AWM Chapter 58

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Chapter 58


Hey guys! Cherry here! So I’m so sorry for disappearing the past two weeks, it wasn’t planned, I’ve completely like gone off the grid to finish my work tbh. It’s been a rough semester (and will continue to be), this will be my last chapter for a while? I’ll be back after my exams (the first week of June)! Sorry I had to force myself to make time to finish up this translation. School’s genuinely kicking my ass this semester and I’ll try to do better during the holidays (aka finish more chapters for backup when school starts again). I’m definitely not abandoning this don’t worry!! Will be back soon!



Yu Yang’s heart was pounding, he was greedy for Qi Zui’s embrace. He could not help but lower his voice and say, “I… I don’t like getting angry.”


Qi Zui smiled.


Yu Yang closed his eyes in pain, what was he saying…


“You might not get angry if I kiss you forcefully, but it’ll be different for others, right?” Qi Zui looked at Xin Ba’s back, “But I really did feel a little jealous just now…”


Yu Yang felt a sweetness in his heart and he said in a low voice, “He’s not… gay, and he doesn’t like me either.”


“But he’s in my way,” Qi Zui raised an eyebrow, “When you were using the washroom just now, did you whistle to yourself?”


Yu Yang’s face turned red, and he lowered his voice, “I didn’t…”


“Then that’s alright,” Qi Zui said coolly, “Thankfully he’s straight, otherwise… I might really do something impulsive.”


Yu Yang coughed, his hands moving around in the pocket of his pants, squeezing on his lighter as if he did not know what to do with them. After a moment, he could not hold himself back and asked in a small voice, “What… sort of impulsive thing?”


“Kiss you forcefully in front of him, kissing you with tongue, making you breathless, taking off your shirt, having your back to him, to let him see my tattoo on your back,” Qi Zui’s face was not red and he was not out of breath, “I might even force you to say some words to him that you’ll find hard to say… Captain Yu, do you know how much of a beast I am? Do you want to hear more?”


Yu Yang knew very well that Qi Zui would not do such a thing, but he thought about it for a moment… and his legs felt a little weak.


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s expression carefully and suddenly smiled, “Captain Yu, why do I feel that you’re looking forward to it?”


“No,” Yu Yang tried his best to act naturally. He stretched out his neck and said, “Anyway… anyway, I just don’t like getting angry.”


Yu Yang’s actions caused Qi Zui’s heart to itch. He looked around, then pulled Yu Yang back into the washroom.


Bu Nana had eaten half a plate of fruits, and on the way to the gathering, he had already drunk a bottle of water. He could not hold it in anymore and went to the washroom to pee.


Yu Yang heard Bu Nana humming from the next cubical and his eyes widened.


Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang’s eyes and for some reason, felt like acting out. His hand was currently on Yu Yang’s waist… Yu Yang had already accepted Qi Zui touching his waist yesterday.


Qi Zui’s hand glided to the front, lightly pressing on Yu Yang’s belly, his voice extremely soft, “Are you hungry?”


It was already past nine at night. Yu Yang’s originally flat stomach was a little caved in. For some reason, Qi Zui found it pitiful and cute.


Yu Yang was scared that Bu Nana would hear his voice and did not dare to speak. He could only nod his head slightly.


“So you’re hungry…”


Qi Zui took out a piece of candy from his pocket.


Qi Zui was scared that Yu Yang would find it dirty, so he did not touch it with his hands. He lowered his head and used his teeth to rip away the wrapper of the sweet, then picked up the sweet between his teeth.


Qi Zui’s eyes were shining as he looked at Yu Yang.


Of course, Yu Yang knew what Qi Zui wanted to do.


The sound of someone washing their hands could be heard and Bu Nana hummed as he left.


Qi Zui bit on the sweet, his voice muffled, “Do you want to eat it? I won’t touch you randomly.”


Yu Yang did not even need time to think… Qi Zui wanted to feed him a sweet in that manner. Of course, Yu Yang wanted to eat it.


There was a smile in Qi Zui’s eyes, and he looked at Yu Yang in anticipation.


Yu Yang clenched his right hand, hesitating for two seconds before he quickly took the sweet from Qi Zui’s mouth by biting it.


