SO Chapter 30 (NSFW)

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Chapter 30 (NSFW)

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“Change, I’ll definitely change.” Song Yuanxun’s reply came very quickly, making Fang Zhaomu doubt if he even knew where he needed to start changing from.

However, Fang Zhaomu was a little tired thinking about all these, and was just in a fit of anger, and so was exhausted. “Song Yuanxun, I want to take a nap.”

Without any signals from Fang Zhaomu, it seemed like Song Yuanxun did not dare to do anything. He stiffly grasped Fang Zhaomu’s palm, “Alright, go to sleep.”

Fang Zhaomu leaned against Song Yuanxun, his leg across Song Yuanxun’s body, his face next to Song Yuanxun’s arm. Reaching out, he poked at Song Yuanxun’s abdomen, feeling that the muscles there were quite firm. With his eyes closed, he asked casually, “Your photos on the app are all fake?”

“Mn.” Song Yuanxun placed his hand on the back of Fang Zhaomu’s hand.

“Where did you find them?” Fang Zhaomu asked. “Are there any more?”

Song Yuanxun’s reaction was much bigger than what Fang Zhaomu had expected. Vigilant, he clasped his hand around Fang Zhaomu’s wrist. “Why?”

“Just asking.” Fang Zhaomu tried to pull his hand away.

Song Yuanxun did not let go. “There’s no other photos.”

Fang Zhaomu found Song Yuanxun’s feigned casualness very funny, and purposely said, “I don’t believe you, I’ll do a google search tomorrow.”

“You can’t.” Song Yuanxun groped around on the bedside, switching on the lights of the guest room.

Fang Zhaomu was no longer sleepy. Song Yuanxun drew closer, holding Fang Zhaomu down and repeating, “You can’t.”

“Why can’t I?” Fang Zhaomu shifted to the side. He placed his hands on Song Yuanxun’s shoulders, wanting to push him away a little. He put in some force, but Song Yuanxun did not move, and so Fang Zhaomu gave in. “Forget it then.”

Song Yuanxun lowered his head a little, looking at Fang Zhaomu.

Fang Zhaomu was a little scared of Song Yuanxun when he was like this. Song Yuanxun’s eyes were very scary. When he looked at him, in his eyes, there were undisguised feelings of invasion, possession, aggression and… infatuation.

Fang Zhaomu did not want to continue watching, and so shut his eyes. Song Yuanxun however took advantage of that and kissed him.

Song Yuanxun’s kiss was even more forceful than before, crushing Fang Zhaomu’s lips, prying his teeth apart, sucking on his tongue. Something hard was pressing against Fang Zhaomu’s belly, causing his belly to be dented slightly. Even through a pair of trousers and a sleeping robe, Fang Zhaomu could still feel its heat and size.

Song Yuanxun’s kisses left Fang Zhaomu out of breath. He shoved at Song Yuanxun, and Song Yuanxun finally pulled back a little, continue watching Fang Zhaomu silently.

“Song Yuanxun…” Fang Zhaomu said. “I’m having a cold. You still said you would change?”

Song Yuanxun kissed him on the cheek and let go. “I won’t do anything.”

Song Yuanxun sat up, caressing the back of Fang Zhaomu’s hand preciously. He then stroked Fang Zhaomu’s face, and straightened up Fang Zhaomu’s sleeping robe. “You should sleep.”

He again reached out to touch Fang Zhaomu’s hand.

Fang Zhaomu could neither laugh nor cry. “What exactly are you trying to do?”

Song Yuanxun’s phone suddenly vibrated. Fang Zhaomu glanced at it, the caller seemed to have the last name Zhao. Song Yuanxun took his phone and rejected the call straight away.

Fang Zhaomu was still looking at him, so he told him, “Sleep.”

His phone rang again, and Song Yuanxun walked out of the room with it.

When Fang Zhaomu woke up after his short nap, he found himself with a slight fever. Going downstairs to inform Song Yuanxun, Song Yuanxun found a thermometer and checked his temperature, thirty-eight degrees celsius. Fang Zhaomu felt it was still okay, but despite looking emotionless, Song Yuanxun was actually a little anxious.

