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Chapter 15 — The Official Spouse Appears (Part 2)

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Yun Jinshu had imagined countless times how he would meet Han Jiang’s official spouse, and he had also often imagined how that person would look like.


He thought that their appearance would be extremely outstanding, the sort that was unforgettable even with just one glance. As a plain and common good, Yun Jinshu would never be able to reach their level in his lifetime. Why else would Han Jiang, this sort of person who had gone through many partners, be so entrapped by them?


He had even absurdly imagined that after his rebirth, their first meeting would most likely be at crossed swords, Mars clashing with Earth. However, now that everything was out in the open, all his imaginations had turned into a joke.


Yun Jinshu had never thought that he would meet him in a situation like this, and had even more never imagined that he would be so ordinary, ordinary to… the point where he just looked like a slightly more good-looking passerby.


Thinking about that black Lotus he saw standing at the window, Yun Jinshu then recalled the meaning behind WZY, the password to Han Jiang’s phone. He had to admit that this ordinary, smiling young man in front of him was the other “murderer” who hid behind him, using him as a shield.


So he was called Wen Zeyun, and there was also an “Yun” in his name. Yun Jinshu did not know if part of the reason why Han Jiang chose him had to do with this.


Burying the dismay within him, Yun Jinshu curved his lips up, raising his teacup. “To be able to get to know such a handsome, talented youth like Director Wen today, it’s really a joyous occasion. Let me substitute tea for alcohol, and I’ll drink to you.”


Wen Zeyun hurriedly raised his cup, and they clinked their cups together. On his face was a bashful smile. “Jinshu, don’t say things like this. Since you’re Jiangzi’s friend, that means you’re my friend too. Speaking about this, we should be around the same age. Just call me Zeyun, don’t use Director Wen. It makes me sound like an old man,” he chuckled.


Yun Jinshu nodded, beaming as he probed, “Seems like Han Jiang often mentions me in front of you? He hasn’t been talking behind my back, right?”


Wen Zeyun stuck his tongue out, using a pair of chopsticks to pick up a pastry and placing it in his mouth. Even the way he ate was like a child. “No, he didn’t. He normally looks very gentle and refined, but he’s actually very irritating. He never talks to me about his work, and I had to hear about you from Li Ke as well, before I asked him once about it. In the end, who would have guessed that I’ll be able to meet you today? This must be predetermined by fate.”


Yun Jinshu looked at how muddle-headed Wen Zeyun was, and his emotions were all stirred up. He did not know what sort of expression he should show to seem appropriate.


When Wen Zeyun mentioned Han Jiang, the naturalness and familiarity were very obvious. Anyone would be able to guess how close these two people were. However, he looked so innocent, even a little foolish, and it instead made Yun Jinshu look like the “vicious third party” in a soap opera that was out to destroy a family. Even right now, he was still trying to probe Wen Zeyun for more details with ulterior motives.


However, why, after sacrificing so much, he had become the worst person in this trio?


Yun Jinshu could understand why Han Jiang was unwilling to mention him in front of Wen Zeyun. After all, he was just an unpresentable third party, and there was no need to provoke the official spouse into anger. However, thinking about the five years of love he had persevered through, and yet he had been fucking hiding in the shadows all this while, Yun Jinshu’s stomach started to hurt.


His entire body felt unwell, but Yun Jinshu still presented a perfect smile. “Does that mean I’ll have to thank our President Li? Then how about the next time, I’ll treat everyone to a meal? During then, Zeyun, not only must you come, you have to remember to help me invite President Li along as well. As an employee, I don’t dare to invite my boss to a roadside stall.”


Wen Zeyun laughed, “Sure! At that time, we’ll ask Jiangzi along as well, and we can watch him and Li Ke sitting on folding stools like fools in their suits and eating grilled skewers.”


Yun Jinshu laughed along. Steadily, he lifted his cup and drank some tea, concealing the complicated look in his eyes. Perhaps he might not have much ability, but smiling and presenting a composed image had already become something innate to him.


Sitting by the side and not saying a word, Zhao Hanchuan did not feel that he should interrupt the two people chatting away happily. However, seeing how their conversation always revolved around Han Jiang, he had no choice but to shift the topic towards more official matters.


“Hey, Director Wen, you must be firm on your stance. With only a few sentences from Jinshu, you guys drifted off to something else entirely. Are we still shooting the film or not?”


Wen Zeyun was stunned for a moment, then he stuck his tongue out and winked at Yun Jinshu. “Aiyah, the conversation was so agreeable that I’ve completely forgotten about the reason why we’re here. By the way, Zhao-laoshi, if the actor you’re recommending is Jinshu, then that’s really very great.”


Yun Jinshu laughed, a double meaning lying within his words. “Director Wen, you’re so satisfied just seeing me once. What if you end up bringing a wolf into your place?”


“That won’t happen. Although I’m a newbie, I have complete faith in Zhao-laoshi’s eye. If he recommends you to me, then there’s definitely no problems.”


Yun Jinshu froze, then glanced at Zhao Hanchuan in slight disbelief. Were pigs flying in the sky? Big-shot Zhao always found me unpleasant to the eye, but he would actually take the initiative to recommend me for a role?


