AWM Chapter 67

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Chapter 67


In the New York hotel room, Qi Zui sat on the bed with a laptop placed over his legs. He looked down at Yu Yang’s lost, stunned expression on the stream and laughed, typing with one hand…

Drunk: [You couldn’t have meant that me watching your stream counts as the video call we agreed on?] 

Drunk: [What happened to your phone?] 

At the base, Yu Yang looked at the screen dazedly. Everyone in the chat was spamming something about “Drunk” to the point where Yu Yang was starting to not recognize those letters. 

Yu Yang frantically looked at his phone, holding it up, and with it, held up the charging cord…He Xiaoxu’s laptop was fully charged, forgotten by its owner. 

Yu Yang unplugged He Xiaoxu’s laptop and started to charge his own phone. 

Yu Yang turned on the mic for his stream, apologizing with a stutter, “Sorry, my phone ran out of battery…” 

Qi Zui typed fast. 

Drunk: [Nothing to be sorry about.] 

Drunk: [How long are you going to train for?] 

Yu Yang did not yet realize why exactly Qi Zui was here watching his stream, and said blankly: “Another two hours…” 

Drunk: [?] 

Drunk: [It’s 1am, and you’re going to train for another two hours?] 

Yu Yang’s lips moved to speak, but he lost the nerve to do so. He negotiated quietly with Qi Zui, “Then o-one hour…is that okay?”

The chat messages went crazy again. 

[Is this my God Yang’s voice? How come it has changed?] 

[I’m hard…]

[Youth!!! Come to your senses!!! What’s wrong with you?! Where is that energy you had when you’re in a shootout?] 

[What’s going on? Who is this sending VIP messages? Why are you all going crazy? Why did Youth get all soft?] 


On the display, Qi Zui’s special effects continued to repeat on, covering up all the other messages in the chat. 

Drunk: [En, you do your training.] 

Qi Zui did not send any more messages after typing out these words, but the fans still lost their minds. 

[Indirectly ran into Drunk, hnngn…]

[Can I wait for my God Qi’s stream to make a comeback in this lifetime? Can I wait for my God Qi’s stream to make a comeback in this lifetime?] 

[I have a question, so does God Qi only come to life in other people’s streams? There are ten group chats of us, each with 2000 people, all sitting in the overnight streams, ready to strike at any moment, and we have only seen him in other people’s streams.] 

[He did go to other people’s streams, but nowadays he is just here with God Yang, probably. The other streams have all blocked him—Drunk, the only man who has been blocked by all the other streams, poor man…] 

[God Yang would definitely not block Qi Zui though, he already has his hands full liking him. He’s had a poker face all night, but once God Qi comes he suddenly has emotions again. Sheesh! So easy.] 

[My husband got teased by his husband over the internet, with two of my “got cheated on” crowns, I am so freaking excited.] 

[Wait! Why did Drunk say he wants to video call? Is he not at the base? What’s he doing? What’s he doing? Does anyone know?] 

[The two of you are going to video call? Call about what?] 

Yu Yang opened the game interface stiffly. The chat messages were spammed too fast, and Yu Yang could not even see them clearly, but he did see many people asking about where Qi Zui went. He adjusted the mic and said lowly, “Captain had something to take care of, so he is not at the base.” 

The fact that Qi Zui went to get a surgery done was only known to some internal personnel at HOG, so Yu Yang did not plan to say more. After replying once briefly, he did not reply to any more chat messages and continued on with this round. 

However, Yu Yang was only continuing on with the game through muscle memory—his brain was empty…

Qi Zui was back at the hotel already? 

He could not get a hold of him, so he came to his stream to see what he was doing? 

When did he arrive? 

How long had he been here? 

And Yu Yang had the webcam on this whole time… 

Yu Yang suddenly realized that Qi Zui could see him right now! 

Inconspicuously, Yu Yang straightened his posture. 

Yu Yang glanced at the webcam. He had just washed his hair around noon that day, but had not tied it up all this time, so his head full of blonde hair had been exploding out from under the weight of his headphones. 

While waiting for the safe zone circle to update, Yu Yang crouched behind some objects for cover and took his headphones off. Between his teeth, he held an elastic band that he had around his wrist and quickly tied up his hair, then immediately put his headphones back on. 

[Hahahahahahaha I’ve been telling you that your hair is a mess since you started streaming, and you won’t listen, but you’ll know to tidy it up once your husband comes.] 

[Sheesh, so you’ll only fix your hair if your husband’s here?] 

[Heart is full of gratitude! Gratitude for God Qi! If it wasn’t for you being here, God Yang would not care about these things at all, I’m so mad…] 

[Who is it that has made my boy care about his appearance again? We were spamming the chat just now about your bird’s nest hair, what happened to your uncaring poker face?] 

[Is God Qi watching the stream with me? Is God Qi watching the stream with me? Is God Qi watching the stream with me?] 

Yu Yang glanced at the chat when he had a moment and his ears started to blush. He did not know if Qi Zui was still here or not, but his account was still online in the stream chat and had not left yet. 

