POBE Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

“The next step? Are we going to start making the wine?” Renzi asked curiously.

In the vineyard was a small workshop. As Shu Jingyi had made arrangements beforehand, the lights were on, and a professional was already waiting inside. They actually had not picked a lot of grapes, but it did not matter as they were not brewing a barrel of wine. Just a little would be enough, as they were only doing it for fun. Shu Jingyi separated the grapes into two baskets, one he passed to the professional, the other he held on to it.

Renzi asked, “Why do they have to be separated into two baskets?”

“Since we’ve said that we were going to prepare a gift for Gu Xiaoshan, so we should make the wine together. As for mine, I’m already very happy that you’ve picked the grapes for me, the rest doesn’t matter.”

The biggest reason was because Shu Jingyi felt that the wine made by the professional would have less issues.

As the final product would not enter his own digestive system, and instead go into the guts of his “love rival”, together with his sleepiness, Shu Jingyi went through the process of wine making in a very slapdash manner. Even Renzi, a careless person, could barely watch him continue.

“Just randomly throwing everything together and pounding it is enough?”

Shu Jingyi replied, “Our household is not very particular about the process.”

Renzi accepted this explanation.

After they bottled up the wine, Shu Jingyi left the farm with Renzi. By then, the sky had already brightened.

Shu Jingyi smiled at him, “Are you going back to sleep some more? Or would you like to have breakfast?”

Renzi responded, “I think I’ll go back to bed. I’ll have breakfast later, if not we’ll be discovered by Brother Xiaoshan!”

“True, then it won’t be a ‘surprise’ anymore.” Shu Jingyi hooked his little finger with Renzi. “Remember to keep it a secret.”

Renzi returned to his room. He did not manage to sleep for too long before he was woken up by Gu Xiaoshan’s knock on his door. When Renzi woke up due to the noise, he looked at the clock and scratched his head, resigned. “Brother Xiaoshan really always wakes up early no matter what!”

Renzi went to open the door, but saw that Gu Xiaoshan’s face was a little unfriendly.

“What happened? Did you not sleep well?”

Gu Xiaoshan made his way into Renzi’s room and smiled. “You went out?”

“Huh?” Renzi looked at Gu Xiaoshan’s elegant smile, but felt shivers run down his back. “N-no, no… Why would you say that?”

The fury in Gu Xiaoshan’s heart burned brighter. This kiddo even learnt to lie now! All for that Shu Jingyi!

“Oh?” Gu Xiaoshan leisurely sat down on the couch in Renzi’s room, his ankle on his knee. “Take a seat too.”

Renzi’s scalp tingled, and sat on the couch. He sat up straight stiffly, guilt on his face.

“Do you still remember what you promised me last night?”

Renzi replied dully, “Yes, to not go out at night.”

“Yes, it was out of concern for you.” Gu Xiaoshan spoke reasonably, and sighed. “If you really needed to go out, would I stop you? If you told me about it, I would even go with you! Even if you don’t tell me about it, there’s no need for you to lie to me. Does it mean you don’t trust me? Won’t this make me feel sad?”

Hearing his, Renzi suddenly felt that his actions were very unacceptable. He was very ashamed, and nearly knelt on the ground.

“No, no it’s not like this! Brother Xiaoshan, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it like this!”

“Then how did you mean it?” Gu Xiaoshan asked.

Renzi let the cat out of the bag. “I wanted to give Brother Xiaoshan a surprise, so I went to pick grapes with Mr Shu to make wine for you. So, I couldn’t tell you about it.”

When Gu Xiaoshan heard this explanation, he was a little annoyed and irritated. However, that was all towards Shu Jingyi. As for Renzi, he did quite like the idea, and so said, “You’re actually spending so much effort, silly.”

Renzi washed up and went to the dining room for breakfast with Gu Xiaoshan. Shu Jingyi was already waiting there. He probably had not went back to bed, and so was early.

Gu Xiaoshan smiled, “President Shu has woken up so early, don’t tell me you’ve been waiting for a long time.”

“No, no, I just woke up.” Shu Jingyi greeted the two guests. The servants also started bringing out the breakfast items.

Renzi focused on buttering his toast, not daring to lift his head. He kept feeling guilty — no matter whether it was towards Gu Xiaoshan or Shu Jingyi. Shu Jingyi then started a carefree chat with Gu Xiaoshan. “Would you two be staying for lunch?”

“That’s too much trouble for President Shu.” Gu Xiaoshan answered. “We’ve already disturbed President Shu last night. Later on, we’ll be leaving, thank you for your hospitality.”

Shu Jingyi laughed, “It’s fine. I’m also very lonely here by myself. Instead, I have to thank you two for accompanying me.” As he said this, he smiled at Renzi.

Renzi chewed on his toast with a confused look on his face. Gu Xiaoshan instead cut in, “Also, has Renzi’s wine been bottled up? We’ll bring it with us when we leave later. Who knows when we’ll come back again? Like this, we can also save President Shu the effort of bringing it over.”

Shu Jingyi’s face changed subtly. He gazed at Renzi. “Didn’t we say that this was a secret between the both of us? We even crossed our little fingers on it, but it actually didn’t count.”

Renzi lowered his head guilty and continued chewing his bread.

Gu Xiaoshan explained on his behalf. “No, no, he tried to hide it. However, he’s never been to keep anything from me. It’s been like this since he was a kid. Heheh.”

“Heheh.” Shu Jingyi chuckled in return. “However, the wine has just been bottled. If it’s taken out now, the conditions of the fermentation cannot be controlled.”

