CFSB Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 — A Gun to A Cannon

Edited by Asa


Yun Jinshu slept extremely well. When he opened his eyes again, bright sunlight had already filled the room.

Rubbing his bleary eyes, he turned around, wanting to give Han Jiang a morning kiss. However, he only felt the cold sheets. Just then, the door to the bathroom opened, and a casually dressed Han Jiang walked over and caressed his face.

Yun Jinshu smiled, and just like how he had done in the past, he pressed his lips against his hand. Han Jiang cocked a brow, seemingly a little startled, but his smile was real.

“I didn’t expect that you would still be so ‘passionate’ when you wake up. Are you used to the bed here?”

Yun Jinshu froze. Just as he wanted to say that how could he not be used to it after sleeping on it for five years, he suddenly saw the digital calendar by the bed: XX/XX/2008


Unconsciously, he took in a deep breath, and all his memories crashed upon him like a wave. His kidnapping, his drowning, his rebirth, his contract…

Right, how did he forget that he had returned five years into the past, back to when he had met Han Jiang for the first time?

His lips could not help but curl self-mockingly. He returned to his placid expression, “It’s very comfortable here, and I’m getting used to it. Thank you for bringing me here.”

His politeness made Han Jiang frown unknowingly. However, he did not say anything, but placed a bag next to the pillow.

“I don’t know what style of clothes you like to wear, so I got the butler to randomly prepare a few sets. Later on when you get up, just try them and see if they fit. If they don’t, you can call for the butler to change them.”

“I’ve troubled you.” Yun Jinshu nodded obediently. He recognised the extremely expensive brand printed on the bag, and was a little dumbfounded. Han Jiang had said that the butler had “randomly” prepared them, but how could he dare disdain such expensive clothes?

“You haven’t even looked at them, how would you know if I’ve been troubled?”

Han Jiang really could not stand his strange politeness and distance, and his tone had darkened as well.

He knew that the information his subordinate had gathered could not be wrong. Yun Jinshu was definitely not the type to be so stiff, like a puppet. Even now, from his gentle and bright eyes just after waking up, he could also guess it.

Yun Jinshu was resigned to his situation. He thought the only thing left for him now was to kneel on the bed, and declare, “Thank you Lord for your benevolence”. Opening the bag, he removed the clothes one by one.

A white, pure cotton shirt, a pair of casual linen trousers, a coffee-coloured slim fit coat, with pure cotton socks and a pair of white boxer briefs.

Every item looked very simple and casual, but the material all felt extremely soft and comfortable to touch. The sizes were perfect as well, and even the colours were all that he liked. Could this be called random preparation?

Yun Jinshu could neither laugh nor cry. He had nearly forgotten that the most impressive point of Han Jiang had been how he meticulous he was. If he wanted to be good to a person, he would not only satisfy them monetarily, but carefully enter their life and give them everything they need, painstakingly paying attention to everything.

Just like a thirsty person walking in the desert, all he needed was a glass of water. No matter how much money you gave him, it was all useless, and Han Jiang was definitely born knowing this.

This was probably how he was bought over in muddle-headedness, and he had ended up paying with both his body and heart.

Han Jiang saw that he remained silent for a very long time, and thought that he really did not like the clothes. Lifting his hand, he stroked the whorl of hair on Yun Jinshu’s head. “If you don’t like them, then just don’t wear them. Later on, when we’re free, I’ll bring you to get some tailored. We’ll definitely get you something you like.”

“No, I just… didn’t expect that the clothes would be so suitable, and I’m just really very surprised.” Yun Jinshu smiled and shrugged. A shallow dimple appeared on his left cheek.

Han Jiang was a little dazed. He smiled noncommittally, and gazed at Yun Jinshu gently. “Then put them on and come down for breakfast. Zhang-ma1 has prepared a table full of dishes. If we still don’t go down, she’s bound to explode.”

He did not explain who “Zhang-ma” was, treating Yun Jinshu as though he was someone already very close to him, and naturally spoke to him about his domestic life.

