LSR Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – What to Do, We’re Getting a Third Roommate

“I can’t, I really can’t… Uhh oh–“

Why did Wei Ru Song never notice that Xiao Nian was a horny dog in disguise? Without even a chance to resist he was forcefully kissed by Xiao Nian to block his mouth.

Their bodies continued to meet, the poor bed frame creaking miserably under the force of their actions, but the volume was insignificant compared to the sounds made by Wei Ru Song. Xiao Nian discovered that Wei Ru Song’s body that had gone through years of martial arts practice was very suitable for such activities, he could force Wei Ru Song’s flexible body in all sorts of sexy positions. Fingers clutching onto the inner thighs left dark red marks, as it was their first time, the friction was causing the flesh in Wei Ru Song’s channel to turn a charming red, the hole stretched widely like a rubber band, tightly clenching onto the thick shaft, bringing immeasurable pleasure to the top.



“Bang–” (T/N: This should be their bed banging against the wall.)

Xiao Nian had great rhythm and speed, each thrust would make Wei Ru Song’s backside twist and clench, the two pale butt cheeks were pummelled red, Wei Ru Song was about to lose his voice, this experience was completely different from what they were acting out previously in the hotel room, the people staying in room 323 next door must have destroyed the Milky Way in their previous lives to end up as neighbours with this damn couple in their current lives, one of them kicked the wall, no longer able to tolerate it.




These three kicks were very hard, the tremors not unlike that of an earthquake. Wei Ru Song was startled and his muscles tightened, only to hear Xiao Nian groaning. Wei Ru Song felt something liquid entering his channel, the temperature a little low, he widened his eyes, his legs flailed, only for Xiao Nian to hold on to his ankles and push them to his chest.

“Sorry,” Xiao Nian’s eyes were glowing, looking refreshed, his appearance as though he did not just have sex, but like a beauty exiting a pool, “I accidentally shot in you.”

“You fucking–“

The air was still full of the scent of desire, Wei Ru Song wanted to get up coolly, but a paralytic pain came over him, making him unable to get up. Wei Ru Song’s first thought was that he was fucked till his back broke, his brain immediately jumping to the strange news he sometimes saw on his browser: “A boy and his girlfriend doing bedroom activities and broke her back, shock!” Now after his boyfriend and he did such heart-pounding things, they actually…

“I don’t want to live anymore!”

Wei Ru Song yelled out, lying on Xiao Nian’s body he wailed, actually he had secretly considered what he should do after finishing this thing, the original Plan A was to smoke a cigarette at the end, feeling elation, they would smoke their cigarettes separately and calm down, if not they could also share a cigarette, it would be more romantic.

Although saying this would be a little disrespectful to Xiao Nian, but just before Xiao Nian entered him, Wei Ru Song believed that getting penetrated was just like getting pierced with a needle… Who would have know this was not a needle but a shovel! He could not even feel if he had a backside anymore! This type of pain basically could not be resolved by drinking or smoking a cigarette! “You cried, telling me that fairytales are all lies!” (T/N: The last sentence is a song lyric.)

Wei Ru Song currently was about to go insane, Xiao Nian pulled at him.

“Senior, sperm if left in the body for too long will cause diarrhoea, sometimes fever, I’ll help you clean up.”

“What?!” Wei Ru Song struggled to sit up. “I’m coming, I’m coming, it’s fine don’t help me, I can still walk…”

The two naked guys stood in the bathroom chatting:

“Junior, can I shower first?”

“I’ll help you.”

“It’s ok I can do it.”

“You won’t be able to reach all the way in.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine…”

Wei Ru Song was lying when he said it was fine, he could barely stand on his feet, finally, unable to take it anymore, he sat down on the toilet bowl cover. (T/N: Damn this toilet bowl cover sees a lot of action.)

“I’m really, going to be fucked to death by you…”

Xiao Nian silently pushed Wei Ru Song’s legs open, turning the water pressure down he helped him wash his backside, Wei Ru Song’s legs were hanging over Xiao Nian’s shoulders, actually Wei Ru Song’s legs were very nicely shaped, smooth and flexible, muscles defined beautifully, when the warm water entered his channel, he trembled a little, and could not help but clamp down on Xiao Nian’s head.

Xiao Nian turned his head, gently kissing Wei Ru Song’s calf, this made Wei Ru Song blush, he wanted to retrieve his leg, but was caught by Xiao Nian.

“Don’t move.”

“Ok, ok, ok I won’t move…”

Wei Ru Song was getting aroused as he was being washed, the heat spreading down his belly, admitting secretly that he was also the horny dog type, unprepared his eyes met Xiao Nian’s, the two of them unanimous, Xiao Nian threw the shower head to the side, and they started doing it again in the bathroom.

The thunder crashed into the volcano, the sparks bringing lightning, they finally finished just before dawn, and headed to bed.

The next day Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian was called to the dormitory manager’s office. The manager was a lady of fifty years of age, her hair like a lion’s mane, rather fierce-looking.

“Complaints have been sent by rooms 324, 323, 322 and 321 about you, good job, the both of you,” It was supposed to be a “joint crime” between Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian, but the manager’s saliva only fell on Wei Ru Song, “Having been the dormitory manager for so many years, this is my first time receiving the same complaints from 4 rooms, what were you doing in your room?”

