SASAM Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Lin SuCi was sitting cross-legged on the ice bed in a purple-coloured robe. He greeted Yan BoShen warmly as though he was the owner of the place. “Come and sit, what are you standing up for?”

As he ate a pill he got from Qing Fou, his ears twitched along with the swaying of his tail.

During the meal, for the sake of his transformation, Qing Fou again offered him a bunch of pills. Only now did Lin SuCi was finally sure that what he was ate was not some precious treasure, but some useless pellet.

The only thing was that the spiritual essence of the pill was abundant, and very helpful for his transformation. Qing Fou gave him several bottles, and he ate them like peanuts.

Other than him, there was also his official keeper, Yan BoShen in the cave.. Lin SuCi occupied the place to sit, and Yan BoShen who was one step slower could only remain standing.

Hearing Lin SuCi’s casual words, Yan BoShen looked at his twitching ears. Noticing that Lin SuCi had no self-awareness, he raised his hand and lifted Lin SuCi into the air.

“Hey hey hey?!” Suddenly floating up like that, Lin SuCi got a shock. In the next moment, he found the fun in it, clapping his hands he sat cross-legged and shouted excitedly, “Higher, higher!”

Yan BoShen, “…” He became aware that he had used the wrong method.

After being laid down, Lin SuCi was still unsatisfied. With bright eyes he stared at Yan BoShen, about to ask him to do it again.

Avoiding Lin SuCi’s eyes, Yan BoShen spoke, “Let’s draw up a three-point agreement.”

The kitten in front of him was too lively, if he did not control him, he might not be able to bear with him for even two days.

“All right.” Lin SuCi clapped his hands, getting rid of the non-existent dirt. Crossing his legs he spoke casually, “I’m living with you now, that certainly require some rules, say them, I’m listening.”

He had never shared a place with anyone before, but he heard that when two people lived together, if there were no rules and regulations there was bound to be conflict. It was still better to lay down some rules.

Lin SuCi sat there properly, waiting for his official keeper to list out their joint tenancy regulations.

“First,” said Yan BoShen, his face expressionless. “You have to be obedient.”

Lin SuCi was astonished, and his ears perked up, “Am I not obedient enough?!”

Yan BoShen heard him, and he lifted an eyebrow slightly.

When was he ever obedient?

Lin SuCi saw doubt in the eyes of Yan BoShen. He rounded his eyes and blew out his cheeks. “I’ve been very good except for doing some slight damage to the kitchen. Whatever you say, I would listen. Isn’t that being obedient?”

Yan BoShen recalled his memories, he discovered, Lin SuCi really did not do anything excessive. But because of his liveliness, within two short days his presence could be felt everywhere, and so he was misled.

Looking at it carefully, he was still really… obedient?

After a deep silence, Yan BoShen ignored the first rule and moved on to the second one, “Abide by all the rules I put forward.”

Lin SuCi studied Yan BoShen. Unconsciously, he wrapped his arms around himself and hesitantly asked, “There wouldn’t be a requirement like having to accompany you to sleep right?”

Yan BoShen pointed at Lin SuCi, and a white light shot from his fingertip towards him. In the next moment, the young man shrank into a ball in the white light into the pile of clothes.

The little black kitten struggled out of the clothes and stuck his head out, his round eyes blinked and his whiskers trembled.

“Oh, someone’s feeling guilty~”

The little kitten kicked his short legs and laughed at Yan BoShen.

Yan Boshen decided not to argue with the little kitten, and went to the third condition. “Don’t disturb me.”

“I definitely won’t disturb you.” Grasping his hind legs, Lin SuCi lay down in his pile of clothes, rocking around, he enjoyed himself. He thought about it and added, “As long as you take care of me, I’ll be like your precious, only existing in your heart, and will never interfere with you.”

He placed Yan BoShen in the position of being half his keeper. When he turned into a cat, he needed to be cared for by Yan BoShen. Other than that, there was nothing else.