As for Zhang-ma, Yun Jinshu immediately recalled that plump auntie. She was extremely softhearted, and had always been very caring and concerned towards him. However, if anyone refused to eat the meals she had carefully prepared, she would definitely put her arms on her hips and explode in anger. Even Han Jiang, as the master of the house, would have to give in.

Thinking about the past, Yun Jinshu could not help but laugh softly. He nodded. “Alright, I’ll go down soon.”

After dressing himself, slipping his feet into a pair of soft, fluffy slippers, he walked down the stairs. The place was still the same as before, without any changes. Unlike Han Jiang’s other luxury villas, the simple, warm furnishings here gave people a very homey feeling. After living here for five years, Yun Jinshu was extremely familiar with every nook and cranny of this place.

The only difference was, in the past, there were many traces of him present, and now, there were none.

Han Jiang sat at the dining table. A cup of coffee in his hand, he was reading the papers. Seeing Yun Jinshu walking over, he waved at him, “Come and take a seat.”

Yun Jinshu nodded and walked to the table. Just as he wanted to select the seat opposite Han Jiang, as far away from him as possible, Han Jiang patted the chair right next to him. “Here.”

“No, it’s fine. I’m afraid I’ll disturb you working.” Yun Jinshu shook his head. He really did not want to be so close to Han Jiang so early in the morning, forcing himself to be vigilant and on guard.

“Come and sit here, don’t make me repeat myself again.” Han Jiang was still smiling, his expression genial. However, his eyes were so dark that Yun Jinshu did not dare look at them.

Yun Jinshu had no choice but to sit down next to him. Han Jiang then placed a cup of steaming milk right in front of him.

“Uhh… Can I get a cup of coffee instead? I didn’t contact Li Tianhua yesterday, and I’ll probably be getting a scolding once I go into the company later. I’ll also need to practise dancing today, so a coffee would be better.”

Heaven knew how much he hated milk. Five years ago, Han Jiang had employed both the hard and soft approaches into making him cultivate the habit of drinking milk. Now, seeing him placing a cup of milk in front of him again, he was once again forced to recall the past. His stomach churned, and how would he still have any appetite for it?”

“Don’t worry, Li Tianhua is no longer your manager. He has no rights to make you do any of this, so you don’t have to drink coffee as though you’re in desperate need of it.”

Yun Jinshu was taken aback. He looked up. “What does that mean? I still have a ten year contract with the company, if I don’t go in without any authorisation, I’ll be in trouble.”

Han Jiang shrugged, unconcerned. Without a change in his expression, he spoke, “If you still want to stay in this company, I’m fine. But yesterday, I’ve contacted Starbright for you. When we’re done with breakfast, I’ll be going over. It’s all up to you.”


Yun Jinshu was even more alarmed. To many of the people in the entertainment industry, Starbright Entertainment was like the epitome of heaven. It was a star-studded company, filled with top tier actors, and in the eyes of all newcomers, joining this company was bound to make you a star.

The most impressive thing about Starbright was not only how they were brilliant at building their stars, but also that the culture of the company was very relaxed and proper. The stars in the company rarely had any scandals, and just this alone was a lot better than Kaide Entertainment, the company Yun Jinshu was now signed with.

In his past life, even till his death, he was fastened tightly to Kaide. Although by then he had become a popular star, the company still tried their best to squeeze as much out of him as possible.

Now, Han Jiang actually wanted to transfer him to the top-tier Starbright. This really was too sudden, and never in his imagination could he come up with something like this.

If it was not his memories that were faulty, then there must be a problem when he was reborn. Why else was everything different from the past?”

“You mean, as long as I’m willing, I can choose between these two companies?”

When Yun Jinshu said this, his throat was extremely dry. However, Han Jiang only smiled faintly, his fingers casually tapping the table. “Not only these two companies. You can say that the doors to all entertainment companies who want to work in China are open to you.”

This statement was really too tempting, and it felt as though a huge pie had fallen onto Yun Jinshu’s head. However, he was no longer that young innocent fool who had just entered the industry. Five years was more than enough to transform a simple young boy into a mature man.

Because of Han Jiang, he had met with too tragic of an ending. Hence, he no longer had any confidence, and could not help but be pessimistic about everything.