Zhao Hanchuan felt Yun Jinshu’s “scorching” gaze, and coughed a few times uncomfortably. “Don’t be too narcissistic. If not for you being involved with the matter of Shen Nian, and Starbright has no choice but to create news about you acting in a new film, there’s no way I would have let you participate in Xiaowen’s movie.”


“Oh?” Yun Jinshu raised a brow. Looking at Wen Zeyun, he said, “I’ve never heard Han Jiang mention that he knew any directors. I didn’t expect that the only one he knew would even be a big shot?”


Wen Zeyun scratched his ear embarrassedly. “Actually, in the past, Jiangzi did not approve of me learning about movies. He said that it wasn’t as though my family could not afford raising me, and exposing myself out there as an entertainer was something very distasteful. However, I liked it a lot, and so I went to France and got a PhD in cinematography. Previously, I had been using the ID Winter’s Fisherman and directed a few short films. There’s no fame or anything whatsoever.”


These words made Yun Jinshu very uncomfortable. Perhaps the speaker had no such intentions, but the listener did. He always felt that Wen Zeyun had used the word “entertainer” deliberately for him to hear.


Also, “Jiangzi did not approve”, “exposing myself” and “Winter’s Fisherman”, these words were like needles to the heart. It was as though it served him, Yun Jinshu, right to sell his body and be an entertainer, while Young Master Han did not have anything to say about it. However, for the official spouse, even if he was cherished and doted carefully upon, Young Master Han would still be afraid that he would be hurt.


Barely managing to maintain his smile, Yun Jinshu sipped his tea. “Aren’t you good friends with Han Jiang? Why would he even want to put a foot in this matter?”


“He’s always been like this since he was a child, overbearing and wanting to monopolise everything. He’s completely unreasonable, and he manages me even more than my brother. If I’m a girl, he’ll probably end up being a part of my dowry,” Wen Zeyun laughed.


Wen Zeyun seemed a lot more energetic whenever he talked about Han Jiang. Although he kept talking about how bad Han Jiang was, even a deaf person could hear the reliance he had towards Han Jiang.


Yun Jinshu could not help but want to laugh out loud. So it turned out that the so-called “official spouse” had not a single clue that the actual person Han Jiang liked was him. Han Jiang was truly an idiot, to be such a casanova out there, only to pretend to be miserable and infatuated in front of him.


However, to like a man like Han Jiang, Yun Jinshu was even more of an idiot.


As expected, men were all bastards. The things they could never get were always the best, and the ones they already had were insignificant little toys. Will-o-wisps were always what they yearned for.


Also, Zhao Hanchuan, knowing the relationship between Han Jiang and Yun Jinshu, was starting to become a little discomforted. Seeing Yun Jinshu’s gradually palling face, he suddenly felt a little ill, and could not help but again interrupt the conversation between the two.


“You guys keep talking about Han-laoban. It’s really unkind of you both to just leave me out like this. Xiaowen, if you don’t talk about official matters, I’m going to take Yun Jinshu away.”


Such a half-truth sounded just like a joke. Wen Zeyun quickly stuck his tongue out, his baby face frowning, “Zhao-laoshi, you’re really very focused on work. I’ve finally managed to meet Jinshu, so can’t you let us chat awhile more?”


“If you sign him up for your movie, you’ll be able to chat with him all you want once you start filming.”


Wen Zeyun pouted, his big and round eyes blinking. “Alright, alright. Zhao-laoshi, you’re too cunning, thinking of how to scam me into signing Jinshu on. I’ll talk about work now, alright?”


He removed the SLR camera from his neck, and then took out a script from his backpack and handed it to Yun Jinshu. “The movie is titled ‘The Tree’. It’s about the relationship and growth between two brothers. I’ll like you to play the role of the younger brother. Take a look at the script first, and if you feel happy with it, we can discuss further. As this topic is rather unpopular, it probably won’t do well in the box office. You can discuss with Zhao-laoshi first before making a decision.”


Holding the script in his hand, Yun Jinshu was not in a hurry to read it. Instead, he cocked his brow. “You’re this certain that I’m suitable for this role?”


Wen Zeyun smiled. “I won’t hide it from you, I’m the one who wrote this script, and I’ve placed a lot of myself into the role of the younger brother. Also, to tell you the truth, I feel that you are somewhat similar to me, whether you admit it or not. In any case, to be able to know you today, I’m really very happy, and I also hope that you’ll be willing to work with me.”


Yun Jinshu’s current expression was very entertaining. Although his smile that was like a mask still hung on his face, a hopelessness was welling up in his dark eyes.


A third party who would forever never see the light had been declared to be “somewhat similar” to the official spouse himself. This was basically implying that the reason why Han Jiang would like him, Yun Jinshu, was all because of Wen Zeyun.


Whether or not there was really a hidden dagger in Wen Zeyun’s words, or whether he was really so innocent and harmless like what his appearance showed, Yun Jinshu had to admit that the words had truly jabbed into his sore spot, and he could hardly breathe…

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