ISMM Chapter 9

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The male and female leads seemed a little out it today. There were quite a few outtakes before they finished their scene. When I finished shooting my scenes in another set and returned, it was just Gu Yiliang’s turn to get in front of the camera.

So I didn’t go remove my makeup. I just stood outside and watched him.



I was probably the most nervous person on the whole set when Gu Yiliang was in action.



The executive manager was watching him with gratification.

The director and the assistant director were watching him with praise.

The young actors were watching him with either admiration or envy.

The art director and the martial arts coach were watching him with appreciation.

I was watching him with nervousness, worry, anxiety, concern, uneasiness, stress, panic, and quite some fear.



When he was doing stunt rigging, I wished I could fly up to catch him.

When he was wielding the blades and the spears, I wished I could throw myself over to be his shield.

When he was walking along the river, I was afraid he would fall in. When he was up on the roof, I was afraid he would fall down. When he stood on the tree, I was afraid the branch would break. When he was running, I was afraid he would sprain his ankle. Even when the female lead was cutting paper flowers with a pair of scissors in front of him, I was afraid that the scissors would be sharp and stab him.



If you have to ask why…



This is called being prepared for the worst! My friends!

Who’s his only adversary out of the whole production team? It’s me!

Who does the outside world think is on bad terms with him? It’s me!

If something ever happens to him (crossing fingers), who will his fans suspect first of harming him? It’s also me!



Don’t think I’m exaggerating.

About half a year after our debut, Gu Yiliang once attended a live show half a motherland away from me. The program messed up the order in which guests came out and made a new actor like him the center, an incident which attracted a wave of criticism.

Meanwhile, I happened to be spotted by others praying at Nanpu Temple with my friends.

Okay, so it turned out that I had been casting a spell to curse him remotely.

Even my Pretty Yans believed so. They even praised me in private, saying that I did a good job for having the ‘sense of competition’.



Say, what kind of temple handles this type of business?

Will the Bodhisattvas even approve?

I went there to pray for a good marriage, alright?!



How do I know about these things?

Thanks to Little Chen, the amount of trash posts I’ve looked through is nothing less than the amount of fluff I’ve read.



Of course, this event was also recorded in Niangzi’s brainwashing package.

In their version, I knew it was his first time doing a live show, so I especially went there to pray for him.

Look how pious my expression was! Look how kind I looked when the fans saw me! Look how standard my posture was when I bowed down! Look how open and upright I was when I offered the joss sticks!

However, the people working on the program had let me down. Their accident during the live broadcast totally ruined my painstaking efforts.

“All faults to the bad luck, and all blames to the program team.”

——stated the fans categorically. This fact was set and sealed. No questions allowed. No arguments accepted.



Where there’s no contrast, there’s no harm. Only in the eyes of Niangzi, I appeared as a precious darling, a little cutie who was walking a tightrope for the sake of love.

I could never repay them for their great kindness. I’ll definitely find opportunities to create more spiritual food and fluff for them in the future.



Under my earnest gaze, Gu Yiliang finally finished shooting all of his scenes intact. With a long sigh of relief, I watched as the crowd rushed up and surrounded him. There was no place for me to step in, so I turned around and left.

I stood for too long. My feet were a little numb, so I was staggering slightly as I walked. Little Chen came out just in time to bring me back to change in a half-supporting and half-dragging manner.



I had just returned to the break room and sat down, ready to ask Little Chen to pack up as we were about the return to the hotel, when a casually-dressed Gu Yiliang suddenly appeared at the door.

Does he not have his own break room? Why is he coming over to my place all the time?



I asked, “What’s the matter? Didn’t I say I’ll come over at night?”

Little Chen dropped a foundation case with a clack.

He said, “It’s still early. Do you want to get dinner together?”

Little Chen dropped an eye shadow with a bang.

I asked, “Are you not afraid of getting photographed?”

Little Chen dropped a bronzing powder with a clank.

He said, “I know a pretty good restaurant that’s hard to find. It’s not far from where the production team is.”

Little Chen——

I finally said, “Little Chen, are you done yet? You can drop however many you want! Why don’t you just cut my cosmetic bag and let the wind carry all the contents out to the ocean?”

Little Chen said, “Go! Hurry and go! I’ve got you two covered!” It looked like he was calmly waiting for his death.

Gu Yiliang asked, “Are you guys practicing for a skit?”


Under Little Chen’s solemn and stirring gaze, I grabbed my cell phone and card holder. Then I stood up and left, dragging Gu Yiliang with me.

Gu Yiliang stumbled as I dragged him, and he pulled me back. He stood at the door and said, “Just us two? What about your assistant?”

“Let him starve!”



I got a little thirsty from all the anger, so I went back to my room and pulled out a bottle of honey tea from the side pocket of the green bag that the Pretty Yans had given me. Without even looking at it, I was going to open and drink it directly.

Gu Yiliang saw what I was doing. He frowned and stopped my hand, “Don’t drink it. Give it to me.”

Baffled, I handed the bottle to him.

He looked down and checked it carefully, his brows knitted even tighter and his voice sounded a little harsh as well, “Why don’t you check before drinking stuff provided by the fans? Is this the first day of your debut?”

I examined the bottle in his hand. Indeed, it had been opened already. I explained in an almost inaudible whisper, “It probably belonged to some fan. They left it in the side pocket and forgot about it after they finished drinking. I’ll pay more attention next time.”

He stressed again seriously, “You must be careful about things like this. Some people could…”

It’s not like I don’t know that I should be more cautious, but all the things the Pretty Yans sent me were checked multiple times by my big fans, and we never found any problems with these items before, which led to my carelessness this time.

I listened to him lecture me about the facts and reasonings, giving me examples of the nasty conduct done by the anti-fans and the sasaeng fans, repeatedly warning me over and over again to be careful.

I suddenly felt…that such a Gu Yiliang would make a good boyfriend material.

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  1. Poor make-up kit for being broken.
    Poor Little Chen for getting shocked, hopefully his heart is still okay.
    Poor Pretty Yans for being suspected.
    Poor MC your prayer of good marriage with a wife had been crossed off the moment you become MC of this novel.

  2. Aww hahahaaa it;s just great seeing our MC interacting with and thinking of the ML xD thanks for the chapter 😀

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    Some novels just makes me go soft all over and this is one of them. Thank you. The update made my day. Happy Chinese New Year.

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  6. I love how cute this is, and I especially love that the author hasn’t gone down the route of having the characters talk about how straight they are all the time. Let men be soft with each other! Bisexual and pansexual people exist! If I never have to see the trope of “I’m straight but this guy is bigger/stronger than me so I guess I’m now gay” then I can die happy

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