“Since you’ve given me a choice, you probably wouldn’t leave me to deal with a bunch of court cases, right? I’ve signed the ten year contract myself, it can’t be changed so easily.”

Han Jiang laughed. He suddenly leaned over, coming close to Yun Jinshu’s face. Behind him, through the window, sunlight was gently streaming in, enhancing the allurement of his face.

“Jinshu, it’s not bad to consider the implications of many things. However, you’ve also signed a contract with me yesterday. I’ve said that I’ll help you reach the peak of this industry, and I won’t go back on my words. You can only choose to believe me, or it means you’ll be violating this contract. Can you handle the consequences?”

His words were very ambiguous, his tone extremely tender. They sounded just like a flirtation between lovers, but the implied meaning behind them inexplicably made Yun Jinshu shudder.

Hah, how did he forget this? Han Jiang was still waiting to use him as a shield. How could he be willing to get rid of him right now?

A moment later, Yun Jinshu looked up. The emotions in his eyes had already been wiped away. He knew that what Han Jiang needed was a brainless “fool” who could be manipulated by him in every way, and so he could only feign timidness and speak softly, “My father owes Kaide a lot of money. Even if I don’t like that place, I can’t leave, because I really… have no money.”

Towards the end, his voice was so weak it almost faded away. Han Jiang was clearly very satisfied with his artless “foolishness”, and he laughed, “Silly child, I’ve already settled your father’s debts. Even after he comes out from prison, your family also won’t have to worry about Kaide knocking on your door. As for you, your most important task now is to eat a proper meal, then think about which entertainment company you should choose. There’s no need to think of anything else, I’m here to handle them.”

Hearing that his father’s debt had been settled, Yun Jinshu heaved a breath of relief inside him. He then cooperatively “squeezed” a few drops of tears out, “Mr. Han… I… I really don’t know how to thank you. You’ve helped me out greatly.”

An actor was best at acting, and it was evident that this time, Han Jiang had fell for Yun Jinshu’s performance. Han Jiang petted his head, looking at him with brilliant eyes. “Yun Jinshu, I’ll say it once more. You’re not allowed to refer to me as Mr., and don’t let me hear you being so polite again. Be careful, if this happens again, I’ll fuck you till you’re unable to leave the bed.”

Han Jiang was sitting there elegantly, but his words very very crude. He looked as though he was discussing the flavour of a bottle of Martini from 1927. The huge disparity made Yun Jinshu embarrassed, and his ears could not help but flush red.

When they talked about a beast in human clothing, they were referring to men like him, right?

Yun Jinshu coughed lightly. He refused to consider this problem anymore. “Han Jiang, I’ve thought about it, I want to to go to Starbright.”

Han Jiang found this form of address much more pleasant. Picking up the cup of milk, he called towards the kitchen. “Zhang-ma, the milk has cooled. Let’s warm it up again.”

He then turned and spoke to Yun Jinshu. “Milk is good for your stomach. When you finish it, I’ll take you to Starbright.”

“Thank you, Mr. Han. Oh no, I mean, Han Jiang.” Yun Jinshu’s lips curved up. His white shirt complemented his good-looking features, and they came together surprisingly well.

Han Jiang was noncommittal. Just as he picked up his chopsticks, about to pick a chicken shumai and place it on Yun Jinshu’s plate, his phone that was on the table rang.

His actions paused slightly when he heard the ringtone. Staring at the notification on his phone, his expression gentled, his eyes looking almost as though they were going to melt.

If it was said that refinement and gentleness had already become Han Jiang’s outer protective layer, habits that had long been used to flowing through his blood, then this moment, he seemed to have climbed out from this protective shell of his, revealing a truly human expression and smile.

He picked up his phone, standing up and walking away. He did not even glance at Yun Jinshu sitting by his side, and headed up the carved spiral stairs.

From the kitchen came the sweet smell of milk. Yun Jinshu sat alone in the empty dining room, looking at the plates of exquisite dishes, and he was so cold that he started shivering.

Unaware of it, his lips started trembling. Silently, he laughed. There was no need to guess who was the caller.

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