Muted Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

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“What exactly is going on between you and Young Master Lin?!” The manager immediately dragged me away after exiting the room.

It was now impossible to say that we did not know each other. I fabricated a half-lie, glossing over it. “We were classmates in university, and our relationship then was not very good…”

Realising the situation, the manager nodded. He then frowned and sighed. “Mu Ran, it’s not that I’m snobbish. The investor behind our hotel is the Lin family. Since Young Master Lin has something against you, we can’t hire you anymore.”

Looking at how troubled and helpless the manager was, I could only nod silently, and did not feel any surprise or anger. Ever since Lin Han discovered me, I knew I would not be able to stay here anymore. Whether this hotel belonged to his family or not, as long as he wanted me to leave, I could only do so obediently. There was no equality in this society. Towards people like Lin Han, I had no ability to resist.

Actually, when I recalled the past me from three years ago, I found myself both laughable and anger inducing. How ignorant and fearless was I at that time to dare to do something like that? There was no need to mention the Yi family or the Lin family, any friends of Yi Tian only needed a word to get rid of me. However, because of the photos of Yi Tian in my hands, all these young masters with money and power, despite hating me to the bones, could only grit their teeth and watch me cling onto Yi Tian.

I sighed slightly internally. To be able to survive till now, I did not know if it was heaven’s blessing or punishment.

After bidding goodbye to the manager, I went to the staff changing room for a shower and changed clothes. Looking at the good quality yet stained uniform, I smiled wryly. Great, not only was I not getting paid, I would need to look for the supervisor to pay for the uniform. I wondered with amusement, if I told her that the uniform was dirtied by Young Master Lin, would I be able to get a discount? Just as I packed the clothes properly, I heard the door open behind me. Everyone was working now, why was there someone here? Turning my head curiously, I froze when I saw who it was.

With his arms crossed, Yi Tian was leaning against the door, watching me calmly.

I looked at him blankly. Why did he come looking for me? Was it because of the matter with Lin Han just now? It was impossible that he would be here to apologise… I laughed bitterly within me.

Seeing that I remained silent, Yi Tian cocked his brow towards me. With an ambivalent smile he asked, “What’s next?”

I was completely baffled by his bewildering question, and frowned at him. “What?”

Yi Tian’s expression chilled abruptly. Looking at me, his black eyes were filled with loathing and despise. “You knew that this is the Lin family’s hotel, and so deliberately got employed as a waiter to find an opportunity to meet us. Now that you’ve been humiliated by Lin Han in front of everyone, what’s next? What is the next step in your scheme?”

My eyes widened as I stared at Yi Tian in disbelief. I felt as though I was listening to some fantasy. So, in his eyes, everything that happened just now was something that I had planned, it was all part of my scheme. I suddenly burst out in uninhibited laughter.

Yi Tian frowned as he watched me laugh uncontrollably. He suddenly strode over, gripping my chin and wrenching my head up. His teeth grinding together, he asked, “Or did you again arrange for someone to hide in some corner to take photos? Hmm?”

Amused, I looked at him, and decided to go along with him. “‘Young Master Lin relies on his position, and humiliates an orphan waiter in public.’ What do you think about this headline?”

My mouth was suddenly blocked.

Yi Tian had leaned down, kissing me forcefully. My lips hurt from being bitten, and with great strength, I wanted to push him away. Registering that his tongue wanted to slip between my lips, I gritted my teeth firmly, not wanting him inside my mouth. A moment later, he lifted his head slightly as he sneered right against my lips. “Isn’t this what you wanted?”

Gasping, I calmed my breathing, wondering why we were clearly so physically close together, and yet my heart was feeling so numb. Trying my best to conceal the trembling of my body, I pulled away his hand that was gripping my chin with force. Leaning into his ear, I spoke with amusement, “Since you know that this is all part of my plan, why did you deliver yourself to my door?”

I could never bear to say a single harsh word to him.

The three years that we were together, even if the most awful words came from his mouth, even if he slept with someone right in front of me, even if my heart was dripping blood, I had never fought back a single time. I knew that I had done wrong, and I was not his true lover. I was only a despicable person who clung onto him with disgusting methods. As I had already placed myself in the humblest position right from the start, no matter how badly he treated me, I had no rights to complain, and no rights to ask for fairness.

However, I had never expected that in Yi Tian’s eyes, I was already so incomparably reprehensible. No matter what I did, he always thought that I had ulterior motives, trying to get close to him, trying to plot against him. I once thought that what I missed was only the start, but it turned out that my efforts over the past three years did not leave a single mark on him.

Yi Tian pushed me away fiercely, and his cold gaze was almost suffused with hate.

Laughing bitterly, I shook my head, unwilling to continue entangling with him anymore. I turned around and picked up the clothes next to me, and when walking past him, I sighed. “The meeting this time was really a coincidence. There’s no photos, nor are there any schemes. I promise you, I will never again appear in front of you.”

Without waiting for his response, I pushed open the door and left.

I did not know if Yi Tian would believe me or not. Would he think that this was another part of my plan as well? However, no matter what he thought, this was most likely the last time we would see each other again. Feeling a little regretful, whether it was our hasty break up, or today’s embarrassing meeting, both times I still forgot to give him an apology. I had owed him one from three years ago until now, owing him a proper apology for blackmailing him with those photos. However, thinking about it, Yi Tian would probably think it was useless.

I found the supervisor and handed the uniform to her. Before I could even explain the situation, she told me that the manager had already informed her that there was no need for me to pay for it, and even paid me half a month’s salary. I was extremely grateful, and requested the supervisor to pass my thanks to the manager and left the hotel.

On the way home, I bought some green bean pastries from a little shop. My mom loved eating these sort of sweet snacks. As expected, she was delighted when she saw them. However, after taking a bite, she could not eat anymore. Auntie Li too came over and told me that she did not have anything for dinner. I was a little worried. Looking at her somewhat ashen face, I decided to just request for leave from the supermarket tomorrow to bring her to the hospital for a checkup.

At night, while sleeping, I groggily heard some noise from next door. At first, I was not bothered, and wanted to go back to sleep. Then, I suddenly heard a loud thud, as though something heavy had fallen to the ground. Waking up in alarm, I hurriedly got up and ran next door.

Upon opening the door, I was stunned. My mother was curling up into a ball on the ground, and the chair had tipped over. Quickly, I ran over to help her up, asking anxiously, “Ma, what’s wrong? Where is it that’s uncomfortable?”

Her forehead was covered with sweat, and her hands were pressing tightly against her abdomen. Only then did I realise that it was her stomach that hurt. I carried her back to her bed, and looked for medication in her drawer with trembling hands. When I found the pills, I quickly poured some water out before returning to the bedside, and saw my mom hunching over and vomiting blood.

I froze there, the cup in my hand crashing to the ground.

“Hurry up and send her to the hospital!!” Auntie Li’s cry rang from the door.

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