Yan BoShen had no objection to this.

A person and a cat hence agreed.

Turning back from a cat, Lin SuCi got dressed and ran around exploring the cave.

He was so energetic that he could touch every rock wall in the cave. He did not say a word to Yan BoShen in the whole process, but his sense of existence filled the whole cave.

Being influenced by the nature of the beast, Lin SuCi ran around the cave joyfully and got used to scent of the cave. When he finally had enough fun, there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

Babies were vigorous and energetic, accompanied by that vigorous energy, there was also an overwhelming exhaustion following it.

In the cave, there was only that one ice bed.

Yan BoShen was sitting cross-legged on it, with his eyes closed.

Lin SuCi had ran til his body temperature was hot and his face red. He was wearing Yan BoShe’s extra robe. That bottom of the purple robe had been lifted up by Lin SuCi, he came running up with his bare legs and feet, with one glance he saw Yan BoShen with his eyes closed.

He halted.

Sitting on the ice bed, the man wrapped in the chill, with his eyes closed, his long eyelashes curving slightly. The cold air rose around him, blurring his features, reducing the oppressive aura that he had when his eyes were opened, and so highlighting his original appearance.

Lin SuCi looked at him, entranced.

To be able to live with a beautiful person and see such a beautiful scene, it was really a treat.

He did not disturb Yan BoShen. Piling up some of the clothes Yan BoShen gave him, he found a clean place and laid a nest, then lay down to sleep.

Lin SuCi closed his eyes and listened to the water dripping on the rock wall not far away, creasing his eyebrows, he tossed around in his nest.

It was as though there was a fire in his body, his blood was boiling, his body was tired and his brain was hyperactive, there was no comfort to be found.

Lin SuCi turned over again.

No, he really was unable to fall asleep.

He sat up, wiped his face, and looked at the ice bed not far away.

The light in the cave was dim, and it was quiet. From his angle, he could not see anything clearly, With the blurry outline, he could vaguely see that Yan BoShen was lying on his back.

Without a word, Lin SuCi picked up a robe that could act as a blanket and strode forward.

Yan BoShen who was lying on the ice bed had his eyes tightly closed, his head cushioned on a jade pillow. He did not remove his jade hair piece, nor his grey robes, his hands overlapped on his lower abdomen, his body lying straight.

Lin SuCi was so tired that his eyes could not open and but he could not sleep. At this moment, he saw that Yan BoShen was not cultivating. Without excusing himself, he threw his little blanket on the ice bed, kneeling on the ice bed he climbed up, supporting himself on Yan BoShen’s waist.

Just as he climbed up, he met Yan BoShen’s dark eyes.

Alert, no signs of sleepiness, and an unexpected calm could be seen in those eyes.

When their eyes met, Lin SuCi’s mouth curved, his tail swayed, with a smile he spoke embarrassedly, “Such a long night, it’s difficult to fall asleep alone. I’ll sleep with you, no need to thank me.”

After that, Lin SuCi crawled over the waist of Yan BoShen and found a small place beside him where he barely managed to lie down. He lay down and pulled up his blanket, curling up into a ball, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Yan BoShen witnessed the smooth flow of actions of this young person in front of him. “…”

He watched the cat boy sleeping soundly by his side and slowly extended his hand.

The next moment, the cat boy covered with a light grey robe shrank instantly, and under the clothes appeared a palm-sized kitten.

The kitten slept soundly, his ears and whiskers twitching, and his breathing was accompanied by soft mewls.

Yan BoShen’s hand that was stretched out froze.

Speaking seriously, the little fellow in front of him was a newborn kitten, his body just as big as his palm.

The obedient sleeping kitten had no sense of crisis, and remained sprawling across the bed.

Yan BoShen hesitated for a long time and finally pulled his hand back.

He lay down again, he closed his eyes and thought in silence.

For now he would give in to this little thing. When he grew up, sooner or later he would teach this thing a lesson.

They had time in front of them, there was no rush.

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