Who knows if he was still watching or not… 

Or did he go to take a shower? It was such a long flight, he would probably be tired, right? 

Had he eaten? 

Or did he settle in bed already, and was just waiting for Yu Yang to finish training? 

He probably was not still watching, right? He hadn’t sent any more messages in the chat for a while. 

Yu Yang had too many extra thoughts in his mind, and in the final safety circle, he got headshot by someone due to a mistake. 

The chat was filled with teasing. 

Yu Yang took a deep breath, and quit the match to start a new one. 

In the next match, Yu Yang misjudged his landing, and made another rookie mistake—he did not load his gun immediately upon getting it, and when he was fighting for a level 3 helmet, he got hit by someone who had also landed at Three Warehouse. Fortunately, the shot only landed on his leg, and only took off a third of his HP. Yu Yang circled around a wall with his back pressed against it, speedily loading his gun, then turned around to finish them off. 

Yu Yang let out a small breath. If he made this kind of mistake during their practice matches, he would probably be singled out by Lai Hua and ripped to pieces. 

Yu Yang continued to look for supplies, keeping an eye on the stream interface. The chat exploded again. 

Yu Yang clicked open the chat to take a look. 

Drunk: [Tired?] 

Drunk: [Rest if you’re sleepy, there is no point in training like this.]

Yu Yang paused in his actions, cheeks turning red right away. 

But it was not because of being shy this time. 

Yu Yang replayed his mistake just now in his head, his cheeks burning. 

Qi Zui was watching his stream all this time after all…

Watching him make these fatal, rookie mistakes. 

Some haters in the chat used the opportunity to start spinning the narrative. 

[Did you hear that? Even Qi Zui does not want to watch any more of this.] 

[This is a pro player? Champion player? This kind of mistake is going to make someone die from laughing.]


[Are the haters clocking in for the day? So have your faves never made an accidental mistake before? Is your fave a robot?]

[Time to work, mods, what are you waiting for if you’re still not banning these people?]

[Qi Zui, are you scolding your kid bride? Don’t all you CP fans keep going on about how cute they are? You call this cute?] 

[Even Qi Zui cannot bear watching anymore, even Qi Zui cannot bear watching anymore, even Qi Zui cannot bear watching anymore,]

Yu Yang was not easily influenced by the haters just yet, but he still could not accept himself making these kinds of mistakes, and all before Qi Zui, too. 

Yu Yang ground his teeth, then looked at the safety circle again after opening the map. He did not allow himself any more mistakes, and marked a location on the map. After minimizing the map, the chat software on his computer rang with another notification. 

Yu Yang was worried that he’d make a mistake again, so did not want to look at the message, but the notifications kept coming in. Yu Yang opened it quickly…

[Drunk]: It’s hard to tell with text, but I wasn’t scolding you. 

[Drunk]: Only realized when I saw the chat. 

[Drunk]: Voice call? 

Yu Yang understood immediately. 

Qi Zui was worried that the message he sent in the chat just now would be misunderstood, that the fans would think that he was embarrassing Yu Yang in front of the fans on purpose. 

A burst of warmth spread through Yu Yang’s heart. 

On the other end of the voice call, Qi Zui cleared his throat, “The mistake just now…was it because you were a little nervous, because I was watching like this?” 

Yu Yang was getting a little shy all of a sudden. 

There were so many people watching, so Yu Yang did not know what to say exactly. His lips moved slightly, and he said lowly, “A little bit…” 

Qi Zui laughed: “Head over to the circle now, I’ll watch you.” 

Yu Yang’s heart beated rather fast listening to Qi Zui’s voice that popped up every now and then to give him some pointers. 

“This type of situation, it’s best to park and heal when you’re in the second seat.” 

“It’s not a formal match right now, and not a practice match either, but you should have this awareness.” 

“There’s no point in sliding here, be careful of the north side.” 

“Remove the tires before exploding the cars, would be best to do a sweep from the tires up…this is a slight hill, so if you explode the cars then it might slide down, and you won’t have any cover.” 

When Yu Yang made any stellar plays, Qi Zui would also praise him through the microphone. 




Yu Yang finished the game while listening to Qi Zui’s voice, ears turning pink by the end of it. 

After Yu Yang finished his game, Qi Zui got more chatty as well. 

“This match was well played…” Qi Zui seemed to have taken a look at the time, pausing slightly, then asked, “There are twenty minutes left till 2 am, do you want to go for another match?” 

Yu Yang hesitated: “You…are you tired? I could also just…” 

Yu Yang was thinking that he could video call with him first then come back to train, but on the stream, he was still a little too shy to say that out loud. 

“No worries, you do your thing.” Qi Zui did not want to give Yu Yang more of a hassle, “We can video call when you’re done…not that tired.” 

Qi Zui took a glance at the chat, long, slender fingers tapping away on the keyboard, “I’m happy staying up late with you. You do your thing.”


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Update 11/21 from translator: This translation will be on break from now til mid-December due to some irl things. I meant to squeeze another chapter in before I go on break, but am getting too swamped now :’) Thank you for understanding!!

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