ISMM Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

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I didn’t know what others were like in a relationship, but in any case, my days were spent with perfect weather for growth, as well as deep affection for each other.

Upon opening my eyes every morning, I would see Gu Yiliang using my body for practice, and before I slept, I would also receive a goodnight kiss imbued with fatherly emotion. Although there were too many eyes in the production crew, and every single one of them all clever and shrewd so we could not sleep together, for him to be the first thing I see every morning and the last thing I see at night, it gave me a strange sense of having something that was lacking in life. All while he worked very hard to fill up that missing gap in my life.

To sum it up briefly, my life was very fulfilling.

At the same time, I really wanted to find some contractor in charge of renovations to tear down the wall between our rooms.





There were only two regrets.





One: although we had watched quite a number of movies where the two actors were engaged in a battle of flesh, and we learned a lot from them, with all sorts of positions and techniques, we had yet been able to reach the final step.

There was only one reason—the fittings were mismatched!

I stared doubtfully at his weapon many times. I even wanted to just remove it for him and send it to the Dragon King of the East Sea for him to use it as a pillar.

Fortunately, he also did not have much of an intention to force me. He only said to take my time. As such, at complete ease, I continued with the work of my mouth to seek glory, and so ensured the safety and peace of my backside for now.





Two: we clearly were very compatible in many areas of our lives, and when things happened, we would be mutually considerate of each other. However, we always butted heads when it came to our resources.

It was not that we were fighting for resources, but that we were fighting to offer our resources.

I offered him my resources, and he refused, not listening no matter what I said. He offered me his resources, and I refused, not going along no matter what he said. Even Kong Rong was not as generous as us when he offered his pear, and we nearly fought to the point where we nearly blew up. In the end, we still had to turn on a short movie, learning and practising from it to calm ourselves down, and exchanged pointers on what we learnt. As this cycle repeated, it became very vexing.

The main issue was that my body could no longer take it.

No, wait, I just didn’t get it. I only just wanted to offer up some resources, but why could it even result in me feeling as though I was about to die of exhaustion?!

In the end, I learnt my lesson, and just let Uncle Qi’s staff contact the company directly. Completely undetected, I handed him the more important resources, while I happily accepted some of the more trendy yet unimportant resources from him. As for the resources that could be shared, I discussed it with him, and we decided to appear together for those.





Ignoring how I insisted on giving him a spot when I attended events, he would even drag me on as a guest when he managed to find time to record for a variety show. As such, our frequency of appearing together on screen increased exponentially.

As such, during this period, wherever Gu Yiliang was on camera, I’d be there too. After that, we would mention each other on Weibo to the point where it felt as common as eating and drinking. On the Super Fanclub app, we would always appear to be online together, and on Instagram, we would post eight hundred photos of our daily life in the production crew every day.

When the shoes I gifted him arrived, he even deliberately posted them on Instagram, captioning it with “when everything else is gone”.





In conclusion, there were people who were dying from starvation, while others were dying from a flood. One only had to compare the super topics on Weibo between Niangzi and the other fan groups to understand what that meant.

From the beginning where they were enthusiastically mining and creating fluff, to the point where they could now sit in a rocking chair like a boss, opening their mouths and waiting for the fluff to fall right into them—the Niangzi Army had risen to the path of enlightenment.

Once the promotional snippets for Song of Waves were released, the Niangzi Army even waved their hands nonchalantly, scorning them for not being enough. They were very perfunctory about mining fluff from the shots, only digging out the issue when we were dressed in our own clothes. It was me who could no longer take it, and secretly, in the chat, I pointed out the source of the rings.

Then, I watched as some big-name fans looked through old photos and simply just gave a “confirmed” stamp on the information. They glossed over this page, not discussing it at all, and then refreshed the super topic, waiting for more fluff to appear.

Niangzi Army1: “Why hasn’t today’s fluff been posted yet? /unhappy.”

Niangzi Army2: “So far, there’s only been smiles with new fluff, and who would cry hearing about old fluff? During the days without new fluff, you should just go enjoy the old fluff.”

Niangzi Army3: “There’s too much old fluff, and I don’t know where to start. Enjoying fluff is too hard.”

Niangzi Army4: 【Comments that are too violent or sexual will be automatically deleted.】

Me: “……”





Complicated feelings welled up within me.

Forget about the last time when they kicked me out of the group, but now I was the one scattering the fluff, and yet I couldn’t get past this barrier of myself?!

Was one’s greatest enemy in life oneself?!

I hate this!

As such, I posted a few more photos on Instagram, and one of them was even a promotional photo for the variety show we would be recording tomorrow night. In it, the smiles on our faces were even lovelier than flowers.




By the way, why did I dare to be so wild and unrestrained?





I put my phone down, turning my head towards xiao-Chen. “What’s today’s situation like?”

Xiao-Chen chewed loudly on his corn chips. He glanced at the three phones in front of him, then gave me an “OK” sign.

