FOYO Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

In these six years, nearly all the jealousy Fang Yuhang felt was all because of Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu was Nan Cheng’s boyfriend in high school. They broke up in the first year of college, and when Fang Yuhang finally got together with Nan Cheng, they were already in the third year of college.

Whenever he thought about how many of Nan Cheng’s first times were done with Cheng Yu, while his were all given to Nan Cheng, he would sometimes feel a little unfair, a little aggrieved.

One day, all his grievances came into the light.

That day, they had argued over something. Fang Yuhang felt his heart ached, and so spilled everything. By the time he was done, he knew how ridiculous he had behaved. An ex-boyfriend was already past history, but he was still pettily caught up in it.

He experienced a shame he had never felt before, and so ran away.

Nan Cheng caught the back of his collar, tugged him into his arms, and shoved him onto the bed.

“Silly, other people only get jealous of what’s in front of them, while you even time-travel?!”

Fang Yuhang buried his head in Nan Cheng’s chest, mumbling something. He then heard Nan Cheng continued, “Cheng Yu and me were all in the past. During high school, what can we do? Other than holding hands and hugging, all my other firsts belong to you, don’t be angry anymore, ok? My first kiss is yours as well. I’ve long wanted to kiss you already. Afraid that I won’t do well, I even studied videos on it!. That day we made love, it was your first time, but it was mine as well.”

“That’s right, I’ve watched some videos.” Nan Cheng suddenly leaned into his ear and whispered into it. “Afraid that you’ll laugh at me, I’ve watched them for a very long time, fearing that I’ll hurt you.”

Fang Yuhang was stunned for a moment, then, joy blossomed within his heart. He hugged Nan Cheng and started laughing foolishly. His heart was filled with tender affections, as for why they were fighting previously, he had forgotten all about it.

While dating Nan Cheng, Fang Yuhang felt that he had also matured in the process.

So, how much did he mature? He progressed to the point where he realised, it was wrong for him to be so calculative over their first times. Even if Nan Cheng had given all his first times to Cheng Yu, so what? As long as Nan Cheng never lied to him, as long as Nan Cheng liked him, he liked Nan Cheng, he did not have to fight with a phantom with regards to Nan Cheng. After all, they were no longer together.

He felt that being able to think this way, he had really became understanding.

However, in the eyes of Nan Cheng, he was not.

Before Cheng Yu appeared at their place, Fang Yuhang did not know that Nan Cheng and Cheng Yu still kept in contact.

That day, Nan Cheng had prepared dinner. On the table were two dishes, one was Fang Yuhang’s favourite, while the other was Cheng Yu’s favourite.


Fang Yuhang’s heart throbbed in pain.
So many years, he had been with Nan Cheng for so many years. But Nan Cheng still so clearly remembered what Cheng Yu liked to eat.
How could his position in Nan Cheng’s heart be equal to that of Cheng Yu?

The two of them had clearly let bygones be bygones, and were chatting happily together. That meal, to Fang Yuhang, was like forcing glass shards down his throat.

After the meal, Cheng Yu even wanted to stay over.

Fang Yuhang was unhappy about it, listlessly he offered to pay for a hotel room for Cheng Yu.

Nan Cheng replied, “Why are you so immature?!”

Why are you so immature?!

This sentence lit up Fang Yuhang’s fury.

“Then what’s called being mature?! Nan Cheng? Why don’t you tell me? To be considered mature, would I have to calmly accept the flirtatious looks you exchange with each other?! Then excuse me, I really can’t accept that.”

Fang Yuhang slammed the door behind him.

And Nan Cheng did not chase after him, only giving him a call.

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  1. Actually I won’t also like my bf’s ex staying over at our house
    I can understand that if they meet some times but staying over no way I would be unhappy
    Thank you

  2. Nan Cheng can have a great relationship with his ex Boyfriend but It’s disrespectful to invitar to their home and even let him stay over!

    I agree with our protagonist in this.

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  3. The reason why someone gets jealous is because there is no assurance given and not security. Nan Cheng never gave the MC that. If he did, why would MC still be jealous? Also, Nan Cheng is too much. He is too excessive of his actions towards his ex, which made MC more jealous. And he doesn’t even still give MC an assurance. And that white lotus ex. How dare he? He already knows MC gets jealous, yet he has the nerve to have a meal with the official CP? And Nan Cheng… geez. He’s really an idiot. Dammit. MC is immature? Then he is a scum.

  4. Hmm I think FYH has the right to be angry here. NC, you don’t just agree to let someone stay over when you live with FYH, especially if the person staying over is your ex. Besides, you already know that FYH was jealous of your ex.

  5. FYH live in that house too Nan Cheng! You can’t decide on your own just like that!!

    Thanks for the chapter <3

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