ISMM Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Edited by Isalee



<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 17 —  Confessions>>


I made my adversary sleep with me without giving him any benefits.


While writing this line down, my emotions were truly mixed. Looking at these words written down permanently, I personally don’t dare to believe it. It truly feels like a dream.


Ai, how did things end up like this ^^(strike out the emoji).


I feel that I’ve sinned terribly, and at the same time, I feel overly delighted — this makes me feel that I’ve sinned even more terribly.





<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 18>>


My adversary is still sleeping in his room. I don’t want to be away from him for too long, so if my handwriting is illegible, just let it be illegible.


After interacting with him over the past two days, I’ve discovered that he likes the muddle-headed and cute type the best. However, I’m not exactly the muddle-headed and cute sort of person, so I was thinking about taking this drinking opportunity to pretend to be drunk and make him happy.


In the end, I thought that I was pretending to be drunk, only to be really drunk. However, even though I was drunk, my mind was still aware of what was going on.


I said that I was slightly tipsy, but my partner did not believe it.


No, not partner, my adversary. Oops.


Drinking always bungles things up, as alcohol was really too good at bolstering one’s courage, as well as making one impulsive. Sometimes only a smidge of a thought would appear in one’s mind, but the body would immediately react and do what it wanted to do.


—Where the heart goes, the body goes. I can’t lay the blame on the alcohol — the heart wants what the heart wants.


The more I interact with my adversary, the more I can feel his adorableness from every inch of my heart and soul.


It’s carved in his very bones, and it’s very appealing, as well as very alluring.


It made no difference whether I smoked the fourth cigarette anymore. Things that should happen would always happen, and feelings that would occur would always occur.


Whenever he greeted me, I would often pay attention to his expression and tone, noticing how clear and bright his eyes were. Whenever I attended the same event as him, I would also pay attention to his position, and often discuss with my assistant about how much thought he had placed into his outfits.


More than a year ago, when I saw the photo of his leg injury, my heart inexplicably skipped a beat. I never managed to understand why I felt that way, but now I understand.


Bit by bit, piece by piece, with unrealised focus, as well as feelings that were inexplicably influenced, I finally found my home, a place where I belonged.





<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 19>>


I don’t want to be his sugar daddy, I want to woo him.





<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 20>>


Although I don’t know how to woo him, life’s like that, and I have to at least try.


The perfect life as depicted in books — 70% satiation, 30% drunk, and 100% harvest; live the best quality life you can get, work moderately, and listen to your innermost self about your desires.


This is true, but as I keep my feet on the ground, I’m also a little greedy. I want everything to be 100%, and I want everything to be the best.


What’s even greedier is that there’s a place for him everywhere and in everything I want.





<< Gu Yiliang’s Diary – Excerpt 21>>


If I had foreseen this, I wouldn’t have agreed to his suggestion of being his sugar daddy, and right now, I wouldn’t feel so tormented.


I have yet to give him anything, and I’ve already let him…




I don’t know what he thinks of me. Would he think that I’m a very useless sugar daddy?


I can’t even fulfil the ordinary role of a sugar daddy properly, so how am I going to fulfil the role of a boyfriend well?


Hai, it’s truly a torment.


The only good thing about this is that I’m perfectly justified in getting close to him.


If my actual self could be like my acting self, able to command and plan well, able to be merry and cheerful, and able to flirt well, he would probably like that version of me, right?


Slowly, slowly, one step at a time, one step at a time.


Although there’s no scientific basis in how a frog can be cooked in water that is slowly heated, the logic in it can still be applied. As long as I persevere in wooing him, one day I can conquer have him in the bag — make him belong to me.


I also need to improve my techniques. Yesterday, I’ve really let him down.


Hai, I also need to repair my phone.







Gu Yiliang woke me up.






All my blood was flowing to one particular area, and it was difficult to remain asleep even if I wanted to.


Drowsily, I opened my eyes, looking down at a hand on little Wei Jr. that was moving ceaselessly. My mind immediately woke up, and I turned to look at the owner of that hand—


Yo, Driver Gu1, you’re starting the car so early in the morning? Where are you going?


Seeing that I had woken up, Gu Yiliang’s lips curled in a smile. He leant over, kissing me on the forehead.