“Doing… doing…” each other.

Of course, the truth could not be told, if not Wei Ru Song would never be able to survive! Also, were they really that loud? Four rooms were nearly half the floor, when he thought of the fact that so many people knew about him and Xiao Nian doing that the night before, Wei Ru Song’s back started hurting.

“So what exactly did you guys do? Stop mumbling,” The manager’s sharp eyes cutting into Wei Ru Song, “Could it be that you guys did something that people shouldn’t hear about?”

 You’ve got it correctly we were doing things that people shouldn’t hear about… Wei Ru Song’s improvisational skill came into play, he also never expected Xiao Nian, the fool to get him out of this mess, clearly he had to save himself.

“Exercising! Right, Xiao Nian and I were exercising.”

It was not wrong, Wei Ru Song’s conscience was clear, Xiao Nian and him were definitely exercising, what type of exercise, that was a secret.

“Exercising?” The manager frowned. “You were exercising in the middle of the night?”

“Yes, because we couldn’t sleep, so we thought, we should use up our energy, insomnia is a mental issue, if we were tired we wouldn’t have this problem, right? I’m very sorry for disturbing our classmates,” Wei Ru Song was about to feel moved by himself, “I’m really sorry, we’ll never do this again, we’ve troubled everyone with our wilfulness and selfishness.”


Xiao Nian apologised at the perfect moment.

“Fine, fine.” The manager waved her hand. “Pay more attention next time.”

Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian escaped to the cafeteria, as they got further Wei Ru Song felt more and more upset, he stretched his neck to relax the muscles.

“Why does it seem like the manager let me go because of you?”

“What happened?”

“Junior, time to come clean,” Wei Ru Song gripped Xiao Nian’s neck. “Do you have something going on with the dormitory manager?”

Xiao Nian looked at Wei Ru Song as though he was an idiot, Wei Ru Song got into character, holding onto Xiao Nian.

“How could you do this to me, Nian, don’t abandon me, Nian–“

“… Crazy.”

“Nian, you’ve changed, you’ve changed,” Wei Ru Song was engrossed in playing the pitiful female lead, tearfully he started listing the crimes of Xiao Nian the scumbag, “Last time, you were clearly so in love with me, who was the one who whispered into my ear, that his love for me was everlasting, now you’re so cold, you’ll still scold me, I’m no longer your baby!”


“Don’t laugh, be more serious,” Wei Ru Song was immersed in the scene, “How deep your love previously was, that’s how deep my pain is now, Nian, do you know, actually, I’m pregnant with your child.”

Xiao Nian reached out and caressed Wei Ru Song’s forehead, mumbling to himself.

“Did he get fucked silly…”

“You’re the one who got fucked silly!”

Wei Ru Song rudely smacked Xiao Nian’s hand away, Xiao Nian caught it, and imitated Wei Ru Song.

“Don’t, Ru Song, don’t go–“

Wei Ru Song felt like he was struck by lightning, the shock brightening him up, he was full of energy now.

“You better shut up, you’re still more suited to be the cold and silent pretty boy, only I have the skills to play different characters, ok?”

“Senior, I feel that you’re getting more and more uncool.”

Xiao Nian sighed, Wei Ru Song jumped up to hit Xiao Nian’s head.

“Break up break up!”

As the end of semester approached, Wei Ru Song and Xiao Nian received a shocking news, there was going to be an additional person in their room, he had transferred from another faculty, and would be in the same year as Xiao Nian. Wei Ru Song wanted to slam his head into the wall immediately, which idiot would transfer just before the final exams! Fine, it was useless to say anything now, there was going to be an intruder in their world of two now.

The truth was, it was Wei Ru Song who got carried away, the room Xiao Nian and him stayed in was meant for four people, but they enjoyed the privilege of just having only two people in it, although they would get a hotel room when they wanted to do embarrassing things, but they could still usually freely express their displays of affection, so they did not wish for a third party to be around. Life could not be smooth-sailing forever, Wei Ru Song had no choice, whether he wanted to or not, he still had to accept the presence of a third party.

On the first day of the new roommate’s arrival Wei Ru Song already did not like him.

The new roommate was called Shen Wan Qing, objectively speaking his looks were not bad, looked decent, but Wei Ru Song was uncultured, he could only think of the word “vixen” to describe him.

Wei Ru Song was very friendly, he helped Shen Wan Qing with his luggage as well as getting him a glass of water, however Shen Wan Qing ignored Wei Ru Song, looking at his haughtiness, he should be used to getting pampered, people like this Wei Ru Song did not find odd, this was not why he disliked him.

What made Wei Ru Song unhappy was, Shen Wan Qiang stuck very closely to Xiao Nian, although Wei Ru Song knew that Shen Wan Qing and Xiao Nian were classmates, there was nothing wrong with having a close relationship, but did it have to be so close? Wei Ru Song did not know if he was too suspicious or Shen Wan Qing had ulterior motives, he kept feeling that Shen Wan Qing, towards Xiao Nian… had certain ideas!

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