In the blizzard, it was very difficult for a doctor to come, and he ended up having a half-hour phone conversation with the doctor. Fang Zhaomu was listening by the side, and the more he heard, the more he was amused.

When Song Yuanxun hung up, he gave some medicine to Fang Zhaomu and watched him eat some porridge before taking the medicine.

Fang Zhaomu’s illness was not serious, and his fever receded in the evening. Song Yuanxun was very particular, and would check his temperature every few hours, saying that the fever might come back. Having just fallen asleep, Fang Zhaomu was awoken by him. It happened over and over again, and he finally could not take it, deciding to chase Song Yuanxun out. In the end, he was held down by Song Yuanxun and kissed a few times, and Song Yuanxun told him that he could pass him the cold back.

Fang Zhaomu’s fever did not come back. As for Song Yuanxun, no matter how much he wished, the extreme weather was soon over.

Classes had been stopped for three days. Fang Zhaomu had also stayed at Song Yuanxun’s place till Wednesday, and then went back to his own place.

There was less than two months before Fang Zhaomu was returning home. Fang Zhaomu did not have many things to settle in the lab, and so he did not have much interactions with Song Yuanxun daily.

Fang Zhaomu was constantly prompted by Song Yuanxun to go back to using his phone. Song Yuanxun had known Fang Zhaomu for more than a semester, and with his wavering status in Fang Zhaomu’s heart, he finally managed to get Fang Zhaomu’s personal contact details.

The Thursday after a week of blizzard, a new apparatus was delivered to the lab. The professor called all the lab students for a meeting.

Song Yuanxun went to pick Fang Zhaomu up, and the two of them were delayed in the car for a while. They were the last ones to arrive at the meeting.

Zhang Ranyu had only held one seat for Song Yuanxun. When Zhou Meng came and saw that, she helped Fang Zhaomu reserve one too.

Everyone watched Song Yuanxun and Fang Zhaomu walked in. Song Yuanxun surveyed the surroundings, and led Fang Zhaomu to the two empty seats held for them.

Zhang Ranyu silently praised Zhou Meng’s prophetic action, then started contemplating when exactly did Song Yuanxun’s and Fang Zhaomu’s relationship improved. The person in the most awkward situation in the lab now was him, as to ingratiate himself with Song Yuanxun, he had been dead set against Fang Zhaomu. Now that Song Yuanxun no longer dislike Fang Zhaomu, and even came together with Fang Zhaomu, Zhang Ranyu started panicking.

He quietly paid attention to Song Yuanxun’s and Fang Zhaomu’s interactions with the corner of his eye.

When Song Yuanxun sat down, he quietly asked Fang Zhaomu if he wanted to drink some water. Fang Zhaomu said no, but Song Yuanxun still went to pour a cup for him.

When Song Yuanxun stood up to get some water, Zhang Ranyu swept his eyes past Fang Zhaomu. Fang Zhaomu’s jacket was pulled up to his chin, looking as if he was very cold.

Song Yuanxun came back with the water and passed the cup to Fang Zhaomu, then quietly asked him what he would like to eat for dinner.

Zhang Ranyu looked down at the basic instructions on his desk, and shifted his eyes. He saw a red mark on the back of Fang Zhaomu’s hand.

“Anything’s fine.” Fang Zhaomu said softly.

When the professor and his assistant entered the room, everyone fell silent including Song Yuanxun and Fang Zhaomu.

After the introduction of the apparatus was over, Song Yuanxun and Fang Zhaomu stood up. Zhang Ranyu had no idea what was going through his head, he picked up his books and pretended to be going the same way and followed them.

He followed them downstairs. Today, Song Yuanxun’s car was parked on the road behind the building. Zhang Ranyu sneakily followed behind, and unexpectedly did not attract their attention.

Song Yuanxun and Fang Zhaomu had walked to the car, but they did not get in. Zhang Ranyu was nearly dying of curiosity, and plastered himself against the wall and drew closer. Squatting down behind the cover of the bushes, he planned to hear how Fang Zhaomu had managed to ingratiate himself with Song Yuanxun, so that he could learn from him.

