist and a temporary assistant. They even invited two famous PUBG commentators to accompany him.


The temporary assistant knew that Qi Zui normally did not put on makeup and used a very gentle tone to persuade Qi Zui, “The competition this time isn’t like those major competitions, and it is more of competition that is directed towards fans. I heard that there are a lot of HOG fans coming this time. Everyone’s waiting to see you, and the lighting is very good in the venue this time, we’ve tested it out already, so makeup will look very good on camera! How about putting on a little bit of makeup? All the contestants have put on some makeup! I went to check it out, it‘s not obvious at all if you put on makeup.”


Qi Zui was actually quite reasonable and nodded his head.


The assistant let out a breath of relief.


Qi Zui picked up a bottle of mineral water, “Everyone put on makeup? What about Youth?”


“He did,” The assistant confirmed, “The first person the makeup artists went for was him. Wow, it’s my first time seeing Youth in person, I was shocked, he’s really handsome. Hahahaha, as expected, HOG has a lot of handsome men. But he probably didn’t put on much makeup, it seemed that he just did his brows.”


Qi Zui was a little shocked and smiled.


Half an hour later, Qi Zui was invited to the commentator seats.


The organizers were very respectful of Qi Zui and gave him the middle seat. They even specially told the other two commentators to take care of Qi Zui, since it was his first time commentating, they asked the other two commentators to give chances to Qi Zui so he could speak.


But when the event started, the organizers realized they had been worried for nothing.


It took effort for the other two commentators to even be able to insert an advertisement in between Qi Zui’s constant commentary.


In the time allocated for warm-up before the competition, the director cut the camera to Qi Zui. Qi Zui greeted everyone and started to introduce the teams competing this time.


Although the competition this time was not considered to be very official, the venue arrangement was very well thought-out.  There were a total of eighteen teams competing, and seventy-two team members were seated in a rectangular shape. There was a pyramid-shaped LED screen with multiple sides. There was a light on every team member’s table. When the team member died and was eliminated, the light would extinguish. The seventy-two lights in the venue would slowly extinguish, and the area the contestants were sitting at would slowly become darker and darker, and everyone would only be able to see the teams that were still alive until only one team was left and they won.


The competition had not begun yet, and there were no lights, so Qi Zui, who was in the commentator’s seat, and the audience could not see anything clearly.


The lights for each team were lit up team by team, and Qi Zui introduced each team in order.


HOG, as the winner of the Asian Invitational Cup, was the first, as expected.


The four lights lit up suddenly and Qi Zui instantly saw Yu Yang, who was sitting in the center.


Yu Yang raised his eyes and looked coldly at the camera, and Qi Zui’s heart was pounding.


Yu Yang’s apple hairstyle1 was obviously styled by the stylist, and it was quite loose, which made it seem even more casual. The makeup artist darkened his brows, and it caused him to look a little more hostile in the camera.


Qi Zui pursed his lips…


He looked like an entirely different person from the person who was whistling in the morning so he could pee faster.


The fans were all screaming, yelling wildly that Youth was very cool, but no one knew how cute Yu Yang was when he interacted with Qi Zui in private.


Qi Zui was stunned for a moment. Commentator A that was sitting on his left smiled and said, “Drunk is definitely familiar with this person.”


Qi Zui smiled, “This is the captain of HOG’s PUBG division’s Team One, God-Yang, Youth.


Commentator B smiled, “Very good, your introduction is very official2.”


Qi Zui smiled and continued to introduce Bu Nana, Lao Kai, and Xin Ba. He did not want to influence their playing later and did not speak too much about them, acting as if he was not from HOG.


The two commentators let out a breath of relief, they were grateful that Qi Zui did not really let himself go wild.


The two of them had relaxed way too early.


When the competition started and all the contestants had put on their sound-proof headphones, Qi Zui started his performance.


“The flight path is from Port P to the Nuclear Power Plant, let’s see which teams are more aggressive,” Qi Zui looked towards the airport direction, “Very good, Knight has decided to land there, DAYA and HOG have also decided to land there.


The director cut the camera to Youth, and there was a slight lag, they had yet to get a proper look…


[HOG-Youth killed Knight-Flower with AKM]


“I…” Qi Zui was dumbstruck, “What is with Hua Luo’s luck?”