After the touch that barely lasted for a second and could not even be considered a kiss, Yu Yang leaned against the wall, using the back of his hand to cover his mouth, his neck turning red.


Qi Zui enjoyed the moment, and deliberately asked, “Is it tasty?”


Yu Yang lowered his head, and nodded after a moment, “Tasty…”


Qi Zui was feeling extremely evil and asked, “Does it taste better than how it normally tastes?”


Yu Yang’s entire face was red and he nodded his head again, “Yes…”


It definitely tasted better than how it did normally. It was the same sweet, but Yu Yang seemed to be eating it carefully. He could not bear to bite it at all and let it slowly dissolve, wishing to remember every bit of sweetness.


A sweet with Qi Zui’s taste.


A long while after they returned to the gathering, Qi Zui saw that Yu Yang’s left cheek was still puffed up. He asked, “You’re not done eating yet?”


Yu Yang’s voice was muffled, “If I finish eating it, it’ll be gone…”


Qi Zui’s heart melted.


But no matter how much he cherished it, Yu Yang still had to eat. Qi Zui thought about Yu Yang’s empty stomach and talked to some people, ordering some food in advance.


Not long after, the waiter delivered more than ten plates of crayfish.


Bu Nana snorted in excitement, bashfully pushing Qi Zui, “You sly thing! How did you know that I’ve been craving crayfish for these two days?!”


“I didn’t know,” Qi Zui carried over two plates, “All I know is that Yu Yang keeps ordering crayfish-covered rice, so I thought that he’s probably craving it.”


Bu Nana shamelessly pushed Qi Zui aside, “It’s fine, it’s fine, as long as there’s some for me… Aiya, I really love eating this, did you order salted egg yolk flavored crayfish?”



“By the side, look for it yourself.”


Qi Zui took the two plates, bringing Yu Yang with him, and avoiding the people that were slightly drunk, sitting by the side so the two of them could eat together.


Yu Yang reluctantly swallowed the sweet, wanting to peel crayfish for Qi Zui. However, Qi Zui smiled and rejected his offer.


“I’ll peel it, you can eat,” Qi Zui washed his hands, then carefully peeled the crayfish, “Right now, your hands are more valuable than mine.”


Yu Yang was fed by Qi Zui and his face turned slightly red as he said, “That’s not true…”


Yu Yang remembered the results of the competition today and was ashamed, “They aren’t valuable, the competition…”


“The competition has already ended. Right now, we’re dating, not doing a post-competition game review,” Qi Zui smiled, “Let’s not talk about the matter of hands… Just take it treat this as me wanting to do something for you.”


Qi Zui knew that Yu Yang was still feeling ashamed, but he did not point it out and did not keep talking about it. Instead, he started to change the topic.


The reason why Qi Zui had pulled Yu Yang aside and away from the others was for them to talk in private.


The two of them did not have a lot of time to interact in private. Yu Yang trained very hard and they did not have much time for each other. The sweetest moments they had were the ‘practices’ before bedtime.


However, for a couple that is in love and dating, that amount of time was insufficient.


Qi Zui wanted to chat with Yu Yang and say lovey-dovey things. He wanted to make Yu Yang laugh, to help Yu Yang relax and forget about the burden of the team for a short while.


But the problem was… Qi Zui did not know how to tell jokes.


However, that small matter could not stop Qi Zui. Qi Zui opened a can of coke and passed it to Yu Yang, saying casually, “Let’s gossip for a while? The rumors about the eSports teams that are spreading around outside are unreliable. I know more than them. Out of all these people, which team do you want to gossip about?”


Yu Yang: “…”


Yu Yang was scared that Qi Zui would feel jealous and did not even dare to mention Knights, he was even more afraid to mention Xin Ba. He thought for a moment before he said, “TGC?”


“The most boring team,” Qi Zui looked at Yu Yang, worried, “Why are you asking about them? To tell you the truth… He Xiaoxu has said multiple times to me that he’s very worried that you’ll become a mute like Zhou Feng in the future, which would make it hard for him to package you as a celebrity eSports player.”


Yu Yang explained in a low voice, “I just thought that they are very strong now…”


“They really are quite strong,” Qi Zui thought about it carefully, “But there isn’t much gossip about them. Mute-Zhou is quite boring, the only thing that’s worth gossiping about… his fans gave him a book once.”