He heard Song Yuanxun’s voice. “Let’s just go to my place to do it.”

Zhang Ranyu had not expected that Fang Zhaomu could already go over to Song Yuanxun’s place. He waddled nearer, wanting to observe what was happening between the two of them through the shrubs.

“I’m doing it?” Fang Zhaomu asked Song Yuanxun lightly.

Song Yuanxun waited for a moment, then sounded him out. “I’ll try?”

Fang Zhaomu laughed. “You? Just forget it.”

Fang Zhaomu leaned in to Song Yuanxun, and said something very quietly to him. Song Yuanxun pushed Fang Zhaomu against the car door, and plastered himself onto him.

It was only three in the afternoon when they reached Song Yuanxun’s place.

Fang Zhaomu opened the freezer and took out some frozen seafood to defrost them. Just as he finished washing his hands, Song Yuanxun hugged him from the back.

“It’s too early to cook now.” Song Yuanxun said.

Fang Zhaomu turned and asked, “Then what’s not too early to do?”

Song Yuanxun trapped Fang Zhaomu at the sink with his two arms, looking down at Fang Zhaomu expressionlessly. “What do you mean by buying those things and having them delivered to my place?”

“Nothing much. Why didn’t you tell me that they’re here?” Fang Zhaomu raised his chin and kissed Song Yuanxun on the jaw. “I only wanted to help you lose your v-card1, why are you so fierce?”

Song Yuanxun pressed his forehead against Fang Zhaomu’s, then kissed him lightly on the cheek.

After a short bout of kissing, Song Yuanxun pulled back a little. Fang Zhaomu asked, “There’s still about a month before I’m going back, don’t you want it?”

Fang Zhaomu’s arms circled Song Yuanxun’s neck, his breaths hitting his ear. His body was very pliable, and let Song Yuanxun carried him upstairs without any resistance.

Afraid of pain, Fang Zhaomu had purchased poppers2. Before the clothes came off, it had taken effect.

Powerlessly, he lay in Song Yuanxun’s arms with his legs apart. Song Yuanxun gripped Fang Zhaomu’s shaft, tugging slowly on it. His knuckles brushed past Fang Zhaomu’s belly, and Fang Zhaomu shuddered, collapsing into his embrace, his shoulders against his chest.

Song Yuanxun’s hand sped up. Fang Zhaomu’s shoulders rubbed against Song Yuanxun’s shirt. It hurt a little, so he caught hold of Song Yuanxun’s hand and stopped him.

Song Yuanxun stopped, and Fang Zhaomu glared at him weakly. Without saying a word, he clutched at Song Yuanxun’s shirt and yanked it upwards. Song Yuanxun went along with him, and let Fang Zhaomu remove his top.

The colour of Fang Zhaomu’s skin contrasted with Song Yuanxun’s. One was fair as milk, and the other was a healthy wheat colour. Song Yuanxun’s body temperature was also higher. Song Yuanxun undid his trousers, and his heated organ slapped against Fang Zhaomu’s belly. Pulling Fang Zhaomu to touch him, he kissed his neck, one hand on Fang Zhaomu’s waist, sliding down his body.

A finger coated in lubricant entered Fang Zhaomu’s body, thrusting within. In the room was the sounds of his finger pushing in, as well as Fang Zhaomu’s pants.

Song Yuanxun seemed to like hearing Fang Zhaomu cry out. Once Fang Zhaomu made a sound, he stopped, laying him on the bed and pressing down onto him. Fang Zhaomu stroked Song Yuanxun’s abs, then grabbed hold of Song Yuanxun and wanted him to come in.

Song Yuanxun tried pushing in. Fang Zhaomu’s legs curled around him, and trembled along with Song Yuanxun’s penetrations. Every impale of Song Yuanxun was very firm, and Fang Zhaomu was unable to even cry out. He gasped for air, his body, lips, and heart all held within Song Yuanxun’s hands. They tightened and loosened, but never let go.

The both of them did it, but did not cook. At 9pm, Song Yuanxun was kicked out of the bed by Fang Zhaomu to order food.

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