LSR Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – What to Do, My Classmates Think That My Roommate and I Booked the Presidential Suite on the New Year’s Eve to Screw

Yang An was the central area of City A, every New Year’s Eve there would be an awe-inspiring fireworks display, not only was the display spectacular, the size of the crowd too was spectacular. Wei Ru Song did not see the fireworks display last year, he thought it was too crowded and jam-packed, also, Chen Xuan Xuan had another appointment. Wei Ru Song could only hug a KFC family bucket and played video games, halfway through the internet broke down, the IT staff too were on holiday, with no one to fix the crap internet, he could only play minesweeper, solitaire, digital pinball consecutively, tired of them he could only watched the action films he stored in his folders and then head to bed.

Anyone who heard about this could cry in sorrow. This year would be different, Wei Ru Song did not know where his guts and confidence to ask Xiao Nian to watch the fireworks came from, they might as well have went to Mt. Maple again instead, the romantic scene might result in further progression in their relationship.

Huang Fan was truly a chess grandmaster, he said he had booked a room on the 10th floor of Diamond Hotel, which was in the area of Tower 213, and invited the prettiest girl from Xiao Nian’s class to watch the fireworks display.

“Damn you dog,” Xu Yang Sheng grasped Huang Fan’s neck. “Tonight will be the fireworks display, how would we be able to book a room!”

Huang Fan smacked Xu Yang Sheng’s backside.

“Fine, bros before hoes, if not I’ll invite you instead, we’ll get a room together.”

“Fuck, like I’ll be afraid of you,” Xu Yang Sheng held on to Huang Fan. “Really?”


“Ru Song, Brother Wei,” Xu Yang Sheng immediately yelled out. “Fan the dog wants to invite us to watch fireworks!”

Huang Fan’s face changed immediately, quickly covering Xu Yang Sheng’s mouth.

“Bro, bro are you crazy?!”

“Why, good fortune has to be shared.”

Lin Wei heard that about watching the fireworks, hurriedly came over and asked.


Huang Fan laughingly held onto Xu Yang Sheng and squashed his mouth to duck lips.

“No, just joking, did you forget how bad the crowd was last year?”

Last year, Huang Fan, Xu Yang Sheng and Lin Wei went to watch the fireworks together. Huang Fan was taller than Xu Yang Sheng, Xu Yang Sheng was taller than Lin Wei, Lin Wei was also taller than the average person in the crowd.

However, their heights gave them no advantage, they were also squeezed and pushed around in the crowd, Huang Fan’s Omega watch was stolen, his family was rich, losing a watch that cost tens of thousands of dollars was nothing to him, but having thought about for 3 days he could not understand how was it possible to steal a watch off his wrist. Xu Yang Sheng was no better, his left foot was trampled till there was a fracture, but there was no space for him to examine his foot, his face grimacing in pain. Huang Fan still made fun of him, asking if he was having period cramps. Xu Yang Sheng spewed out, “Fuck your period my foot hurts!” As for Lin Wei, being a nice person, karma was kind to him, other than feeling a little breathless he was fine.

After hearing about their previous experiences, Wei Ru Song thought that he might as well book a hotel room.

Checking with the hotel it turned out only the presidential suite was left, 50 thousand for a night, what the fuck, Wei Ru Song was shocked, if he had to book the presidential suite, who would bother with the fireworks display, only screwing the entire night in the suite would be worth the money.

“Senior, we’ll watch the fireworks from Diamond Hotel’s presidential suite tonight, ok?”

“Eh–” Wei Ru Song was drinking water, hearing this he spit onto the computer screen, wailing while wiping the screen with tissues. Xiao Nian did not understand.

“What happened?”

“You booked the presidential suite to watch the fireworks?!”

“Yup, in fact a senior taught me this, I listened to his analysis and thought it was reasonable, so I booked a room.”

“You’re actually using a presidential suite to watch fireworks?! How is this different from just licking the lid of a yogurt cup and throwing the rest away?

Looking at Wei Ru Song’s indignation, Xiao Nian smirked a little.

“If not what should it be used for?”

“Of course to have–“

Wei Ru Song forced the word “sex” back into his belly, he was very cautious when he spoke now, afraid that Xiao Nian would think that he was suggesting something, after all, it was already very ambiguous and suspicious and bashful for him to invite Xiao Nian to watch fireworks together, if he were to say something wrong he might as well just cut his tongue off.