The hangover felt pretty awful. My brain felt muddled and my thoughts were slow.


I looked at him, allowing him to continue what he was doing. A period of time had passed, and I had yet to realise what was going on.


Last night, before sleeping, I was still entertaining an imaginary worry that I would wake up in the morning to a change from what had happened last night. In the end, the moment I opened my eyes, I saw—


Eh? This little romance is kicking off just like that?!






And it was even quite relishing!


As expected, things did change! To a bright and sunny day!


From now on, for the rest of my life, please provide me this wake-up service every morning!


It truly was a progress of 99%. I really worried for nothing!


There was a little bee buzzing about in my heart, producing honey. I immediately rallied up my energy, happily shifting over and hugging Gu Yiliang’s waist. His grip tightened slightly, and he bowed his head down, wanting to kiss me.


I turned my head away. “We haven’t brushed our teeth yet.”


He chuckled softly. Refusing to give up, he pressed his lips against mine, the action of his hand quickening.






This was not my heart being moved, this was my heart thumping loudly away like a bass beat!


I was brought to death and back to life by his sweetness, flowers blooming in my heart. Little Wei Jr. was also brought to death and back to life by his hand, jerking and reaching its completion.


Comparing the techniques of his hand and mouth, it was as though he was completely a different person. The Little Wei Jr. who had nearly met its death in his mouth last night had been stroked to life instantly in the morning.


The energy I only just rallied up had completely been exhausted in his hand. With half-lidded eyes, I leant back into my pillow, panting softly as I watched him run here and there, working hard to clean up the crime scene, and meticulously cleaning up the instruments used to commit the crime — it was truly a service meant for a king.


My heart was simmering in honey, warm and sweet. Inexplicably, I even felt like I was a sugar daddy of a great beauty.






Poo poo poo, what nonsense was I saying? I only wanted to give him everything good that was within my capabilities. For rich people to be in a relationship, could it be considered a sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship?


Calmly, I put on my pants, as I furiously calculated silently how to stealthily transfer all the resources Old Huang had been shoving at me over to Gu Yiliang. Like a typhoon, I rushed into the bathroom and finished washing up, then ran back and pushed Gu Yiliang back on to the bed, nuzzling like crazy into the crook of his neck.


Laughing, he lifted my head up, tapping his index finger on his own lips. “Now that you’ve brushed your teeth, you have to pay back what you owe me just now.”


A charming wink even accompanied his flirtatious line.






… When this person was in a relationship, not only could he cure impotency, but he even shovelled tons and tons of sugar at me.


I turned into a fool from his sweetness. With overwhelming momentum, in my heart, I sucked in a deep breath, whimpering like a tiger who had lost all its power. There was no need to mention a kiss, I even wanted to just give him my life. Immediately, I closed my eyes, giving him a passionate kiss that spun the world around us.






Kissing Gu Yiliang made one even more intoxicated than drinking. At the end of the day, we were both red-blooded young men. Kissing and kissing, Little Wei Jr. started perking up again, and in my heart, I contemplated about the time we needed to report at the production site, secretly considering if I should take the opportunity to have a round of sex. Right then, I heard Gu Yiliang ask quietly, “Have you ever thought about what would you be if you weren’t an actor?”


Before I knew it, thousands and thousands of forum posts flooded my head. All the allurement and charm vanished in an instant, and I half-wilted on the spot.


Me: “……”


Me: “… A scholar, a Gu… a scientist.”


He immediately chuckled, responding in amusement, “You really should do cross—”


Me: “……”


The lifeless light shooting from my eyes probably frightened him, and he forcibly swallowed down the word “talk”. “—Uhh, I mean, you should be a… bard?”






That was it, the atmosphere had cooled down, this round was impossible.


With lifeless eyes, I left his side, drifting away to take the clothes Little Chen had washed and prepared for me.


“—You’re angry? I was only joking.” Holding his laughter back, Gu Yiliang followed me. “Who asked you to not answer my question properly?”


But I was answering it properly?! Did he look down on scholars or something?!


With an unhappy expression, I pushed him out of the door. “Hurry up and go back to your room to change your clothes. We’ll be late.”


His feet came to a stop. Glancing at the clothes in my hand, he turned and left.






When he was dressed properly and he appeared in front of me, I fell silent.


