ISMM Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Edited by Isalee





The God of CP — I was never going to graduate, nor was I ever going to be somebody.


Listening to the same song, both of us thought about each other, and we even expressed it with the same method. What sort of destiny was this? Are we destined to marry each other or something?


Whether it was the level of fluff or the tacit understanding between us, it was too much. It started suspecting that Gu Yiliang was the God of CP himself.






In the comments, fans were laughing in the comments, anti-fans were stomping their feet, while the Niangzi Army, like mothers, were preparing red packets in the super topic.


Just one Weibo post had completed the half-month quota of other CPs. This was skilled, really highly skilled.


Silently, I locked my phone, watching the car reversing into the parking spot.


Gu Yiliang handed me the car key, then sent me the QR code to collect the tickets. “There’s quite a lot of people catching a movie at this timing. I’ll go up first and wait for you in the theatre.”


Things were always a little troublesome for a public figure in a public area. I also did not have any intention of clinging to each other and walking into the theatre while holding each other’s hands. As such, I nodded and then watched him get out of the car and go into the lift that would take him straight to the cinema.






Hai, although the truth was real, I really did not like to look at his departing back.


Despite having no such intention, and knowing that the situation did not allow us to do so, I could not help but feel a little regretful and melancholic.


Especially when I saw all the couples openly walking past me, each twined with their partner. I kept feeling that I was somehow being wronged.


As two big men, there was no need for us to cling to each other all the time. Towards hand-holding, I also did not have any requests that could be considered overboard, but… we should be allowed to openly walk next to each other and not be disturbed, right?


Pursing my lips, I sighed internally.


Ignoring the fact that we were both in the entertainment industry, as for those homosexual couples not in this industry, how many of them were able to openly show their love for each other?


Still, this road was something we chose ourselves, and we would be the ones choosing how to walk down this road. For me, it did not matter. If this matter blew up, I would at most go home and take whatever handouts there were. However, if it were to affect Gu Yiliang’s splendid path in his career, my sins would be great.






Sentimentality had never been my style. Standing in front of the ticket machine, I waited for the tickets to be dispensed, thinking in self-consolation that there were also benefits in being more secretive.


Everyone thought that we were betraying our sexuality for fanservice, but none realised that this fanservice had already turned into a cover for our displays of affection. The Niangzi Army thought that the fluff they were enjoying was fake fluff that they had dug out themselves, but it was actually fluff whose sweetness had been deliberately reduced – to be able to display our affections secretly in such openness as not everyone had the ability to do so.


Ah, the world is drunk, and we’re the only ones who are sober. In front of others, we’re buddies, while behind their backs, we’re gay. This is novel and rather fun.


Having consoled myself such that I had cheered up, I then thought about how we would soon be able to catch a movie together. In my heart, I rubbed my hands in glee, giggling as I walked towards the designated theatre hall.






I thought that Gu Yiliang would already be seated and waiting for me, but the moment I entered the hall, he intercepted me.


The lights in the hall had already been dimmed, and trailers and advertisements were already playing. Gu Yiliang held my hand tightly, leading me to our seats.


The little hands in my heart were rubbing so much that they were about to burst into flames at any moment. Delightedly, I quietly asked him, “Why didn’t you just sit down and wait for me?”


He replied, “I can’t hold your hand out there.”


A fire had already started from those rubbing hands, and I smiled like an idiot at him. “It’s so dark. How did you recognise me?”


He replied, “Before you came in, I already made a mistake with four or five people, so I paid more attention.”


Me: “……”


Me: “Your perseverance and persistence are things that are worthy of emulation.”


He chortled, “You’re overpraising me.”


I chuckled, “You’re much too polite.”






The fire in my heart had already dwindled down to a wisp of smoke, going out. With nothing to say, I followed Gu Yiliang to our seats, and the movie officially started too.


I had not been paying attention the entire time, and only after the movie started did I then realise it was a movie he had starred in.


The version of him on screen appeared in a smart and handsome military uniform, while the version of him next to me turned to me with a small sheepish smile.


What sort of 3D, multi audiovisual feast was this?!


Ah, next to me was the god from the screen!


The astonishment in my heart could not be put into words, and the attack and ordeal of aestheticism came from the front and next to me.






Not too long later, the female lead appeared on screen as well. Gu Yiliang turned his head slightly towards me, shooting me a glance, and I gave him an unconcerned smile in return.


