HSAV Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: You Can’t Just Endure

Edited by Tin

Waking up, it was already noon. Xiao Yu’An stretched and craned his neck to look over.

Yan HeQing slept on his side, his hands by the pillow. Despite being covered in charcoal, you could still faintly see his fine features.

Xiao Yu’an couldn’t help but sigh. The male lead looks so innocent when he sleeps!

If Xiao Yu’an never read the original novel, he would never believe that this person in front of him would invade the north kingdom and wash the entire empire in blood.

As if he was having a nightmare, Yan HeQing suddenly tightened his fists, his brows knitted tightly together, his pale lips trembled.

Xiao Yu’an hurried over and patted him, “Yo are you alright? Where’s your main character halo? Where’s your cheat code?”

Only upon touching him, Xiao Yu’an found out Yan HeQing was having a high fever, hot to the touch.

“Water….” Yan HeQing muttered with a low groan.

Xiao Yu’an wasted no time getting up. After searching throughout the entire room, he finally found a porcelain pot and a small bowl. Filling the bowl with water, Xiao Yu’an went over to the bedside, and lifted Yan HeQing so that he was leaning on him, slowly feeding the water into his mouth.

Probably because of the sounds they heard there was a light knock on the door. It was the royal doctor. “Your majesty, it’s time to change his medicine.”

“Come in.” Xiao Yu’an responded.

The door opened slightly, and upon seeing the scene, the royal doctor dropped the medicine he held in his hand.

Hong Xiu who followed tightly behind him saw this, and quickly walked to them, “Your majesty, how could you be doing such tedious task, let us servants do it.”

“It’s fine, it’s finished anyways.” Xiao Yu’an set down the bowl, and helped Yan HeQing back down into the bed, before turning to ask the doctor, “He has a fever, what should I do?”

The old doctor was on the ground picking up the dropped medicine clumsily. When he heard Xiao Yu’an’s voice, he quickly got up to answer, “Your majesty, it’s nothing too troublesome, this fever will be down soon. When it does, he should be completely fine after.”

“Good.” Xiao Yu’an nodded, “Then it’d be your job to take care of him.”

The doctor trembled as he nodded like a woodpecker.

Now that he had napped and seen the male lead, Xiao Yu’an was in a great mood, and skipped his way back to his palace.

Hong Xiu always thought 3 steps ahead, and quietly asked, “Your majesty, when he gets better, do you want me to send him into the Jingyang Palace?”

The Jingyang Palace was where he kept his ‘people’, watched over by by Hong Xiu.

Xiao Yu’an couldn’t help by facepalm, “No no no.”

Lady, please refrain from those dangerous thoughts!

Hong Xiu taken aback, “Where does Your Majesty want him to be?”
Xiao Yu’an tapped his head in frustration, thinking back to where it was that the male and female leads first met each other, “Take him… take him… oh, take him to the inner court.”

“The inner court?!” Even the usually calm and collected Hong Xiu couldn’t help but ask in surprise. No matter how you looked at the situation, this person clearly meant a lot to the emperor. However, for the emperor to send him to do servants’ work instead of carefully protecting him was definitely strange.

“Yup. Oh, the inner court… it’s Eunuch Zhao that is taking charge of the inner court, correct?” Xiao Yu’an asked.

“Yes, your Majesty.” Hong Xiu controlled her emotions, and answered.

“Good. Send him to the inner court.” Xiao Yu’an finished his words, and turned to look at the sleeping Yan HeQing.

Yan HeQing, oh Yan HeQing, Eunuch Zhao is a huge villain, so you’ll be suffering a lot from now on, but for the female lead Princess YongNing, just endure it for now

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  1. It’s interesting to see the differences between the novel and the manhua. I am so excited to read more! So I am really grateful that you translate this novel for us. Thank you

  2. Hehehe he. Yan HeQing is gonna suffer Just for the female lead’s sake? It Will be better If Xiao Yu’an tried to help him to get a better life.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Thank you so much for your translation. Truly amazed by your abilities. I love the humor and the grammar you use to emphasize the humor. I will be patiently waiting to read more

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  5. Excuse me but this guy is stupid or what?
    Like nothing he does make sens. He doesn’t even try to play the part.
    I don’t see any strategy into what he is doing right.
    Even the supposedly for the preservation of his future corpse what he does doesn’t make sens so far.
    It’s like he doesn’t care that what he does can have repercussions on the other characters fate.
    It’s already been two time he says that he too lazy (to think, and to explain)…. REALLY!!!! 😡
    The mindlessness is a bit hard to swallow.

    1. I think… he does not realky care about dying at all…
      Look at previous chapters at his previous life arc…
      Look how he solved his cancer’s issue
      Despite for trying to win over his cancer, he did 360 through window in front of his little brother’s face?
      That lil brother …. he seem diagnosed with something too and then he encountered that “360 flip “ by his big brother…man i really wanna resurrected from grave as his mother to beat his arse real bad.

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