LSR Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – What to Do, It Seems Like the Damsel Has Saved the Hero This Time

Xiao Nian was still in class when he returned to the dormitory, Wei Ru Song thought he should still inform Xiao Nian, as they had a curfew, they would receive demerits if found breaking the curfew.

When Xiao Nian was back with food, Wei Ru Song sat on his seat docilely, smiling at Xiao Nian.

“Junior, you have any plans for Christmas?”

“No, what about you, Senior?”

“My classmates have invited me to a bar to pick up girls.”

Wei Ru Song observed Xiao Nian’s expression carefully, Xiao Nian was never one to wear his heart on his sleeve. Xiao Nian did not reply immediately, only to speak up after awhile.

“Ok, be careful, here’s your food.”

Xiao Nian turned to switch his computer on and played his game, leaving Wei Ru Song staring at the back of his head. Having known each other for awhile, Wei Ru Song felt that Xiao Nian was a little unhappy, so he quickly explained sincerely.

“It’s not that I’m being unkind by not inviting you, it’s just that if you were to go, all the girls would pay attention to you, how would the other guys have any chances at all.” ​


“Are you unhappy?”


Wei Ru Song placed his hand on Xiao Nian’s shoulder and poked his pretty face with a finger.

“Play nice.”

Thinking about it he was also quite scummy, after all Xiao Nian was interested in him, he still mentioned that he was going to meet girls in front of him, although Wei Ru Song never had the intention of meeting any girls, he did not know if Xiao Nian’s youthful crystal heart had shattered because of this wound inflected by Wei Ru Song.

“Which bar are you going to?”

“Romantic, just by the North Junction.”

“Be careful.”

“Yeah yeah,” Wei Ru Song laughed and patted Xiao Nian’s shoulder. “What do I have to be careful about as a guy?”

Xiao Nian looked at Wei Ru Song with an undecipherable expression, causing shivers down Wei Ru Song’s spine.

Wei Ru Song liked to watch livestreams of video games, Xiao Nian would also join him, when Wei Ru Song was rolling on the floor laughing, Xiao Nian just looked like he did not get the humour, Wei Ru Song looked extremely silly next to him.

“Hah– Why are you not laughing haha-“

Maybe it was to give Wei Ru Song some face, Xiao Nian’s lips curved, showing a stiff smile.

“Isn’t it time for you to leave?”

“Ah? Ha– Oh! Yeah it’s nearly 10pm- I’m going now! Remember to help me like the stream– Love you muacks muacks MUACKS!”

Wei Ru Song pursed his lips and blew Xiao Nian a few kisses, disgustingly acting cute towards him, this time Xiao Nian really smiled, his brows smooth, his eyes crescent, the scene mesmerising, Wei Ru Song escaped feeling as though he had embarrassed himself.

“How about Xiao Nian? You can actually bear to leave him waiting alone in the dormitory?” Huang Fan asked amazedly.

“Didn’t you ask me not to bring him?” Wei Ru Song wanted to stop this topic. “Why should we bring him along?”

“Oh oh, I forgot,” Huang Fan smacked his own head. “Let’s go, we’ll spread ourselves out when inside.”

“Huang Fan Huang Fan, can I tag along with you?” Lin Wei came over hopefully, pitifully pulling on Huang Fan’s sleeve. “Last year when I was alone no one came to talk to me…”

On Huang Fan’s face was immediately written “Get lost who the hell are you I don’t know you I’ll shout if you don’t let go of me right now”, a conflicting expression. Xu Yang Sheng tried to help out Huang Fan.

“Brother Wei, Brother Wei, let’s do it like this, you’ll tag along with me, I’ll be your wingman, ok?”

Huang Fan and Xu Yang Sheng exchanged a cryptic look, Xu Yang Sheng had always agreed to help people out, only to disappear when actually needed, then gave all sorts of excuses for himself after the event, like having to meet the US president to discuss bomb deployment, having to help his grandmother’s neighbour’s dog give birth, making people speechless.

“Yes, yes, Yang Sheng is still the best, I’ll stick with you!”

“What about Ru Song?”

“Ah? Me?” It was also Wei Ru Song’s first time at a bar, for some reason, looking at them he felt like going home, he admitted that playing video games with Xiao Nian would be more fun than going to the bar. “Let’s just go ahead, we’ll split up, bye!”

Wei Ru Song left, this bar was pretty big, there were many people, quite a number of them sitting by the bar counter, both men and women, Wei Ru Song quickly placed himself on a seat, looking at all the glasses on the table, he selected a harmless looking cocktail from the menu.

“I’ll have a glass of, a glass of… watermelon daiquiri please.”

Wei Ru Song then took his phone out to play games, halfway through Xiao Nian sent him an in-game message.

– You’re playing games at the bar?

– Yeah, any issues with that?

– No

– Has the dorm supervisor come to check?

– Yeah

– Good, I’m very bored here, should have just gamed with you

Having sent this message Wei Ru Song felt a little apologetic to Xiao Nian, making him seem like he was his back-up plan, Xiao Nian also did not reply, Wei Ru Song pouted, then his drink arrived.

“Your watermelon daiquiri.”

Wei Ru Song nodded and finished the drink in one mouthful, it was like drinking juice, there was no discernible taste of alcohol in it. Only after finishing a round in the game, Wei Ru Song discovered a guy in a black baseball jacket next to him. Wei Ru Song took a few glances, upon confirming he exclaimed.

