SG Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 (NSFW)

Gu Xia and Ji Zheng went to get food at the cafeteria together and the two of them found a table in a shaded area. Like a child, Gu Xia brazenly flaunted to Ji Zheng the fact that the auntie who served him his meal had given him an extra meatball.

“Maybe she thinks you’re all skin and bones?” said Ji Zheng, raising his hand to stroke Gu Xia’s chin as though he was a cat.

Gu Xia kept quiet. The area Ji Zheng touched was left with both tingling and numbing sensations, thus Gu Xia could not resist the urge to raise his shoulder to rub against the side of his face.

Upon witnessing Gu Xia displaying a cat-like gesture, the fire raging within his heart roared more vigorously than before. His gaze shifted downwards, little by little starting from his neck to his adam’s apple before coming to a stop at his collarbones, staring at his chest as though he could see Gu Xia’s nipples right through his shirt. Ji Zheng thought to himself, Gu Xia was so sensitive, his nipples should also be as sensitive and alluring just like Gu Xia as a person, captivating his soul, causing his mind to always be filled with him and only of him. Wishing that he could just claim him on the spot at this very instant.

Gu Xia was clueless as to the sort of rakish thoughts that flooded through Ji Zheng’s mind. As he picked up his chopsticks to take a few bites, he noticed Ji Zheng had not touch his food yet so he raised his head to ask, “Why aren’t you eating?”

Regaining his composure, Ji Zheng stared at Gu Xia for a few more seconds before grabbing his chopsticks. He ordered a pumpkin pie, something which he would not ordinarily have. Picking up a piece, he attempted to feed Gu Xia.

Gu Xia wanted to refuse him at first. Usually, they would be sitting across from each other. However, today was different. Today, they were sitting next to each other, and just being next to Ji Zheng was already enough to make his imagination run wild with all sorts of indecent thoughts plaguing his mind. How on earth was he able to calmly eat whatever Ji Zheng was trying to feed him?

“I don’t…”

“Eat it. I don’t like sweet things.”

Since Gu Xia’s lips were already in contact with the pie, he could not refuse even if he wanted to. Thus, he opened his mouth to take a small bite out of it. “Why did you order this if you’re not gonna eat it?”

Because it’s your favorite. Overjoyed, even Ji Zheng’s eyes had arched into a smile. When he kept a straight face, it already had the power to bewitched Gu Xia until he was head over heels in love, let alone when he was smiling. That was a full-on charming and attractive smile that would only be revealed before Gu Xia.

When Gu Xia was scheming on how he should seduce Ji Zheng, Ji Zheng was caught up with doing the exact same thing too.

“Be good and have some more.” Ji Zheng cajoled.

Gu Xia took another bite, the soft and sticky texture of the pumpkin pie was suffused with a fragrant and sweet taste. Gu Xia turned pink, having accidentally left traces of his saliva behind. He had done it again, embarrassing himself in front of the person he loved. He then sheepishly said, “Sorry… Why don’t you give me the entire piece?”

Ji Zheng seemed to have lost the ability to see and hear, as he immediately bit down on the part where Gu Xia had bit off before, stifling Gu Xia to the extent he could not even finish his sentence.

After Ji Zheng was done eating, he went on to ask Gu Xia who was eyeing him anxiously, “What’s wrong?”

Embarrassed and unable to bring himself to say it, Gu Xia looked down to poke at his meatball before saying, “As long as you’re happy.”

Ji Zheng almost laughed out loud at that. Of course he knew what was wrong with him, he just wanted to put on a naive act to see Gu Xia’s reaction. The sweet taste of the pumpkin pie was still lingering in his mouth. Ji Zheng really did not enjoy these kind of desserts but… he stared at Gu Xia’s lips, the thickness was just right. He used to secretly eye the tongue which could be seen from time to time whenever Gu Xia’s mouth widened to speak. He surmised that when their tongues were entangled with each other, it would be fragrant, soft, sweet and mellow. If that was the kind of sweetness he would taste, he would not mind it at all. Not only would he mind, he greatly desired it.  