 Oh my god this is so embarrassing!


“Have, have,” Wei Ru Song ran through possible answers… “Have…”

Xiao Nian did not push any further, looking at Wei Ru Song unable to reply he too kept quiet. Only when Xiao Nian left did Wei Ru Song felt that he was too awkward, so what if he said sex, what was with the stuttering and hiding, could he not be joking?! Wei Ru Song facepalmed and ran out of the door yelling.

“Junior! I said that the presidential suite should be used to have sex!”

All the noise in the corridor stopped immediately, Wei Ru Song stiffened, he never thought that there would be so many people in the corridor. At this moment his neighbour from 323, Lin Xiang, exited, solemnly patting Wei Ru Song on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry, we all know you’re going to the presidential suite to have sex.”

Xiao Nian threw Wei Ru Song an acknowledging look, and walked away from the eyes staring.

Although the fireworks display would only start at the stroke of midnight, but by 9pm, the area around Tower 213 was already packed with people, Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian could only alight from the taxi a distance away and walk to Diamond Hotel. Now when speaking to Xiao Nian, Wei Ru Song did not dare to display even a trace of temper, he usually was not a calculative person, going dutch was fine, however if they were to go dutch on this presidential suite it would be 7500 each, he really could not afford to spend this amount of money like Xiao Nian, and therefore could only be polite towards him.

The winter this year was cold as always, but the wind did not dull the crowd’s passion, no matter how bad the previous year was, as long as they were still living, they would still be filled with hopes for the upcoming year.

The presidential suite was located on the 20th floor, the rooftop on the 25th, the private lift made of clear glass. Xiao Nian and Wei Ru Song collected the room key and entered the lift, Wei Ru Song plastered his face on the icy cold glass, his warm breath fogging it.

The crowd was wearing devil horn lights, their hands holding glow sticks, pushing and squeezing together. Wei Ru Song saw the multicolour lights glowing in the distance, nearby was Tower 213, also lighted with colourful effects, the scene was not unlike what he saw in a kaleidoscope.


Xiao Nian stroked Wei Ru Song’s red fingers that were clinging on the glass of the lift, Wei Ru Song hurriedly rubbed them on his backside.

“Still ok, still ok…”

As the temperature of the backside was one of the warmest parts of the human body, during winter when playing video games Wei Ru Song would always sit on his frozen hands to warm them up.

“Senior, I rarely spend the New Year’s eve with anyone.”


Wei Ru Song did not know why, he felt a little giddy when he looked at Xiao Nian now, he shifted his eyes to look downwards, with the multi-colour lights reflecting against the glass walls, Wei Ru Song suddenly felt that the world was especially wonderful right then.

Diamond Hotel was a five-star hotel, the presidential suite was naturally very luxurious, Wei Ru Song jumped on to the bed feeling like he was falling onto the clouds, it was too comfortable… this bed in the presidential suite… sex what sex, the number one thing to do was sleep!

“Senior, do you think it’s fine watching the display here? Or do you want it watch it on the roof?”

Up till now Xiao Nian’s performance was overly honourable, like he was really here to watch the fireworks display. It was as though Wei Ru Song had took out condoms, and Xiao Nian had clapped and wanted to use them as balloons.

“Why don’t we go to the roof to watch.”

Wei Ru Song was actually trying to trying to protect himself, there should be people on the roof, they could act as buffers and have less of an impact. If they were to stay alone in a room, it would be so awkward if Xiao Nian had rejected him, it might have resulted in him throwing Xiao Nian down 20 floors or Xiao Nian throwing him down 20 floors, to end up getting into a huge fight on New Year’s Eve was not ideal at all.

The atmosphere was currently insipid, if they were back in the dormitory there were so many things to use as distractions, changing to such an elegant surrounding Wei Ru Song could not say a single word, he could only turn on the television and look at the live performance being streamed. It happened to be Jolin Tsai on stage, Wei Ru Song jumped up immediately and twisted his body along.

“I only leaked a few clues, who would walk the steel cable for love! Give me you, I need you, I want you!”

Not mentioning about Wei Ru Song being a martial arts practitioner, his hips could twist really fluidly and coquettishly, Xiao Nian stood by the side and secretly recorded the whole scene. They only went up to the rooftop when midnight was about to strike.