Yu Yang raised his gaze.


Qi Zui smiled, “ ‘The Charm of Speaking’, a collection by Liu Yong.”


Yu Yang choked.


Qi Zui grabbed a cup of coke and passed it to Yu Yang.


“Lai Hua… he’s very traditional, very very traditional,” Qi Zui smiled, “Every year, when he celebrated Chinese New Year, he’ll paste couplets outside his dormitory doors. Among the whole row of doors on the third floor, only his door will be bright red, very joyful, very festive.


Qi Zui smiled, “He had originally wanted to paste an especially big ‘Safe Entry and Exit1’, but He Xiaoxu could not stand it anymore and kept annoying Lao Lai till he removed it.”


Yu Yang lowered his head and chuckled.


“There was a year when we went out to compete, I told you about this story in the car that day. Nana made a serious mistake and caused us to lose our place as a seeded team,” Qi Zui continued the story from the other day, “At that time, we met a seeded team during our group competition. That Swedish team was scared of us but was also angry that we were in their bracket, that our presence would cause them to fail to qualify. They kept talking crap before the competition, being sarcastic and mocking us. They were saying very unpleasant things.”


“When we met them during the competition, Bu Nana took advantage of the fact that those people did not understand Chinese, and there weren’t any interpreters or cameras around us at that time…” Qi Zui laughed, “He enthusiastically hugged the other team and pretended to be close.”


Little plump Bu Nana affectionately hugged the Captain of the Swedish team, pursing his lips as he said in an extremely loud voice by the Captain’s ear, “You’re an idiot! Did you hear me? You’re an idiot!! Repeat after me! You’re an idiot!!!”


Yu Yang laughed till his stomach hurt.


“There’s another funny story.”


“I think it was two years ago? It was something that happened when we were competing in America. It was during the Winter as well,” Qi Zui wiped his hands and picked up his coke to take a gulp, reminiscing, “It was a three-month long competition, all across North America, seventeen venues, we played more than fifty matches… In the end, this team won the championship and they were so happy that they went to drink together. There was a member whose alcohol tolerance was lacking and he got drunk after drinking two cups. After he left the bar, he refused to get on the car no matter how the others tried to persuade him and insisted on walking back.”


“The others in the team were worried. It was three in the morning and snowing heavily. What if something happened? So none of them got on the car and they followed him from behind,” Qi Zui tried to hold back a smile, “After he walked halfway back, he suddenly stood in front of a doll at the entrance of a bar and refused to move. After that, he grabbed the doll’s collar and questioned him. He probably questioned him for around half an hour… insisting on asking for an explanation from the doll.”


“No matter who tried, the team could not persuade him to walk away. They did not know what sort of drunken frenzy he was in. In the end, left with no choice, the manager of the team gritted his teeth and bought the doll in front of the bar…” Qi Zui could not bear to recall that scene, “But no one realized that the doll was made of solid copper… The person who was in a drunken craze did not say a word and kept staring at that thing, which meant that he wanted that doll no matter what. The manager did not know what to do… and could only go to the nearby hospital to borrow a stretcher.”


Yu Yang snorted, and almost spit out the coke in his mouth.


Qi Zui found it hard to imagine, “Their team held the stretcher, carrying that thing made of pure copper… and walked ten kilometers in the snow… In the icy and snowy foreign land, the whole team went forward silently with a heavy load, it was especially heroic… When they entered the hotel, they startled the security team and they almost called the police…”


Yu Yang was shaking with laughter.


Qi Zui put down the coke and picked up another crayfish to peel, “After that, when that person woke up and sobered up, he had forgotten about that matter. He refused to admit that he was the one who wanted that copper thing. Not only did he refuse to pay for it, he even refused to ship the doll that his teammates carried back with much difficulty back to China.”


Yu Yang laughed so hard that his face turned red, “Who, who was that?”


Qi Zui lowered his gaze with a smile and placed the crayfish in his hand onto the small plate in front of Yu Yang. Then, he looked at the person who dared to say that he liked eSports more than him and said softly, “Me.”


“That doll wasn’t anything special. It was simply thin and tall, and was too similar to the person in my heart.”


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