MLP Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Edited by Isalee



Bai Xinyu glared at him, warning him with his eyes to not do anything funny.


Yu Fengcheng behaved as though he did not see anything, coming over with no indication of being polite. He rubbed his hands together, copying Feng Dongyuan’s manner, and grabbed onto Bai Xinyu’s thigh.


“Ahh—” Bai Xinyu yelled. It actually did not hurt much, just a little. He only wanted to quickly scare away Yu Fengcheng.


However, unlike how considerate Feng Dongyuan was, Yu Fengcheng did not relax his grip. Instead, he started kneading forcefully, even looking to be learning properly. “Is it like this?”


Feng Dongyuan nodded. “Yes, I’ve studied this before. You should scrap your knuckles along the gallbladder meridian like this, then knock.”


Yu Fengcheng grinned at Bai Xinyu, firmly scraping along the outside of his thigh with his knuckles. Bai Xinyu howled, “Ahh it hurts, it hurts!”


Yu Fengcheng said innocently, “Just bear with it. Didn’t you hear Dongyuan? If it doesn’t hurt, it’s not effective.”


Bai Xinyu said angrily, “You’re doing it on purpose. Aiyoh…”


Chen Jing came in at this time. “What are you all doing, howling and screaming?”


Feng Dongyuan smiled. “Squad Leader, Xinyu’s thighs hurt, so we’re massaging him.”


Chen Jing walked over to take a look. “This won’t do. He’s pulled his muscles, not arthritis from the cold. Get up, I’ll do it.”


The two people quickly stepped back. Chen Jing rolled up his sleeves, immediately grabbing one of Bai Xinyu’s legs and folding it, firmly pressing it down towards his chest.


Bai Xinyu continued howling, “Fuck!!! I don’t want it anymore, I don’t want it anymore!”


Chen Jing said, “You haven’t exercised for a long time, and once you start, your muscles can be easily pulled. At this time, they have to be stretched. I guarantee that tomorrow, your legs won’t hurt as much.”


Bai Xinyu wailed, “I also don’t want them to hurt today.” Not only was it painful, but it was also quite embarrassing. Did no one realise how ambiguous this position was? This bunch of little innocent and stupid virgins!


“Just bear with it.” Chen Jing switched to his other leg, pressing down on it vigorously.


After posing Bai Xinyu in various strange positions, torturing him so much that he wailed and howled, Chen Jing finally clapped his hands together expressionlessly. Shifting his glasses, he stood up. “Come, come see if your ache is better.”


Bai Xinyu stood up, moving around. That aching pain had actually decreased quite a bit, and he was surprised. “Eh? It really hurts much less now!”


Chen Jing harrumphed. “I’ll slowly teach you guys about all these things. In the future, listen carefully to what I say, got it?”


Daxiong shouted, “Squad Leader is mighty!”


Everyone repeated that, laughing.


Standing by the side, Qian Liang was laughing wickedly. When others had stopped laughing, he still had yet to stop.


Chen Jing frowned. “Qian Liang, what are you doing? Did someone twist your clockwork key or something?”


Qian Liang was still laughing. “No, Squad Leader, these tips are really useful, but… but there are some poses, HAHAHAHA, that are really too, umm… HAHAHAHA.”


Bai Xinyu gave Qian Liang a glum look. As expected, those with a bit of experience would feel that something was not quite right.


There were some younger recruits who looked confused, while there were some who came to a realisation, and they all could not help but giggle.


Chen Jing narrowed his eyes, folding his arms and looking at Qian Liang. Qian Liang winked wildly at Chen Jing, but in the end, seeing that the atmosphere was wrong, he gave a couple of odd chuckles and swallowed the rest of his laughter back, smirking as he looked at Chen Jing.


Chen Jing smacked his head. “You’re so young, yet your thoughts are so wild.”


Batur blinked his big eyes, asking innocently, “What is it, what is it?”


The crowd roared with laughter.


When Bai Xinyu was hanging out with his hoodlums of friends, they never considered anything when making dirty jokes. However, faced with this group of little virgins, most of them below the age of twenty, he could not bring himself to say it. Furthermore, the squad leader, who always had a cold expression and behaved very properly was present. Hence, Bai Xinyu decided to find another opportunity to look for Qian Liang to exchange some pointers.