Hah, we’re all actors here. How could I be bothered about such a small matter?


It actually seemed like I was still a little bothered.


The armrest between our seats was adjustable. With my eyes fixed on the screen, I unobtrusively lifted the armrest, shifting myself a little closer to him.


He looked at me with a faint smile, and following the actions of the military commander on screen, as he held the female lead’s hand, he held mine, bowing down and kissing it, then touched my fingertips lightly with his lips.






Ah, this is fun!


I saw the female lead on screen smile charmingly as she leaned into the commander’s ear and whispered into it. Immediately, I pressed my lips right up against his ear, exhaling.


The commander still looked very dignified, but Gu Yiliang’s ear reddened. He gave me a smack with no force behind it.


Laughing silently, I watched as the female lead flirted with the commander and copied her actions. Lightly, I caressed Gu Yiliang’s earlobe with a finger, sliding it down his ear, towards his neck, and further down.


The commander grabbed hold of the female lead’s throat, while Gu Yiliang grabbed hold of my finger, giving me a slightly accusing look.


The female lead was still composed. Her red lips quirked up, and she stroked the commander’s calf lightly with her foot, sliding up and down.


This move was too hard! Furthermore, taking off my shoes? That was filthy! Going with the second best option, I slid the back of my hand up his thigh, moving left and right.


“Hey…” Gu Yiliang caught my hand, warning me softly.


I smiled gloatingly. That was flirtatious enough, wasn’t it? He could not bear it, right? It was torturous, right?


Karma was cyclical. Who asked you to make my head explode with your flirting all this while, and even using soundwaves to try to stun me.






Then, I watched as the air around the commander on screen suddenly turned very oppressive. He grabbed hold of the female lead, and the screen turned dark.


I had a bad premonition.


Gu Yiliang leant into my ear, whispering, “This portion wasn’t acted out, but I know what happened–”


As he stared at the screen, he reached out, tugging me closer to him. With his arm around my waist, he lifted up the hem of my shirt, drawing his fingers across my back. The hand on my hip rubbed at me gently, his fingers tracing my bones. He then slowly slid his hand down, and at the same time, he turned and kissed my ear lightly, chuckling softly–


Have mercy! Please have mercy!


This is too much flirting! I can’t take it anymore! He’s a demon!






I grabbed his hand, moving it back to its original position. Then I put the armrest back down, and sat with a very proper posture as I looked in front of me.


He laughed, whispering, “You can’t take it already?”


I spoke sternly, my voice quiet, “No, the plot is too exciting, I can’t miss it.”


He raised a brow, his voice quiet, “Then why is your hand inside your pocket?”


Me: “… To hold down a fierce tiger that’s about to burst out.”


Him: “Oh, you can’t take it anymore.”


Me: “Yes yes yes I can’t take it, I can’t take it, then will you let me give it and let me top you?”


Him: “What is top?”


Me: “……”






My chance is quickly arriving!


I patiently guided him, “Top, that’s me. I’m the top.”


He glanced at me doubtfully. After a moment of silence, he softly called into my ear, “…laogong1?”


I melted.


I wouldn’t be able to hold back that fierce tiger in my pants anymore.


I looked at him plaintively, and he crooked his fingers lightly with mine, lowering his magnetic voice, “I only just called you once like this, and you can’t take it again.”






Fucking hell.





I was about to explode due to this EMP gun of his. Taking the popcorn from the holder in the armrest next to me, I shoved some into his mouth.


He gave a muffled laugh, patting my thigh. “Alright, stop messing around, settle down and watch the movie.”


I shot him a disgruntled look, turning my attention back to the screen.






I stared fixedly at the Gu Yiliang on screen. His every frown and smile could capture one’s soul. Afraid that the actual person next to me would be up to some sort of trick again, I continued shoving popcorn into his mouth, preventing this EMP gun from firing at me again.


He too had settled down. However, the tips of my fingers would periodically touch his lips, and he would tap on the back of my hand lightly with his fingers.


It had to be sad that this experience really was not bad — it was both tender and fun. From this, I found entertainment, and piece by piece, I kept feeding him popcorn. Flowers bloomed in my heart, and the grip around my hand also became tighter and tighter. The finger on the back of my hand kept drawing circles, the sensation both personal and flirtatious. In the dark, it was so very exciting, and there was also a peculiar sense of accomplishment of having tamed Gu Yiliang.