I nodded, my heart feeling completely comforted.





I don’t know how, in one short day, xiao-Chen had managed to join the high-ranking members of the three groups by himself. Anyway, now, in the eyes of the Gu’s Imperial Consorts, I was a little junior from the same year as their idol, and that very idol was trying his very best to help me in my career, while I knew to show my gratitude and return the favour. In the eyes of the Pretty Yans, Gu Yiliang was my very reliable older brother who showed me genuine affection and concern with great righteousness and loyalty. As for those who were fans of both of us, they welcomed this situation in elation and delight, and no matter what happened between Gu Yiliang and me, they were all evidence of our friendship. Love and loyalty, they truly were priceless.

All three groups had the same notion, all of them sharing the same thoughts. CP fans? They just didn’t know what real brotherhood was, and they could just continue spinning about in their own circles. Passersby? They just didn’t know how great their darlings were; come come come, open your mouth obediently and have a bite of this three-star Michelin supplement. Anti-fans? Once one popped up, people from all three groups would immediately appear, and even CP fans would go forth and give aid, apologies, distractions, brainwashing, and even expulsion from the fan group would all occur in one breath, as they gave their all to give us a clean and innocent image. Under xiao-Chen’s lead, things would not go overboard, and everything was done in an appropriate manner.

I was completely amazed.

Truly. Xiao-Chen was a maestro.

If he had taken up his post a few years earlier, would there even be an issue where Gu Yiliang and I were deemed as adversaries?!

He was not just a king, but the king of kings.





By the way, how did I discover this talent of his?





That day we returned to the production crew after watching the movie with Gu Yiliang, before my feet could even touch the ground, xiao-Chen had come running to me with his phone. He informed me that the eight-rated actor had appeared to stir trouble, going to the media with tears in his eyes as he gave them an insider scoop on how Gu Yiliang was a diva and bullied juniors, sharing how difficult things were for newcomers, and even secretly hinted about me having a sugar daddy that was not from the entertainment industry.

As they said, despite how tiny a butterfly’s wings were, under the right circumstances, it could still create a storm. The lower one’s status was, the more they were able to kick up a fuss.

It was no big deal. I massaged the bridge of my nose, and just as I picked my phone up, about to contact Man-jie, xiao-Chen waved his hand, saying that there was no need to trouble her over such a small matter. If we were to have our PR team respond to this, it would make it seem as though we placed very big importance on it, and he was able to handle it by himself.

Somewhat doubtful, I handed the matter over to him for him to deal with, and was then dragged away by Gu Yiliang for a meal. After the meal, a stroll, and some flirtations, when we came back, the dust had all settled.





I asked xiao-Chen how he did it.

He said that he had dug out all the scandals and secrets of that eight-rated actor ever since he debuted, and then contacted a good friend who was also a personal assistant. After comparing the times the eighth-rated actor received contracts with the times he went on a trip, even more information was revealed. Taking the confirmed information, he contacted the higher-ups of the Gu’s Imperial Consorts and Pretty Yans, exposing everything, and he even got in touch with fans of other artistes whose names had been dragged into the mud by the eight-rated actor. The rising storm landed upon the shores of the PR team of the Song of Waves, and thousands of requests appeared, asking them to abandon such an artiste who would smear the names of people on the same production as him. It just happened that the crew was still busy looking for those who were still missing, and as his role was not very important and could be played by anyone. With a wave of a hand, the requests were accepted.

Fast, accurate, and deadly. Leaving people unprepared1

I finally understood why in the past, xiao-Chen always liked to share gossip and scandals with me. If you know yourself and your enemies, you’ll never lose a battle! One must always stock up on ammunition!





Xiao-Chen, a genius, a maestro, the king of kings. He was vicious, and one should never step on his tail.





Done with his report, xiao-Chen asked me, “Right, when did you start pulling in fans, and when did you even pull in Society?”

Me: “?”

Xiao-Chen: “The one called AnApplauseForSociety. Looking at his Weibo photos, he’s a big bro with a gold chain necklace. He’s really good at talking, going on and on and striking down everyone in his way. With the way he scolded those anti-fans who spoke for that eight-rated actor, he nearly made them want to crawl back up into their mothers and be reborn again!”

Me: “……?”

Xiao-Chen: “All right, to tell you the truth, I was truly curious, and so I already DM-ed him.”

Me: “…………?”

Xiao-Chen: “He said that you could eat other people’s popcorn on accident, add two zeros behind the sum when transferring money as compensation, and even step on his foot when dragging someone along and running away. It’s impossible for you to be as scheming as what the anti-fans say, and so he decided to give a helping hand to redress the injustice.”

Me: “……”

Xiao-Chen: “He said that those anti-fans were insulting his intelligence.”

Me: “……”

Xiao-Chen: “He even asked me to pass you a message.”

Me: “…… Go ahead.”

