MLP Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

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As they showered that night, to avoid having a face-to-face meeting with Yu jr., as though there was a fire lit under his butt, Bai Xinyi was the first to rush into the shower room. Stripping his clothes off, he headed for the showers, looking down and refusing to look at anyone. He was afraid that the moment he saw Yu Fengcheng’s thing, he would not be able to help thinking about things that he should not think about. As a true, straight, heterosexual male, he was determined to not be poisoned by such crooked ways.


There were more people showering that night. Fortunately, Bai Xinyu and Yu Fengcheng were far from each other, and Bai Xinyu felt that he had a narrow escape.


From that day on, he was forced to wash Yu Fengcheng’s underwear for a week. Later on, he became numb to the chore, and other than stamping on them a few times every day, as though it was a scheduled task, he could pretty much finish washing them in a calm manner. The improvement in his skill of washing clothes received praise from Feng Dongyuan, but Bai Xinyu was unable to feel even the slightest bit of happiness about that.


There were no events related to physical fitness organised during the first half of the month, and everything had to do with building the military foundation of posture and marching. As such, Bai Xinyu felt that other than having to wake up early every day, his life was actually not considered too tough. He even had a secret, unspoken thought that the army was only just nothing more than this and that things were not actually that difficult.


As his life slowly started getting back on track, one fine day, Bai Xinyi suddenly started missing those cigarettes that Yu Fengcheng had taken away. His nicotine addiction was kicking in, yet he was not used to smoking the cheap cigarettes available at the army camp store. Thinking about those good cigarettes he had brought himself, he really could not endure it any longer. He took the risk of delivering himself up to the tiger’s den, and during one afternoon, when there were few people in the dorm, he went up to Yu Fengcheng.


Yu Fengcheng was reading a book. Seeing how Bai Xinyu was hesitant about speaking, standing in front of him as though he was being punished to stand there, he raised his brow. “What do you want?”


Bai Xinyu said softly, “Uhh, my cigarettes, have you thrown them away?”


Narrowing his eyes, Yu Fengcheng asked, despite knowing the reason, “No, why?”


“Can… can you return one pack to me? Just one pack is enough. Even if I’m to quit smoking, I have to… do it progressively too, right? I can’t just quit cold turkey, that’s insane.”


Yu Fengcheng smiled cheerily. “If I don’t give it back?”


Bai Xinyu gulped. He resisted his impulse of wanting to slap this man dead, and pleaded, “Just give me back one pack, please? It’s useless for you to hold on to them anyway. Isn’t that a waste?”


“I’m going to pass them on and gain credit, to curry favour with the higher-ups.”


Bai Xinyu pointed at him in rage. “H-how can you say that so naturally? Don’t you know what shame is?”


Yu Fengcheng shrugged. “I don’t.”


Thinking about his cigarettes, Bai Xinyu still refused to give up hope. For their sake, he endured the humiliation. “How about I wash another week’s clothes for you?”


Yu Fengcheng said coolly, “You don’t wash the clothes very cleanly. Let’s forget about it.”


In his heart, Bai Xinyu was cursing and swearing. Using the icy waters of Xinjiang, I’ve washed an entire week’s clothes for you, and yet you’re scorning them for not being clean enough?! He could not help but fantasise about a mighty scene, where he grabbed Yu Fengcheng’s hair and gave him a tight slap, then threw him into a wall. However, in reality, he only dared to think about it. Upon opening his mouth, he still sounded very humble. “I’ll try my best to wash them more cleanly… If not, just half a pack?”


Yu Fengcheng finally put his book down, looking at him with a wicked smile. “Your craving is that bad?”


“I started smoking in high school. It’s been quite a number of years, and it’s not like I can just quit on the spot…” Bai Xinyu said softly, “Just give me back some, please. The cigarettes at the store are too harsh, and it feels like I’m smoking leaves.”


It was not that there weren’t good cigarettes available at the store, but the more expensive ones weren’t on sale. Their sole purpose was to entertain any leaders that came to visit the camp. Without any command, the ordinary soldiers could not buy them. For fear of bribery, the only ones allowed to be sold were the ones that cost only a few dollars per pack. Bai Xinyu had been used to luxury, and so he did not like them.


Opening up his cupboard, Yu Fengcheng took out a pack of cigarettes from within, waving them. “Are you talking about this?”


Bai Xinyu’s eyes brightened, and he nodded firmly. His expression was just like a little puppy eyeing a meaty bone, and the only thing missing was a wagging tail. Yu Fengcheng had the mistaken impression that if he were to throw the pack out, Bai Xinyu would immediately lunge after it and pick it up.


Looking at the pack of cigarettes in his hand, Yu Fengcheng’s lips curled in a smile. “Come, follow me.”


Bai Xinyu had yet to completely lose his sense of rationality. He immediately asked warily, “What do you want?”