As they continued to eat, their minds were like a cantering horse. On the way back to the office, Gu Xia walked on ahead with Ji Zheng trailing behind him.

Gu Xia’s back was all tensed up, his mind full of thoughts of what he should do if Ji Zheng happened to have his gaze fixed on his back. He should have showed off his best side to Ji Zheng. Perhaps he was overthinking it, but Gu Xia had this nagging feeling that Ji Zheng’s hot, fiery eyes were glued onto his body, heating him up until he, too, felt all hot and bothered and faint.

Gu Xia straightened his back, prompting his hips to look more perky than ever. Ji Zheng was staring at him from behind. Upon seeing that they were about to reach the office, he could not resist the temptation to stretch out two fingers to stroke Gu Xia’s back, sliding them down his elegant length.

Being touched by other people was a completely different experience from touching himself. Gu Xia could not help but let out an ‘Ahh!’, seemingly shocked by the sudden contact. However,  it sounded more like a moan, especially when he knew who the person behind him was and who those hands belonged to. His body was reacting sensitively because Ji Zheng was the one who touched him, and this fact alone brought him immense satisfaction.

But why was Ji Zheng touching him? Gu Xia looked back. Ji Zheng said, “Your back’s too tense.”

A look of resentment emerged on Gu Xia’s face. He nodded and told Ji Zheng to go ahead first as he wanted to drop by the washroom.

Ji Zheng thought he had crossed the line, resulting in  Gu Xia’s disgust. But he really could not help it. Gu Xia’s ass was literally flaunting itself in front of him. He kept thinking about wanting to slide along the groove between the plump cheeks of his ass, pushing himself deeper in…

Splashing cold water onto his face, Gu Xia looked up and saw in the mirror’s reflection that ihis face was tinged with the stirrings of love.

Sigh, he truly was a hopeless case. Just being randomly touched by Ji Zheng had made him hard.

The bulge in his pants was too uncomfortable to bear. Sitting on the cover of the toilet bowl, It took a long while for his hard-on to eventually cool down. Should this keep up, before he could even successfully ensnare Ji Zheng, he would be dead due to the sexual frustration from the constant teasing by Ji Zheng.

The sky had not turn dark yet when they got off work so Gu Xia went to the park. The usually crowded children’s playground was now deserted as he sat down on the swing, swaying back and forth with his feet supported on the ground.

Some time later, a pair of shoes suddenly emerged before his eyes. Finding them somewhat familiar, he looked up the instant he realised those shoes belonged to Ji Zheng.

Standing before Gu Xia, Ji Zheng looked imposing, being so tall with broad shoulders. The man lowered his gaze at him. Perhaps it was because of the moonlight enveloping him, his eyes were gentle and the way he was gazing at Gu Xia was also filled with tenderness, as though he was gazing at his beloved.

“Why did you come all the way here?” asked Ji Zheng. “I’ve been looking around for you.”

“Why?” Gu Xia felt that he was really a goner. Every time he saw him, his heart felt like it was melting. However, it seemed like his seduction plan was useless. He foolishly raised his head to stare into Ji Zheng’s eyes as Ji Zheng reached out to caress his chin, like he was teasing a cat.

Ji Zheng said, “I wanted to leave with you.”

He’s gonna die! He’s gonna die! He’s so dead! He loved Ji Zheng so much to the extent that his entire body would heat up at the very sight of him, as if he was like a bitch in heat, both lustrous and pure.

Gu Xia’s face felt so soft and smooth to his touch, resembling a child’s. His heart overcome with tenderness, Ji Zheng found Gu Xia to be extremely adorable. He should be cherishing him, but the hardened member located at the lower half of his body was constantly reminding him of how badly he wanted Gu Xia. How badly he wanted to viciously ram into him, to make him gasp and moan out loud in ecstacy, to see him cry, all misty-eyed in pleasure. He wanted so badly to use the most raw and rough way to screw him.