“Ecko’s Darth Vader Limited Edition!”

“Yup,” The guy cocked his eyebrow. “You like it too?”

“I love it!” Wei Ru Song’s eyes shined. “I have a pair of Dark Side Air Max 90 as well!”

The guy suddenly said.

“I love you.”

Wei Ru Song smiled.

“I know.”

After reciting the lines they both laughed, the guy held his hand to Wei Ru Song.

“Chu Yun He, you?”

“Wei Ru Song!” Wei Ru Song gripped onto Chu Yun He’s hand. “Are you studying in College A?”

Chu Yun He had a heroic air around him, defined eyebrows and sharp eyes, with a forceful demeanour, Chu Yun He was a little surprised. 

“Do I look that young?”


“I’m 28 years old.”

“Ah?!” Wei Ru Song got a shock. “Really can’t be seen, bro you look too young!”

Both Chu Yun He’s looks and style were definitely those of a campus idol, Wei Ru Song thought about it, they were at a bar, not the school’s cafeteria, of course there would be all types of people here.

“You’re a student?”

“Yeah, from College A.”

“Which faculty?”

“Information Engineering,” Wei Ru Song’s face changed. “It’s essentially a monastery.”

“Hahaha,” Chu Yun He was amused by Wei Ru Song. “It was the same for me, any appearance of a female would make us gawk.”

“I completely understand,” Wei Ru Song patted Chu Yun He’s shoulder. “At the current rate, I’m afraid I’m about to bend like a mosquito coil.”

“Oh?” Chu Yun He said thoughtfully. “Then you’ll need to be careful.”

“That’s why I came to the bar.”

“You came alone? Or with friends? I saw you playing games just now,” Chu Yun He signalled the bartender. “A glass of old-fashioned, thanks.”

“To tell you the truth, this is my first time at a bar, I was dragged here by my classmates, they wanted to stop being single this Christmas, don’t laugh, why are you laughing.”

“Ok ok ok, I won’t laugh, continue.”

Wei Ru Song was very friendly towards Chu Yun He, maybe because of Chu Yun He’s character and interests, also, it was of no concern to tell secrets to strangers, Wei Ru Song treated Chu Yun He like an elder brother and explained everything to hi,

“I had a girlfriend previously, but due to some accidents, everyone thinks I’m gay now…”

“You have a boyfriend?”

“No, he’s just my roommate, we– Actually, also not…”

Wei Ru Song was a little incoherent, he was always like that every time he had to define his relationship with Xiao Nian, both his brain and his mouth unable to think of anything.

“Here are your old-fashioneds.”

The bartender placed the two glasses in front of Chu Yu He, Chu Yun He’s finger brushed the mouth of the glass surreptitiously, a pill fell into the drink and dissolved, then he handed that glass to Wei Ru Song.

“It’s fine, take your time, this glass of old-fashioned is for you.”

“Uhh… Thanks then.”

Wei Ru Song looked into Chu Yun He’s eyes, they were shining with a little ambiguous indulgence– he must have been mistaken with the dim lighting, Wei Ru Song nervously decided to ignore it, he raised the glass and finished the drink in one shot.

“Maybe we both have, I, I don’t want to talk about this anymore! Apologies, bro.”

It seemed like there was a difference in the alcohol content of an old-fashioned as compared to a watermelon daiquiri, drinking the old-fashioned was like swallowing a flame, burning his belly, Wei Ru Song’s face flushed unwittingly.

“Why don’t you talk about yourself? With your looks, anyone you target at the bar would definitely be captured by you, right?”

“Is that the case?” Chu Yun He’s smile grew bigger, his hand cupping Wei Ru Song’s apple red cheeks, the warmth burning his palm, this was a sign of the pill working. “I guess it is.”

Wei Ru Song was dizzy, the warmth in his belly spreading through his body, Wei Ru Song simply thought that this was due to his low alcohol tolerance.

“I, I think that I’m a little drunk, don’t know if it was the daiquiri or the old-fashioned, pretty strong…”

“You alright?” Chu Yun He pretended to be concerned and supported the swaying Wei Ru Song. “Shall I bring you to rest?”

“I, I don’t want to bother you…”

By then, Chu Yun He had already hugged Wei Ru Song’s waist and pulled him into his embrace, Wei Ru Song had never been drunk, neither had he been drugged, he could not differentiate between being drunk or drugged, he could only lean on Chu Yun He, the seductive cologne wafting of his clothes drowning him further.

“I have a wall of Star Wars original memorabilia and DVDs at home, do you want to see them?”

“Yes!” Wei Ru Song excitedly clasped onto Chu Yun He’s neck, smiling like an innocent child. “I want to see! May the force be with you! Hahaha–“

The two of them left the bar looking like a lovey-dovey gay couple, hugging him Chu Yun He was about to head to the underground carpark, with Wei Ru Song’s current condition he was tempted to just complete the deed then, damn it, Chu Yun He was starting to believe a little in love at first sight.

“Hold on.”

Someone actually stopped Chu Yun He and Wei Ru Song, the both of them turned around.

“Who are you?”


Xiao Nian walked towards Chu Yun He and pulled the dazed Wei Ru Song into his arms, his eyes chillingly glaring at Chu Yun He, with a freezing tone he asked.

“Where are you bringing my lover?”

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