HSAV Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: You Can’t Just Serve the Emperor

Edited by Tin

In those tyrannical novels, when a cutie is delivered into your arms, the tyrannical president of course would hold them tightly, smirking, “You asked for it, you little devil.”

But as for Xiao Yu’an, a president, when he felt that someone was trying to get into his arms and pull off his clothes.


Turning around, he did a perfect over the shoulder throw, pushing down on his head and arm, pinning him to the ground!!

Pinned him to the ground!

After Xiao Yu’an pinned him down, his first reaction was…

There’s no way to save the tyrannical president plot line anymore!

The person he grabbed was in shock as well, his voice filled with fear and sounds of tears, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please be gentle?”

Yup, this voice was soft, gentle, and cute.

But it’s a man’s voice!

Xiao Yu’an let the person go in a hurry, “Sorry sorry, you scared me.”

That young man curled up, “It-it wasn’t on purpose, Your Majesty, please don’t get angry.”

Xiao Yu’an facepalmed.

He suddenly remembered something

Number 1, this teen emperor, he was a fucking cut sleeve!

Number 2, when he was taking a bath, Hong Xiu was asking if he needs someone to serve him at night!

Seeing that Xiao Yu’an wasn’t responding, he thought he was angry and took out a rope from the bed in a hurry, “Don’t be angry Your Majesty, you can tie me up, didn’t you say that you wanted to hit me with the ruler? This time I’ve prepared the ruler as well. Your Majesty?”

Xiao Yu’an’s head started to hurt more.

He knew that this emperor was a cut-sleeve, but he didn’t know he’s a S!

And he was born with such a beautiful body; a shou’s body with a gong’s heart?! So creative?! Is this a new found standard?!

Xiao Yu’an’s strange attitude made the young man scared, he tore open his robes, and suddenly wrapped his arms and legs around Xiao Yu’an. His robes dropped down to his wrists, revealing his clean chest and shoulders. His voice trembled as he spoke: “Your Majesty I want you, please, give it to me.”

Xiao Yu’an pushed him away with two hands in a hurry, grinned, “No, No, I’m not gonna give it to you.”

The teen’s expressions stiffened, his expression filled with terror.

“Hm? You finally calmed down?” Xiao Yu’an patted the boy’s head gently like a brother would, then extended his hands to help him put his clothes back on.

Of course the teen didn’t dare to make a sound, he was frozen to the ground by Xiao Yu’an’s abnormal behavior.

“Hong Xiu, Hong Xiu.” Xiao Yu’an yelled out brightly, the candles outside his chamber doors waved and Hong Xiu pushed the doors open to come in.

Hong Xiu lit the candles around the chamber, brightening it up, then knelt properly by the bed and asked, “What’s the matter, Your Majesty? Were you not satisfied with this servant?”

Xiao Yu’an felt the teen quiver by his side, “No, he’s pretty good, but I’m suddenly not interested, you can take him, remember to reward him as well.”

Hong Xiu nodded, helped him lay down, blowing out the candles once again, and left with the young man.

Surrounded by silence, Xiao Yuan eyes opened suddenly, and instinctively searched for his phone with his hand, before coming to a realisation.

Xiao Yu’an had a problem.

When he slept, he had to hear someone breathing beside him. In the modern days, Xiao Yu’an could just use a phone recording, but now, Xiao Yu’an couldn’t do anything.

Trying to sleep again, only to fail once more, Xiao Yu’an sighed deeply, sitting up to rub his temples. After a while, Xiao Yu’an decided to head out for a walk.

The Emperor’s chamber’s main entrance was littered with guards. Xiao Yu’an thought it through, and escaped through the window.

The guards stared with their mouths open when they saw someone jump out the window and roll on the grass for a bit before stabilizing themselves.

The two guards swiftly drew their swords, aiming at the person’s neck.

Xiao Yu’an lifted his head and looked at the two guards.

The swords fell to the ground.


Xiao Yu’an stood up, calming picking off the grass on his head, before patting the guards on their shoulders: “Thanks guys, I didn’t know that there were guards by the window as well.”

The guards’ legs quivered in fear, and they dropped down to their knees.

Xiao Yu’an pulled them up and asked, “Which path has the least guards?”

The guards weakly pointed at a small brick road towards the south.

Xiao Yu’an nodded in satisfaction, and with his hands behind his back, began walking towards the brick road.

The guards yelled in a hurry: “Your Majesty, it’s getting late, you by yourself…”

“It’s not like I have wings, I enjoy strolling around blindly.” 1


“It’s a cold and peaceful night, can you stop talking?”


“If you say one more word, I will beat you up.”

Seeing that the guard didn’t dare to say anything else, Xiao Yu’an couldn’t help but laugh, “The Three Hundred Tang Poem is truly the epitome of intelligence.”

With that, Xiao Yu’an whistled a little tune as he walked away, leaving the guard confused, “What’s a Three Hundred Tang Poem…?”

The guard didn’t lie to Xiao Yu’an, there was truly no one on the southern road, only a layer of soft moonlight laid gently on Xiao Yu’an’s body.

It was currently the beginning of winter for the Northern Kingdom, and the winter breeze blew. Xiao Yu’an wasn’t wearing much, and couldn’t handle it. After walking a while he decided to head back. Just as he was about to turn around to go back to where he came from, there was the sound of music by his ear.

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