He desired both romance and sex. He was really greedy, demanding Gu Xia to be completely his, both mind and soul. He wanted to love and spoil Gu Xia unreservedly yet crave to bully him. Wanting Gu Xia’s heart to think only of him, his body to…be the same, stained and covered with his own marks.

The look in Ji Zheng’s eyes appeared dark and unclear. He originally intended things to progress one step at a time, but just the sight of Gu Xia standing here before him was already a huge temptation. He could not hold himself back any longer, constantly fearing that someone might steal  his beloved Gu Xia from under his nose. He realised he should do something, should leave an everlasting mark on his body to brand him, should…remind him who he truly belonged to.

Gu Xia was currently looking up at Ji Zheng, his eyes filled completely with Ji Zheng’s reflection. Bending over, Ji Zheng pressed Gu Xia’s nape with his hand, his lips coming into contact with Gu Xia’s fair and slender neck. Then he opened his mouth to gently nibbled and sucked on the soft, silky skin.

Gu Xia’s brain completely shut down at that moment. It was only when Ji Zheng’s biting was beginning to become more rough and forceful that he trembled.

Staring at the crimson mark he left on Gu Xia’s neck, Ji Zheng kissed the love bite greedily in satisfaction. He then rubbed away the saliva glistening on the surface with his thumb before heavily pressing down to rub at Gu Xia’s lips. “Be good. Don’t be mad.”

Gu Xia’s eyes glistened like clear pools of water, looking exceptionally sultry. Deep down, he was beyond inflamed, as though he was about to ascend to the heavens, but he found it too difficult to express the feeling outright so he could only watch on helplessly as Ji Zheng captured his mouth in a deep kiss, feeling Ji Zheng’s tongue prying his teeth apart to slip inside, making contortive sweeps of every inch of his mouth.

This was beyond stimulating. Maybe it was a figment of his imagination, but Gu Xia felt as if his lower body was gradually getting wet. Not only his erection but his butt hole as well.

Finally, Gu Xia started to respond to Ji Zheng’s administrations. He reached out to wrap his arms around Ji Zheng’s waist, desiring to deepen the kiss even more. As a result, Ji Zheng was so ensnared by him that he began to kiss him harder with great intensity, both of their tongues entwined with each other, emitting shameful and slippery wet sounds, all hot and moist.

From time to time, there were people moving about in the park. The two of them took their sweet time to reach Ji Zheng’s home. The moment they entered the door, they did not even manage to switch on the lights before their lips collided with each other once more.

His legs going limp, Gu Xia almost lost his footing. Ji Zheng dragged him back up before carrying him to the sofa. As Ji Zheng helped removed his shoes and undid his buttons, Gu Xia obediently rested his weight against his body, sticking out his tongue like a kitten to lick the man’s lips. His body had gone slack as if he was boneless. Unable to control himself any longer, Ji Zheng bucked his hips. Through  his trousers, Gu Xia was not able to fully feel the sensation of Ji Zheng’s thick and swollen cock so he went on to stroke it with his hands, instantly exciting that impressive shaft even more.

Panting heavily, Ji Zheng bit down on his neck.

“Ahhh!” Screaming, Gu Xia was afraid he would fall off him, his hips writhing as he tried to scramble upwards. Slapping his ass twice, Ji Zheng warned him to stop moving. Groaning softly, Gu Xia stuck out his tongue to lick his adam’s apple, going as far as to thrust and fondle with it with the tip of his tongue.

“Naughty boy.” Grabbing onto Gu Xia’s butt, Ji Zheng grabbed his delicate hand to press it against his bottom half.  

As soon as Gu Xia’s fingers touched the cold zipper, Ji Zheng nipped his ear, before he sucked, grazing his teeth over it. “Pull it down and take it out.”

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