Tamed — that was too lewd, wasn’t it?!


With a blush spreading across my ears and cheeks, I calculated loudly on the abacus in my heart, planning out a magnificent blueprint, no, wait, a print of lewdity. Along with me feeding him, our hands gradually clasped tighter, our fingers tangled together and they played with each other lightly—






Gu Yiliang suddenly turned towards me in puzzlement. “You bought popcorn?”


My hand, grabbing some popcorn, froze.






A bro sitting next to me: “Bro, look, I still have a Coke here, it’s iced. Shall I give it to you too?”


Me: “……”






Silence, it was dead silence. Only embarrassment surrounded me, rising and swelling.


A gunshot came from the screen.


With a hopeless gaze, how I wished that the little soldier shot dead by Gu Yiliang on screen was me right now.


I was so embarrassed that my molars were about to fall out, and I kept apologising, offering money in compensation, trying to settle this bro’s emotions. It was only when the bro suddenly waved his hand did I go back to sitting upright.


There was still time! There was still more than half the movie to go, I could still save this atmosphere and my abacus—






That bro turned his face back towards us, tilting his head as he said, “Eh? You look a lot like that umm, that spokesperson for that watch brand, Wei Yan—“


That bro’s head tilted even more, looking at Gu Yiliang next to me. He froze, then slowly shifted his gaze towards the screen. “Uhh—”


I tossed the abacus away, grabbing Gu Yiliang and fleeing.






Sitting in the driver’s seat, Gu Yiliang patted my head in amusement, helping me calm down.


I huddled in the passenger’s seat in grievance, eyeing the crowds of passersby outside in vigilance.


Shuddering from holding back his laughter, Gu Yiliang gave a cough.


I held out the hand that had been grabbing the popcorn to him, trembling. “… Take it away, I don’t want this hand anymore.”


He grabbed my hand, biting the tip of my finger, then laughed, “Don’t think about it anymore. There’s still half a day left, where do you want to go to play?”


“How can we still play…” Despair was the greatest sorrow. Crestfallen, I said, “Just drive back to the production site. Before we left, I saw that bro looking at his phone and updating Weibo. Obsessive fans will probably appear here in ten seconds.”


He paused, then drove the car out of the garage.






The car drove on steadily, but my emotions were not. Sadly, I held my phone and contacted Sister Man, asking her to get ready to deal with the upcoming publicity.


Turning the wheel, Gu Yiliang was thinking about something. He abruptly coughed, and quietly asked me, “That matter just now, did you receive a bit of enlightenment…?”


I looked at him curiously. Was he asking for a reflection or something?


I was already left bruised and battered. Why did he have to be so vicious, rubbing salt into my wounds?


In any case, I was in the wrong. Deeply grieved, I said, “Yes. When I watch a movie, I must prepare my own popcorn.”


Him: “……”


Him: “I originally wanted to say that when we get back, we can look for some, umm, films to watch, and we can follow along… umm…”


Him: “But you killed the conversation entirely.”


Me: ???


No, wait, when I was anxiously waiting here to deal with that bro’s Weibo, you were there silently brainstorming about roleplaying?!


Me: “Yes. We’re definitely going back to look at those films.”


We’re going to look at thousands of short films and make it a movie marathon! Those flashbacks that play before one dies should be short films! No one better get out of the car!






Sister Man replied very quickly, saying that that bro’s Weibo account had been found. There was not a single problem with it at all, and he did not even mention our name.


I exhaled a breath of relief, opening the screenshot she sent.


@AnApplauseForSociety: One’s bound to have good fortune in the year of the dog. While watching a movie, I met some movie stars. Turns out it is one’s destiny, and love and loyalty are priceless! Here, despite being late, I wish everyone a happy new year. I hope that everyone is blessed with good fortune with this year of the dog, and enjoy your fluff!


Attached was an image of an empty popcorn bucket.


Me: ………………






Unable to stop myself, I applauded loudly. If not for the safety belt and the constraints of the car, I could even give a standing ovation.


Gu Yiliang looked at me, baffled. “Why? The matter’s settled?”


Me: “That bro didn’t expose us.”


Him: “But there’s still no need for applause, right?”


Me: “That bro’s post was really too skilled, I couldn’t help myself.”

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