Yu Fengcheng had both hands in his pockets, his long legs crossed. He was leaning lightly against the bedpost, looking at Bai Xinyu with a smirk. Bai Xinyu turned his head, meeting that pair of deep, dark eyes directly. Integrity, exuding from his fitted uniform, along with that wicked smile of his, clashed together in perfection as well as conflict. For some unknown reason, Bai Xinyu was shamefully astonished by Yu Fengcheng’s looks. He could not help but silently exclaim, that with his face and figure, if he were to bring him along to play the field, what a credit he would be! Even those somewhat haughty rich princesses and stars would definitely be easily conquered. Unfortunately, Yu Fengcheng had to like men. That was why they said that the heavens were fair. These sort of people with good-looking appearances but full of wickedness deserved to not continue their family line.


After the noon break, they were again dragged to the field for more training.


When they finished their dinner, they returned to their dorm. Bai Xinyu was about to collapse from exhaustion. Even more depressing was what Feng Dongyuan told him, that there was a lack of water in Xinjiang, and so they could not shower every day, but every other day. Covered in sweat, Bai Xinyu did feel rather uncomfortable, but after lying on the bed, he discovered that he no longer wanted to get up.


Before he fell asleep, he set his alarm, swearing that he would definitely not be late tomorrow. He even left Feng Dongyuan with special instructions, that if he continued lazing around in bed tomorrow, just come and give him a slap.


Yu Fengcheng said lazily, “I can take over this task.”


Bai Xinyu shuddered, squirreling into his blanket and pulling it over his head as he pretended that Yu Fengcheng was not next to him. To tell the truth, he was really afraid that Yu Fengcheng would roll into his bed in the middle of the night.


The next morning, when the alarm rang, as though having received an electric shock, Bai Xinyu jolted out of bed. He dared not waste even a minute. Getting out of bed, brushing his teeth, wearing his clothes, and folding his blanket, all these were done in one breath. Quite a lot of people secretly lifted their heads up to look, silently exclaiming that this fellow really had been punished terribly by the commander.


When he was done, the bugle to wake up sounded. Bai Xinyu smiled in relaxation, picking out his skincare products and applying them on his bed. He even deliberately smeared a layer of sunscreen, then unhurriedly headed downstairs with everyone else.


Arriving on time for the first time, Bai Xinyu looked at Xu Chuang with confidence.


Xu Chuang paced about the squads, nodding, then told Bai Xinyu, “Remember to finish the 500 metres from yesterday.”


Bai Xinyu thought, I already completed the seven kilometres yesterday. Five hundred metres is nothing! Once he thought about how he had not been punished or scolded today, he was very delighted. After all, everyone wanted their dignity, and although he was slightly more thick-skinned, to be punished in front of so many strangers, he did feel his pride getting hurt. To have passed today safely, it was the most successful attempt during the three days since he had joined the camp.


Xu Chuang left after supervising them for a while, and the various squad leaders led them on their run.


Chen Jing was not as fierce as Xu Chuang. During training, Bai Xinyu would loaf about periodically. When caught, he only had to demonstrate what they were doing a few more times. Gradually, Bai Xinyu too started feeling embarrassed, and he started training seriously. He thought, if being a soldier was just marching, standing at attention, and attending classes, it was nothing too difficult. He should be able to endure it.


When he started energetically taking part in the training, even Yu Fengcheng harassed him less. His situation seemed to be getting better.


At night, before showering, holding a basin, Feng Dongyuan invited Bai Xinyu to go wash clothes together. Bai Xinyu’s laziness had taken over him, and he did not want to move.


Yu Fengcheng kicked him, then dumped his own clothes, socks, and underwear into Bai Xinyu’s basin. “Go wash them.”


Only then did Bai Xinyu recall that he seemed to have been forced to promise to wash Yu Fengcheng’s clothes for a week, and he shot Yu Fengcheng a look of resentment.


Yu Fengcheng glared at him. “Go.”


Unable to continue watching any longer, Feng Dongyuan said, “Fengcheng, don’t keep bullying him. It’s not good.”


Yu Fengcheng gave him an especially warm smile. “He lost a bet with me. Isn’t that so, Xinyu?”