Gu Xiaoshan responded, “It’s fine. The temperature recently has been quite suitable for fermentation anyway. Placing it in the car, there’s also no direct sunlight on it, it’s ok. Just like how ordinary people also don’t have a temperature control when they ferment the wine, it’s the same thing.”

Shu Jingyi then asked his stuff to deliver the sealed wine bottle to Gu Xiaoshan’s car. Gu Xiaoshan and Renzi both got in as well. Gu Xiaoshan stared at them like an owl, and so Shu Jingyi was unable to display any excessive amount of intimate actions as he bade them farewell. He still had the same thought, Gu Xiaoshan really watches over him very tightly, guarding against him as though he was a thief.

When they were in the car, Renzi finally could not help but ask Gu Xiaoshan, “How did you find out that I left the room?”

“I knew it immediately after I saw your face. This time, I’ll let it go, but don’t try to hide anything from me in the future.” Gu Xiaoshan’s tone was very convincing, and so Renzi believed that Gu Xiaoshan was very perceptive. He completely did not realize that he had been exposed through his WeChat.

After they got off the car, the wine bottle was delivered by the staff to Renzi’s room. Gu Xiaoshan asked, “Do you want someone to send it to the wine cellar to keep a control over the temperature?”

“No need, didn’t you say that ordinary people have no need for that? Also, we’ve never drank such a crudely brewed wine before, let’s try doing it the old-school way.”

Gu Xiaoshan thought, you can’t even get used to Shu Jingyi’s malt liquor. Now you want to try the old-fashioned method of brewing wine, you definitely won’t like it.

However, he still smiled at him. “Sure, whatever you want.”

Renzi then eagerly waited for the grape juice to turn into wine.

“Say, when my grapes turn into wine, can I confess then?” Renzi sent a message to Yu Yuntao, asking him for a solution to his romance troubles.

Towards Renzi’s occasional display of culture, Yu Yuntao did not really get it. “What does this have to do with grapes?”

“It really seems like there’s nothing to do with it.” However, Renzi felt very twisted it over it. “But I really want to confess my feelings! I’m about to be unable to hold it back anymore! Every day, when I see Brother Xiaoshan, I feel that he’s really too fucking handsome! Also, Shu Jingyi keeps coming over and hanging out with us. C Country is now in autumn, and the mountains are very cold. I have no choice but to wear long johns, yet this old uncle keeps wearing his shirt leaving a few buttons unbuttoned! He keeps showing off his chest, smiling wickedly. If he’s not trying to seduce anyone, I won’t believe it!”

“I thought they didn’t work out?” Yu Yuntao was quite surprised.

“You all said that, that’s why I let down my guard.” Renzi was full of grievances. “Now, I feel that there’s something between them. When they talk, it’s like an enigma, and I’m unable to butt in. There really seems to be something going on with them.”

Miles and miles away, Yu Yuntao was unable to understand the situation personally. Just by listening to what Renzi said, it really did seem suspicious. Yu Yuntao clicked his tongue. “I would never have imagined… Actually, no, I can imagine it. They’re both crooked and use underhand methods, the type to hide a sting under their honey words. Maybe, they really started growing feelings for each other. If Gu Xiaoshan really likes this sort, then it’s truly game over for you.”

Renzi was about to start crying tragically when he heard what he said. “They won’t! Elder Brother, don’t scare me! Did I come all the way here to this remote place to witness their love?”

Yu Yuntao heard how miserable Renzi was, and so consoled him. “That may not be the case. I also don’t understand this situation. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You better keep a close eye on them, and don’t end up letting someone steal him from under your nose.”

Renzi nodded, but he still felt a little discouraged, as Yu Yuntao’s “If Gu Xiaoshan really likes this sort, then it’s truly game over for you” made complete sense. If it was something more superficial, Renzi could still do some plastic surgery and have a makeover. However, to become like Mr Shu, so scheming, in a short period of time, Renzi was really at a quandary. He then asked, extremely anxious, “Old Brother, do you think I have a chance?”

Yu Yuntao hurriedly comforted him. “Of course! Of course! Actually, if you didn’t mention anything about President Shu, I would have felt that you have made quite a lot of progress.”

“Huh? Why?”

Yu Yuntao analysed it for him. “I was thinking, if you flew into his mountain, and Gu Xiaoshan forced you to return, and asked you to stay at home obediently, then you really would have no chance. However, he’s willing to keep you there, and even bring you around to play, I feel that you have a chance.”

He continued after a pause. “Also, if he really has something going on with President Shu, it should be done behind your back. Why would anyone let you play gooseberry? To check if you’re ripe?”

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  1. Renzi ah Renzi…The wolf was trying to seduce you! Well, at least everything’s still working to his favour. Thanks for the translation!

  2. I adore Renzi so much! He’s just like Bertie Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster.

    Renzi’s so adorably sweet and silly. That jealous thought that Gu Xiaoshan had about the unfairness of Renzi’s Dad not being demanding about grades but instead about morals just really shows how well Renzi’s Dad understands him and his abilities. I also think it’s adorable that Gu Xiaoshan thinks that Renzi’s older brother stole the President position of the Yu family conglomerate–he’s probably the only one who does. 🙂

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  5. “I knew it immediately after I saw your face. This time, I’ll let it go, but don’t try to hide anything from me in the future.” Gu Xiaoshan’s tone was very convincing, and so Renzi believed that Gu Xiaoshan was very perceptive. He completely did not realize that he had been exposed through his WeChat.

    -> I want to ask … what wechat? Does he go to Renzi’s room and open his handphone or what?

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