“You’re right. Quitting smoking should be a process, so I’m going to watch you smoke.”


Frowning, Bai Xinyu studied him for a moment, asking skeptically, “Really?”


“Really. Do you want it or not?”


Bai Xinyu nodded. “Yes.”


Yu Fengcheng tucked the cigarettes into his pocket and headed out the door.


Looking at Yu Fengcheng’s back, Bai Xinyu still hesitated for a little while. However, while he thought that it was possible that Yu Fengcheng would actually rape him, what was there to be afraid of? At most, he would wash another week’s worth of underwear, and he already had experience with that anyway. Bolstering his courage, Bai Xinyu followed Yu Fengcheng outside.


The rest area behind the sportsground was currently empty. Due to the trees planted around, it was more hidden. After bringing Bai Xinyu here, Yu Fengcheng took a seat, cocking his ankle over his knee and pointing at the seat next to him with his chin. “Come here.”


Bai Xinyu sat down, a little on guard.


Yu Fengcheng smiled brightly at him. “Aren’t you quite afraid of me?”


Bai Xinyu felt that admitting it was shameful, but denying it was a lie, so he did not know how to answer.


Pinching his chin, Yu Fengcheng said lightly, “It’s right if you’re afraid.”


Bai Xinyu had long established that Yu Fengcheng was a pervert, and so he did not continue wondering about why he was such a “pervert”. He only wanted to quickly get his cigarettes and leave. As such, he urged him on with his eyes.


From the pack, Yu Fengcheng took one cigarette out. Teasingly, he waved it in front of Bai Xinyu. “Just one.”


Bai Xinyu nodded, reaching out for it.


Yu Fengcheng grabbed his wrist in one motion, narrowing his eyes. “Eh? I didn’t say that I was going to hand it to you just like that.”


Bai Xinyu was extremely annoyed. “What else do you want?”


As though he was teasing a puppy, Yu Fengcheng said, “Give me a kiss.”


Bai Xinyu’s eyes widened in a glare, his fury spilling out from him. “You’re too shameless!”


Yu Fengcheng was not bothered in the least. “Do you still want your cigarette?”


“This cigarette belonged to me in the first place, you’re the one who snatched it! You fucking…” Bai Xinyu threatened, “I’m going to tell the squad leader and the instructors.”


Yu Fengcheng laughed. “Go ahead.”


“You…” Bai Xinyu pointed at his nose, his hand trembling. Probably because Yu Fengcheng had not scared him at all over the past few days, and his nature of forgetting the lesson learnt, he impulsively reached out, wanting to snatch the cigarette. In the end, before his fingers could even touch it, Yu Fengcheng suppressed him.


When his arm was trapped behind his back, Bai Xinyu swore silently. Before he could even scold the other man, warm lips descended onto his.


Bai Xinyu was stunned.


The way Yu Fengcheng kissed him was very domineering, kissing and biting. Those scorching, soft lips kneaded against his, and intense emotions came surging forth through those rough movements, accompanied by Yu Fengcheng’s manly aura. Never in Bai Xinyu’s life had he been kissed like this before, and he was at a loss for what to do.


By the time he was able to think, he pushed forcefully at Yu Fengcheng’s chest. However, Yu Fengcheng did not move an inch at all, instead pressing onto the back of his head, and lightly pinching his neck. Bai Xinyu momentarily felt a tingling running through his neck, and right after that, a slippery tongue slid into his mouth. That tongue curled around his, teasing and licking. Skilfully, it flirted with him, and in that instant, he realised that Yu Fengcheng, this brat, was not an amateur. If not for the problematic situation, he really should exchange pointers with this brat. However… the practice target could not be him!


After getting a taste of those lips, Yu Fengcheng finally released them, savouring the experience.


Bai Xinyu’s face was flushed red, his eyes almost falling out from glaring. He did not know what swear words he could say right then to express his feelings.


Yu Fengcheng licked the corner of his lips. “Mn, the taste is still somewhat acceptable.” He placed that thin cigarette into Bai Xinyu’s hand, and spoke extremely gently, “Be good, don’t smoke so much. The next time, it won’t be as simple as a kiss.” He then coolly walked away.


Holding that cigarette, Bai Xinyu still had yet to recover after some time.


For a cigarette, did he end up giving away his first kiss with a man just like that? Why was he so cheap?! Actually, a kiss seemed like nothing, it didn’t hurt… No wait, where was his pride for thinking like this! Yu Fengcheng, this perverse bastard, had actually dared to force a kiss on him! No, wait… compared to washing a week’s clothes in cold water, this seemed much easier? No, wait, that was not right either. This should fucking be an issue of principles.


Young Master Bai was conflicted over this for a while. In the end, still miffed, he took his lighter out, and lit the cigarette. Inhaling harshly from it, he then recalled what Yu Fengcheng had said before he left, and he slowly started smoking it with his aching heart.

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