How could Bai Xinyu dare say anything? He could only nod his head, picking up Yu Fengcheng’s clothes and walking away, aggrieved.


Behind him, Yu Fengcheng said coolly, “If the clothes aren’t clean, I’m not going to accept them.”


Bai Xinyu wanted nothing more than to bite him to death.


In the washing room, Feng Dongyuan scrubbed his clothes deftly, while Bai Xinyu dumped Yu Fengcheng’s clothes on the floor, stamping on them harshly before picking them up again and throwing them into his basin.


Feng Dongyuan wanted to laugh. “Say, what is going on with the two of you? We’re all comrade-in-arms. You can’t be bearing grudges from the train incident until now, right?”


Bai Xinyu said softly, “Let me tell you, Yu Fengcheng is a pervert who likes to torture people. He likes to watch me suffer.”


Feng Dongyuan hesitated. “Is that so? Most of the time, he seems… quite normal.”


“It’s all feigned. You should be careful of him.”


“What should I be careful about?”


Bai Xinyu momentarily did not know what to say. “In any case… just stay away from him, he’s crazy.”


Feng Dongyuan shook his head helplessly. “If he’s really bullying you, you can speak to the squad leader. Squad Leader will uphold justice.”


Bai Xinyu sighed. How was he to tell others that Yu Fengcheng wanted to do that to him?


“Xinyu, why did you use so much washing powder? It’s bad for the body, especially on clothes that’re right against the skin. You can’t put so much.”


Bai Xinyu sneered. “These are Yu Fengcheng’s clothes, I’m going to wash them well.”


Feng Dongyuan was speechless.


“What’s with my clothes?”


Yu Fengcheng’s voice sounded darkly from behind them.


Bai Xinyu jerked. He turned his head around. Who knew how long Yu Fengcheng had been standing there? How fucking terrifying.


Yu Fengcheng walked over. Glancing at his clothes, he immediately saw the boot print on it. He pointed, smiling, “You stepped on them?”


That smile gave Bai Xinyu the shudders, and he hurriedly explained, “They fell onto the ground accidentally.”


“Wash them clean.” Yu Fengcheng leant against the sink, watching him.


Bai Xinyu treated those clothes as Yu Fengcheng’s brain, washing and scrubbing as he vented all his anger at him. However, Feng Dongyuan had to behave like a mother, constantly correcting him how to save his energy when washing, and how to wash them clean.


After washing the clothes and socks, floating alone in the basin was a pair of black underwear, which belonged to Yu Fengcheng.


Bai Xinyu gulped, looking at Yu Fengcheng. Yu Fengcheng raised a brow. “In less than ten minutes, it’ll be time to shower. If you don’t finish by then, bring it to the showers and wash it there.”


In this lifetime, disregarding other people’s underwear, Bai Xinyu had never even washed his own underwear before. His underwear, other than his mother and his housekeeper, had only been touched by his girlfriends and lovers! For things like underwear, only people with intimate relationships should touch them! Even in his dreams, he had never thought that he would one day have to wash another man’s underwear. This was too fucking unlucky of him!


Yu Fengcheng seemed to enjoy how conflicted Bai Xinyu looked, watching him with a grin.


Bai Xinyu imagined the consequences of not following the order, and in the end, he could only feebly pick the underwear up, scrubbing it. The moment his hand touched that pair of underwear, his brain immediately started playing the image of Yu Fengcheng’s powerful and mighty dick that he saw in the showers previously. Once he thought about how that enviable treasure had been wrapped up by this piece of cotton, Bai Xinyu felt his face heating up. A wave of shame that he had never felt before swelled up within him, and in that instant, he could barely deal with it. Fuck his life. With Yu Fengcheng standing naked in front of him later on, how was he going to look at Yu Fengcheng Jr.? Washing his underwear, did it not mean that… he was indirectly… touching… it? Actually, he was a little curious. How would it feel to have that in his hand?


Fuck! What was he thinking about?! Bai Xinyu went crazy internally, only wanting to dump the entire basin over Yu Fengcheng’s head.


Yu Fengcheng looked at the myriad of expressions on Bai Xinyu’s face. Unable to help himself, he laughed out loud.

Author’s Note: xiao-Bai’s life in camp is truly full of traps.

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