SO Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

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Darkness descended upon the room. Song Yuanxun turned on the flash on his phone, and created a source of light.

“Do you have a torch in the house?” Song Yuanxun asked Fang Zhaomu.

“No,” Fang Zhaomu said as he walked to the small chest of drawers by his bed and rummaged through the drawer. “Where’s my phone…”

He had not switched his phone on for two days already, and vaguely remembered placing it in the cupboard. It was not in the first drawer, and Fang Zhaomu pulled the next one open.

“Mumu,” Song Yuanxun asked him. “You don’t use your phone anymore?”

Fang Zhaomu found his phone under a scarf. Taking it out, he replied Song Yuanxun calmly, “I don’t use it often now.”

Because if he held his phone, he would be in a bad mood.

While waiting for his phone to turn on, Fang Zhaomu walked to the window and opened it, looking out into the world. The streets were completely dark, and the snow had cloaked the surroundings. Fang Zhaomu could barely make out the windows opposite him. He had never seen such a long, heavy snowfall before.

Fang Zhaomu looked down. Song Yuanxun’s car was about to be completely covered by the snow.

Downstairs, someone had walked out. “Has the power supply been interrupted?!”

“Mumu.” Song Yuanxun called out to Fang Zhaomu. Fang Zhaomu closed the window and turned his head back to look at Song Yuanxun.

It was said that he was looking, but Fang Zhaomu could barely see anything except for his silhouette. Song Yuanxun was standing by his table, his back straight. “You should come to my place first, especially since we don’t know what’s the situation here.”

Fang Zhaomu considered it. “The power supply won’t be cut off at your place?”

“I’m not sure, but there’s a generator on standby in the basement that should provide enough electricity for the next few days. It’s definitely better than staying here.”

Song Yuanxun’s words made sense, but Fang Zhaomu was still hesitant.

He looked at the charge on his phone, it was left with only 30%. It was unknown when the power would come back on, and if it did not come back on, it was actually quite scary.

Fang Zhaomu was thinking about it, then he heard a sound. Turning his head in that direction, he saw Song Yuanxun placing his phone on the table, and was struggling to pack the cake in the box.

On the box was a rarely seen contraption to seal it. Song Yuanxun was clearly not good with it, and he looked like he was battling a monster.

Fang Zhaomu found it a little amusing. “Song Yuanxun, what are you doing?”

“Let’s bring the cake along too.” Song Yuanxun answered without looking up.

Song Yuanxun’s voice was very serious. He used a little bit of strength, and tore the cardboard box.

Fang Zhaomu broke into laughter, and went over to pull Song Yuanxun away. “Don’t touch it. Did I agree to go with you? Why did you take the initiative to pack it?”

Song Yuanxun did not answer him directly. “We should pack up quickly, my phone is nearly out of battery.”

Fang Zhaomu looked at Song Yuanxun for a few seconds. “Then you help me shine the light, let me see if the box can still be used.”

Song Yuanxun took a step back, and Fang Zhaomu leaned over. Although the box was torn, it could still close, and Fang Zhaomu repacked the cake.

Actually, there were still other options for Fang Zhaomu even if the power supply had been disrupted. However, if he rejected Song Yuanxun too many times, Song Yuanxun might give up, and no longer try to come to him.

However, having accepted a kindness and rejecting the next one, Fang Zhaomu felt that it should not be like that. Still, more importantly, it might be because Fang Zhaomu did not want to see Song Yuanxun standing alone downstairs and smoking again.

Fang Zhaomu turned on the flash on his own phone and passed it to Song Yuanxun. “I’ll go collect some stuff.”

When Song Yuanxun took the phone, Fang Zhaomu felt that he was happier than he looked.

Fang Zhaomu packed his belongings unhurriedly. His place was still a little warm, so he was not wearing a jacket, looking for things here and there. Wherever Fang Zhaomu went, the light in Song Yuanxun’s hand would follow.

Piling the things he wanted to bring along on his bed, there were not too many of them. As Fang Zhaomu stacked them up, Song Yuanxun kept shining the light in his face, blinding his eyes. He could only shield his eyes, and told Song Yuanxun, “Stop shining the light in my face.”

Song Yuanxun immediately corrected himself, and shone the light downwards.

Fang Zhaomu did not gather too many things. Placing them all in a bag, he told Song Yuanxun that he was done.

At this time, Fang Zhaomu suddenly received a call.

Looking at the screen, it was his professor, and so he answered. The professor asked him if he had filled up the application form yet, and wanted him to reply as soon as possible. Fang Zhaomu obediently told him that he had not completed it, as there were some parts he did not know how to fill in, and he also did not have the chance to email him about it, as C City was having a blizzard now, and he had to go shopping for groceries.

The professor then asked about the weather situation, and also which part of the application did Fang Zhaomu not know how to complete. Fang Zhaomu told him the parts he was unsure of, and the professor explained them all to him,

After he hung up, Song Yuanxun asked Fang Zhaomu, “What are you filling up?”

“A form.” Fang Zhaomu did not want to talk about it, and so glossed it over.

“When are you going back?”


Song Yuanxun’s questions came one after another. “Will you still come here after going home?”

“Probably not.”

Fang Zhaomu added, “I’m not you, I can’t come here as and when I like.”

Fang Zhaomu thought about how Song Yuanxun had no idea about many things that were supposed to be general knowledge, and even if he explained it, he would only have a superficial understanding of it. He completely did not know how the life of an ordinary person was like. Song Yuanxun stood there a little stiffly, with a stubbornness that showed his naiveness.