Commentator A laughed, “Hua Luo just landed, and he was quite unlucky. He had yet to pick up a gun when he was killed by Youth, what a pity…”


Commentator B smiled, “It’s true that Hua Luo often meets Youth… in every competition.”


“Yes, Youth was able to debut because of him,” Qi Zui nodded his head, “Travelling thousands of miles to get killed, the gift itself might be insignificant, but the feelings behind the gift are important. Come, let’s congratulate HOG for getting ten points.”


Commentator A was a little slow and he continued to say, “Congrats, congrats.” Commentator B stepped on Commentator A’s foot.


Qi Zui looked at the signs in the audience seats that had both Yu Yang and Hua Luo’s name written on them, and took the chance to get rid of an evil cult3, “We can only say that the two of them are not fated. Theoretically, there should be feelings between them after one of them has delivered the other a free kill so many times, it’s a pity.”


Commentator A nodded his head, “It’s a pity.”


“I was being sarcastic, there’s no need for you to repeat after me,” Qi Zui smiled elegantly and continued to commentate, “Knight is preparing to drive to Port N, after losing one person, they are prepared to play safe and go to Port N to loot…”


In the end, out of the three teams that landed in the Airport, Knight had lost someone and drove off, crossing the bridge and leaving. DAYA on the other hand had their whole team wiped out by HOG. During the exchange of gunfire, Xin Ba had separated from the team and was killed by DAYA.


Qi Zui shook his head lightly, the matter of having a weaker team member was too serious.


The good thing was, the three people in HOG still managed to get to the final circle in the end and got third place in the first round.


The first place was, as expected, TGC, and the second was Wolves. The fourth place was the unlucky Knight.


During the break time after the first round, the captains of the top three teams were interviewed by the host of the competition one by one. Qi Zui was feeling bored sitting on the commentator’s seat and doing nothing. He glanced at the contestants and saw that everyone in Knight was feeling quite low.


The four people in Knight looked to be quite upset. The newcomer that had just joined the team looked at his teammates in fear, not daring to even speak.


Captain-Hua, who had died upon landing was in a bad mood when he felt Qi Zui’s stare and glanced at the camera.


Qi Zui felt that Hua Luo seemed to want to talk to him.


Qi Zui pressed on his earpiece and listened to the director’s instructions, fulfilling Hua Luo’s wish, “Captain Hua Luo?”


Hua Luo: “…”


Hua Luo wanted to pretend that his headset had issues and could not hear when Qi Zui warmly said, “Director, can you check what’s the situation with Knight?”


Hua Luo was helpless and gritted his teeth, “I can hear you… what’s the problem?”


“There’s no problem. It’s break time now, so I wanted to chat,” Qi Zui lowered his head to watch the competition replay, “I wanted to ask how you dealt with the landing just now? Why did you…”


“There’s no reason,” Hua Luo’s expression was very bad, “I picked the wrong landing spot, it was my mistake.”


“You indeed chose the wrong landing spot,” Qi Zui looked at the replay and nodded, “You insisted on going to the Airport, why is your temper so bad…”


“How about in the next match, after you land, find a car and go somewhere further away? At least it’s safe,” Qi Zui suggested sincerely, “If you’re impulsive for a minute, you’ll end up being a spectator for half an hour. You paid the same amount of money, but others can play for thirty minutes while you can only land…”


The audience at the venue could not help but laugh. The other three in the team were probably trying their best to hold their laughter back, but Hua Luo was so angry that he rolled his eyes.


“Don’t be upset,” Qi Zui said sincerely, “When you play a game, the most important thing is to be happy. I don’t know whether you’re happy or not, but I’m quite happy…”


While they were speaking, the various statistics from the previous match came out, Qi Zui was in a hurry to look at HOG’s statistics, and did not bother anyone anymore, “The person who had the most kills in the last game was Youth? Beautiful, did the statistics for the damage dealt come out already? Who is it…”


Qi Zui went to analyze statistics. The Knight team had been brought out of their gloomy state and the atmosphere in the team was much better. The few of them pushed aside the awkward atmosphere just now and started to discuss.


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