There were a total of 25 floors in Diamond Hotel, Wei Ru Song was too lazy to use the stairs, Xiao Nian always followed along with Wei Ru Song’s ideas, so Wei Ru Song would never have thought that because of this decision, he would nearly go through reincarnation 1 minute later.

The lift of the presidential suite was very spacious, after all the number of people who could afford the suites could be counted on one hand, so no one interrupted their journey to the rooftop.

Stepping into the lift it jerked for a moment, Wei Ru Song was not bothered about it, Xiao Nian followed after him, just as the display showed 25th floor, a loud screech could be heard in the lift, the interior doused in red light, Xiao Nian frantically pressed the button to open the doors, but there was no feedback, he decisively slammed the emergency button, Wei Ru Song panically asked.

“What happened?!”

“The lift might have broke down.”

“Try forcing the doors open,” The amount of strength applied was even more than what Wei Ru Song would use when constipated, but the door did not budge, the alarm started ringing, loud enough to numb Wei Ru Song’s scalp. “Junior come help me.”

“Don’t make sudden moves!” Xiao Nian’s voice was full of nervousness. “It seems like there’s something wrong with the cable.”


Wei Ru Song had never thought that this sort of movie scenario would happen to him, he took out his phone, there was no signal.

“What should we do now?”

“Just stand there and don’t move, wait for help.”

“What if they all went to celebrate as well?”

Wei Ru Song looked out of the lift, below was a huge crowd, all sorts of headbands giving out rainbow coloured lights, Tower 213 displayed the countdown of 30 seconds, they were only separated from the next year by 30 seconds, this seemingly short 30 seconds, was filled with unknown possibilities.

“They won’t,” Xiao Nian held Wei Ru Song’s hand tightly, only to find out both their hands were freezing. “We’ll be fine.”

His voice echoing, the lift slowly started moving downwards, the twisting of the cable and the chafing of the steel wire reverberated in their ears, Wei Ru Song threw himself onto Xiao Nian.

The fireworks display started, the colourful lights forming various eye-catching shapes in the inky black sky, creating a wonderful sight, only to slowly fade away and replaced by new shapes, those disappearing designs were like light breaths, covered up by the next display, no one would pay attention to their dissolving regrets.

His life hanging on a line, Wei Ru Song could still be entranced by the dazzling display, he had never seen such a grand fireworks display, at the same time, he had never experienced such a life-threatening situation.

Suddenly Xiao Nian’s head was wrapped up in Wei Ru Song’s coat, his body hugged tightly from behind by Wei Ru Song, his voice calm.

“Junior, listen to me, I don’t know if the lift would continue to fall, if it would fall slowly or just crash down, I cannot predict that, I’ll be your buffer, you protect your head.”

“Are you crazy?” Xiao Nian yanked the coat off and covered Wei Ru Song with it. He gritted, “We won’t die.”

“Junior, the fireworks are really pretty.”

Wei Ru Song placidly continued, Xiao Nian could not help but greedily study Wei Ru Song’s shadowed face, his fears and hopes winding together.

“When we’re out of here, I’ll return you a show.”

“Return you a show?”

“A show for you, a fireworks display that belongs only to you.”

“Thank you very much then-“

The lift suddenly fell freely, the displacement caused by the sudden speed made Wei Ru Song felt that his heart was about to jump out of his throat, he closed his eyes and hugged Xiao Nian tightly, with so much strength like he could push him into his own body.

Faintly Wei Ru Song heard Xiao Nian saying “I like you” into his ear, he was not sure if it was a hallucination caused by his impending death, he fell unconscious in the next second.

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  1. Fun facts because I actually have detailed knowledge about this incredibly specific kind of situation: my dad is an elevator mechanic, idk about in China but in the US on new year’s they often have mechanics stationed at hotels around time’s square specifically for incidents like this (though they haven’t in the past couple of years since it’s expensive, and if they don’t have anyone stationed it IS nearly impossible to get through the crowd from outside). Also, elevators don’t work like this at all! Even if there were multiple failures at once on every single safety device, of which there are several and would likely be noticed before something like this even came CLOSE to happening, elevators do not fall down; IF a cable snapped somehow and all other safeties failed, it would move UP and crash into the ceiling at most. The only way something like this would be possible is if a plane crashed into a building or something and cleanly severed every single cable.

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