HSAV Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: This Story Line is Really Weird

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A tyrannical president meets a cute, soft shou…

His beauty made even women jealous. He had glistening, big eyes and red lips, as well as an innocent, pure personality. There is definitely an evil female villain by his side.

He loves to cry, especially when the President forces himself onto him. He’d cry as he begs for him to stop and then faints after giving in. But don’t worry! He will always somehow finds a way to forgive the President!

Well, this must be love.



Xiao Yu’an yelled in his heart. I can get any woman on the streets and they’d still be better than him by a hundred times!!! They won’t cause trouble! They won’t cry all the time!

Facing that type of shou, Xiao Yu’an felt like even if he was gay he’d be scared straight.

The Xiao family looked at this.

Wait, something’s wrong. Why don’t you like the perfect shou?


Hold up…

Unless Xiao Yu’an is a shou??!!


The people of the Xiao Family were devastated, felled by the tragedy. Gone insane.

But that’s ok, if he can’t walk down the “Tyrant President” route, we can still attempt to save this by turning him into a “Seductive Shou President”, right?

For example, meeting a mafia boss. A tyrannic, two-faced mafia boss that emits S aura everywhere…

That day after work, Xiao Yu’an found a note on his car that had been scratched by someone, asking to pay him back for the damage.

Xiao Yu’an wanted to call the number to say that it was alright and that they didn’t need to pay him back.

The man over the phone chuckled and said, “Do you know who I am?”

Xiao Yu’an, “….”

Why do I fucking care who you are, huh???!!! You scratched someone’s car!!! Can’t you just apologize and be done with it?!!!

Hold on, that sounded like a quote from one of those tyrannical presidents!

Not hearing back from Xiao Yu’an, he laughed and gave his name.

As it turned out, he was a mafia boss. The type that could make people scared by just revealing his name. He then asked Xiao Yu’an to come, saying that no matter the cost, he was able to afford him.

Xiao Yu’an thought to himself, it’s not like he knew what a real tyrant looked like; he could go and just treat this like a learning trip.

So, Xiao Yu’an went to meet him.

And then he realized that this dude had some serious problems.

They didn’t talk much before this mafia boss said that he wanted to chain and tie him up.

Xiao Yu’an expressed that he wasn’t an M and wasn’t interested in stuff like SM or BD. 1

The mafia boss, however, was fine with that, saying that it was ok and: I’ll just use rope play and restraint play and other kinky stuff to mold you, until one day you become mine. Then our loving and hateful hearts will belong to each other!


It sounded great, but he still thought this man had a problem. He didn’t have Stockholm syndrome after all.

The tyrannical boss was definitely tyrannical, grabbing his chin, saying things like he wanted to tie him up and stuff.

Then he got beat up by Xiao Yu’an.

He’d learned self defense at a very young age.

After beating him up, Xiao Yu’an was even more nervous, he felt lost on this “tyrannical boss” route, and even the “seductive boss” route held no hope for him either.

Never mind, never mind, it’s better to just do my job properly.

So, Xiao Yu’an decided to do his job well, and become a positive contributor to his society. Be a good teen and a good civil servant to his people.

And then… he was diagnosed with cancer.

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28 thoughts on “HSAV Chapter 2

  1. I don’t understand the logic of this story but it made me laugh. And it’s nice tonread frequent updates. Make it daily! Lol

  2. Haha, I love how much this is just destroying all the tropes. Just set him up with a normal guy/girl, silly family. I hope the manhua is funny too, I’ve just seen the prologue…

    For some reason, this ch is showing up as Slow Witted ch2 in novelupdates?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Lol MC getting cancer at the end is when the writer of MC’s life got fed up and decided to end his romcom without the rom life only the com because the readers got fed up with the romance tease hahahahaha

    1. 🤣His life must’ve gotten gotten axed from the monthly serialization that was publishing him due to bad ratings.

  4. I am just to 2 chapters and I couldn’t stop laughing so hard 🤣🤣🤣 You know what tho, I think his family is cray cray too for pushing such weird things on him. Can’t they just watch him live his life normally?

  5. Oh God, usually the beginning story will be very touching because the transmigator either sick or dead by truck-kun and really want to go back to his world, but this one just pffttt cracked me out so bad XD Thank you for your translation!

  6. Lmao i love how it’s so casual in explaining on what led to his death. And that last line “And then… he was diagnosed with cancer” being placed after all that, its just LOL.

  7. His family… How vast are their interest in romance novels? Like they read tyrannical president × cute poor girl, tyrannical president × mighty girl, tyrannical president gong × cute easy to bully shou, and even seductive president shou × mafia boss S gong…
    Like, I want to congratulate them for being so eclectic.

  8. I can’t even Lol at the end you are telling me the perfect 2ML character who could be a great ML in the modern world finds his path… and gets cancer….. Damn second ML syndrome is real and tragic

  9. Omg!!! This drove me crazy!!! I finally remember!!!😃 This prologue sounds super similar to the start of the manga: To be or not to be.
    *sigh of relive* Now i remember 😁 i can finally let it go. It was bugging me like crazy.
    Thanks for the chapters!^^

  10. The amount of whiplash I got at that last line is unreal… Poor Xiao Yu’an! He can’t catch a break. Let’s see where all this leads to.

  11. Bruuuhh, the author have up and gave him a canceeeer HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Mc to author: i- I just want to be normal 🙂👍

  12. Bruuuhh, the author gave up and gave him a canceeeer HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Mc to author: i- I just want to be normal 🙂👍

  13. i’m confused this last two chapters and wonder whether i’m in reading the right novel or what, but i’m enjoying so far!

  14. Oh my hahahahahaa poor xiao yu when he finally decided to focused more on his career but his body now gave up and has a cancer 🤧🙄

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