May I ask, how did he manage to put together this outfit that was completely different in styles and colour from my clothes, but still looked totally like a couple outfit with mine?


He feigned surprise, speaking in pleasure, “Ah, what a coincidence~”


That lilt in his voice!


I dragged him into my room, again giving him a passionate kiss that spun the world around us.






Despite our clinging and nuzzling, we still had to go to work.


If we were to continue kissing, I was afraid we would turn into Tony Leung in The Eagle Shooting Heroes. Patting myself on my cheeks, I tried to dissipate the heat in them, and left the room with the continuously smiling Gu Yiliang.


Upon stepping onto the production site, the entire crew was shrouded in an aura of a head-splitting hangover. Only the two of us were full of vitality. Standing in the rising air of lifelessness, we looked at each other.


With a face of having overindulged, Little Chen drifted over, shoving my breakfast in my hands. “After the dinner ended yesterday, Director Lu and the rest went for another round. They all drank too much, drinking from the north to the south, even losing a few along the way. Right now, they’re still searching for some of them, and so today’s a rest day.”


Me: “……”






It seems like this Song of Waves production really wouldn’t be able to continue filming.






Gu Yiliang turned to ask, “Just nice, I need to repair my phone. Want to go with me?”


The beauty has a request!


Immediately, with a very practiced motion, I pulled out my phone, unlocked it, and opened up Alipay. “Just get a new one?”


Smiling, he shook his head. “I don’t have a backup for the things inside, so even if I buy a new phone, I’ll need to repair the old one. Since it’s getting repaired, I might as well continue using it.”


What was inside that he treasured so much? It couldn’t be some precious teenage diary thing, could it?


Puzzled, I lowered my voice. “… Are there nudes inside?”


Even more puzzled, he lowered his voice. “…Did we take any last night?”


Me: “……”


Him: “……”


Little Chen: “……”


Little Chen: “Should I just quietly walk away, or courageously remain?”






Under my dagger-like stare, Little Chen scrambled away with no hesitation.


Gu Yiliang laughed. “Wait for me in the lounge, I’ll go prepare the things I need for filming tomorrow. Once I’m done, I’ll come look for you.”


Agreeing, I watched him leave as my eyes continued shooting daggers.






Lying on the couch in the lounge, I took my phone out because I was bored. After a round of The King of Fighters, without anything else to do, I scrolled through Weibo, only to suddenly discover—


Up until now, I had yet to think about enjoying fluff at all?!






Feeling complicated, I held onto my phone, looking at the once familiar scene with different feelings.


Browsing through the super topic page for Niangzi, I felt like I was returning to my alma mater after graduation for a visit. The brainwashing posts were all old school books I was once again flipping open after a long time; seeing the Niangzi Army chattering away, it was as though I was looking at my youthful and fresh faced underclassmen; WilLiam was like my old deskmate; when I again saw that “SilentMoonWilLiam”, it was like after I had attained success in my career, I happened to meet that class representative who insisted that I would never amount to anything during our studying days—


Hss, what was this inexplicable feeling of satisfaction and gloating?!






The God of CPs, I’ve graduated, I’ve grown up to be somebody!






Unsurprisingly, I happened to come across that poster with both Gu Yiliang and my autograph in the topic. Other than the poster itself, it was accompanied by an analysis, a timeline, screaming and crying, as well as a short eight-hundred word essay on “My Father and I”.


Me: …… A good deed was truly something that could save people. It was even more useful than forwarding koi fish images.


In this world, only coughing and showing-off could not be concealed. Looking at the poster with the two autographs, I descended into a bout of silence, and in the next moment, I started laughing slyly in my heart.






@WeiYanzi_William: Sharing a song — “A Cool You2” (@neteasemusic)


In the embrace of the cool wind, the hole in my heart is a door for you.[Rain][Rain]






Holding my phone, I stared at my own Weibo page, happy like a fool.


Someone knocked thrice lightly on the door of the lounge. Gu Yiliang poked his head in, smiling at me.


I shot to the door, the lilt in my voice coming automatically, “Why did you take so long~”


“There were quite a lot of things to prepare…” He scratched his nose. “I’ve asked my assistant to book two movie tickets, want to watch a movie together?”

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