“Fang Zhaomu, if Andrew wasn’t me,” Song Yuanxun asked. “If Andrew wasn’t me, would you stay for him?”

Fang Zhaomu was unable to determine what Song Yuanxun was feeling, as there was no inflection in Song Yuanxun’s voice. So he asked in return, “Is there any point in you asking about this?”

Song Yuanxun had already tried.

Song Yuanxun did not ask any further. His phone already had no charge to it, and so took Fang Zhaomu’s phone as well as the bag in his hand. He also picked up the shopping bags by the door, signalling that they should leave.

Fang Zhaomu’s movements were a little hesitant, and he picked the cake box up.

When he was about to open the door, Song Yuanxun called out to him. Fang Zhaomu turned around, wanting to ask Song Yuanxun what was the problem now, only to see Song Yuanxun switched the flash on the phone off, and slowly came closer.

Song Yuanxun was too close, and Fang Zhaomu could not clearly see his face. He only knew that he was drawing nearer, their breaths mingling, their warmth melding. Song Yuanxun gave Fang Zhaomu an opportunity to avoid him, but Fang Zhaomu did not do so, and Song Yuanxun pressed his lips against Fang Zhaomu’s.

Song Yuanxun’s kiss was very gentle and soft, and was very careful. Fang Zhaomu had his back against the door, and was overwhelmed by the kiss. He blinked a few times, then closed his eyes.

Fang Zhaomu was never able to determine exactly what his feelings for Song Yuanxun were.

He had tried to keep his distance, tried to be exasperated, tried to be indifferent, but during this minute as he was kissing Song Yuanxun, Fang Zhaomu could no longer differentiate if the person he was unwilling to push away was Andrew or Song Yuanxun.

Or it might be the same person, there was nobody else that would kiss him so preciously, even if they knew they were about to part.

Everyone wanted a return for their efforts. People who liked Fang Zhaomu liked his appearance, his character, and would write Fang Zhaomu’s name into their diaries, and recite it lovingly.

Even if Song Yuanxun was not the stupidest one out of all his admirers, but he should be the one with the least hopes. He was barbaric, wilful, and had greatly offended Fang Zhaomu. Logically speaking, for them to never interact again would be Fang Zhaomu’s greatest pardon for him.

Still, even though Song Yuanxun was so inferior, he was always that one whom Fang Zhaomu never pushed away.

The lights flickered, and came on.

The room was suffused in light. Fang Zhaomu raised his chin and looked at Song Yuanxun. Song Yuanxun was also looking at him, he moved his lips away and took a step back.

Under the bright lights, Song Yuanxun’s condition and actions had nowhere to hide.

There were many bags in his hand, including the shopping bags as well as Fang Zhaomu’s small baggage. Fang Zhaomu suspected that Song Yuanxun had never carried so many things in his life before. The look on Song Yuanxun’s face was a panic that Fang Zhaomu had almost never seen before.

Now that the power was back, was he going to leave?

Fang Zhaomu was still the first one to regain his senses.

He saw that Song Yuanxun was still in a daze, like he was troubled by something major, a little like a leader that was making a speech. He then reminded Song Yuanxun, “What are you thinking about?”

Song Yuanxun jolted and blurted out, “I’m thinking about how to bring you home.”

The two people fell silent.

Song Yuanxun had already kissed him, and already told him the truth. Going for broke, he looked at Fang Zhaomu, waiting for his reply.

Fang Zhaomu was extremely fair. Song Yuanxun felt that Fang Zhaomu probably did not know that when his face heated up, it would turn pink along with his ears. Fang Zhaomu held on to the cake, standing by the door, contemplating.

It might be because of the sudden illumination, his anxiety, surprise and shyness were all written upon his face.

Song Yuanxun gazed at Fang Zhaomu’s face, and suddenly felt like he could hear his heartbeat. The rate of that heartbeat was probably the similar to that of his own.

At least, at this moment, Song Yuanxun’s anxiety had turned into calm. The examiner had revealed the answers to him. He was sure, by the end of tonight, Fang Zhaomu would definitely be sleeping at his place.

The room was quiet, and the howling winds outside became louder. Song Yuanxun waited patiently, and after a few minutes, Fang Zhaomu spoke.

“Oh,” Fang Zhaomu said. “Then let’s go.”

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  1. The emotions in this chapter are so relatable: Song Yuanxun’ s not wanting to give up on Fang Zhaomu, but also being hesitant to push him too much, Fang Zhaomu being reluctant, but also willing, and all the attending confusing emotions and halting actions, like they are feeling out each step at a time, but always moving slowly forward to the same point. The whole thing is so realistic, touching, and bittersweet.

  2. Well we might hate that fact that Song Yuan Xun is getting his wish and it irks me but it is obvious that they feel for each other deeply and when that is one the most evident thing no matter how far they move away from each other they will always move towards it. Zhaomu is hurt, wants to remove anything that vaguely reminds him of Andrew not being real and it was all Yuan Xun but this dude gives him no chance at all

  3. Gosh! This chapter is so cute to read. The fluffiness is otherworldly. I can’t even properly express the joy I feel. Fang Zhaomu is the most kindhearted person I have ever known. He doesn’t even have a mean bone in his body and it shows. At last, my mind can be at ease. I hope it’s all smooth-sailing from here on out.

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