Xiao-Chen: “He says that the movie theatres all have infrared cameras that can record in the dark—”

Me: “OK, OK, don’t say anymore. Enough, basta, assez, stop.”





That entire evening, I stayed a half-metre distance away from Gu Yiliang, and we even shouted our conversations across to each other.





I didn’t have as many scenes as Gu Yiliang. Although I needed to be here for the entire filming process, I had a lot more time to rest than him.

Once Gu Yiliang finished his scenes for the day, he would run over to my lounge in his own clothes. Ignoring xiao-Chen sitting right there, working his stuff as a maestro, he would cling onto me from behind, resting his chin on my head as he smiled and watched me play Kings of Glory, directing me on where to place my skills.

A match ended. I gave a stretch, then asked him, “Want to play a match together?”

He seemed to be a little hesitant, but still nodded in the end.

In my heart, I giggled. The present was unlike the past, how could I scare him like before?

I would most definitely provide him the best service ever!





Me: “Ai, come here for a bit, this buff’s for you.”

Him: “…… I’m the support.”

Me: “No matter what I lack, I can’t let that affect my child. Leaving red marks as you walk is so pretty, here, for you, for you.”

Him: “…… Thank you.”

Me: “Ai, I’ll give you this kill. Don’t say anything, just quickly accept it.”

Him: “…… I’m the support.”

Me: “No matter what I lack, I can’t let that affect my child. Here, take some more money to buy equipment, remember to dress warmly.”

Him: “…… My equipment is already at God Tier Level 6.”

Me: “Then just sell this and spend it all on shoes. With shoes on all six of your avatar’s hands, you can walk wherever you want. Don’t worry, your DPS-gege will definitely protect you well!”

Him: “……”

Him: “…… Aren’t you a ‘buddha-like’ player?”

I smiled gently. “Yes, once I lay my knife down, I’ll attain salvation, and reach buddha-status.”





Our teammate turned on his voice chat in rage. “Fucking hell, what are the two idiots doing in the jungle?! Holding hands on a date or something?! Hurry up and come here to push the wave!”

Gu Yiliang gave me a look, the expression on his face as though he were asking the demon to hurry up and reveal himself. I returned his look with a smile, then bent my head down and started typing.

Yantastic: “Sorry, I didn’t see your positions QAQ~”

Teammate1: “It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s a guaranteed win. After this match, shall we add each other on Wechat?”

Teammate2: “Ignore him, he’s just the impatient sort. Gege will apologise to you on his behalf. After this match, shall we add each other on Wechat?”






Gu Yiliang snatched my phone away.





I was unhappy. “What are you doing? We’re about to win, we’ll get reported.”

He locked the phone, then tossed a book at me. “Have you looked at the script for tomorrow’s variety show yet? You’re only thinking about playing the entire day. In the future, you’re not allowed to play anymore.”

Oooh~, just look at this little piece of fluff. It’s both sweet and sour with jealousy, and really tasty.

The corners of my lips quirked up as I flipped through the pages loudly, skimming through and getting the gist of things.





The entire show was clearly geared towards fanservice. The things we would be doing on the show included a test on our tacit understanding, a challenge which required us to have physical contact, a competition to teach our talent to the other party, and truth or dare.

Fortunately, the show was quite adept at not letting things go overboard. Every activity could be explained under the guise of brotherhood.


To tell the truth, I was starting to regret helping him get this resource already.

Going onto this show, there would be no trouble becoming a talking point in the short term. However, looking at what available resources there were now, I shouldn’t let him appear as someone who relied on fanservice to gain more popularity. This was an obstacle to him becoming a first-rate actor, and in the future, when he would ascend to the top, I would have become a dark spot in his history.

What if he didn’t want me anymore because of that? What should I do?





Perhaps my expression revealed my emotions, and so Gu Yiliang patted me on the head. “What’s wrong?”

Defeatedly, I wrapped my arms around his waist. “This show… shall I not appear on it? Or swap with that pretty actress from Xinjin?”

He froze, then lifted my head up. “Why?”

I hesitantly explained my thoughts to him, and he laughed, pinching my cheeks. “They say that when one becomes rich, they would forget. Now, we haven’t become rich yet, and you want to forget already?”

“Isn’t it because I’m keeping your riches in consideration?” I smacked his hand away, rubbing my cheeks dully. “Do you know how important riches are? Without riches—”

Him: “Are you called Riches Wei?”

Me: “You’re called Iron Pillar Gu!”

Me: “……”

Me: “…… Oh, you were coaxing me, were you not? Sorry, it’s me, I’m Riches Wei, I’m important. You can’t live without me, and you can never abandon me, alright?”

Him: “Mn, I won’t abandon you, I’ll never give you up.”

Me: “……”

Xiao-Chen: “That’s enough! You’re all riches, I’m the single and lonely dog, I want to bark now! Please, take the trouble, leave the main door, turn left, and there’s a hotel 400 metres away! The hourly-rate for a room with a king-sized bed is only 180RMB!”

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