TANW Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Hand In Hand on Mt. Pagoda

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As expected, Yangyang and I are destined to meet ^_^


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Let’s get married!!!


After hearing that person’s voice, Ling Yang’s face changed. He did not struggle,  but relaxed instead, allowing the other person to continue embracing him.
He sneaked a look at the expressions of the three people in front of him. Xu Xian was shocked, Night Wolf was frowning, and as for the other one…
Waves of despair crashed into Ling Yang’s heart.
The person behind him put his mouth to his ear and used an ambiguous voice that could only be heard by the two of them.
“Don’t turn around.”
Ling Yang flushed and smiled. He rubbed his nose as though embarrassed and covered his mouth. Using the same quiet voice, he replied, “Are you trying to get me killed? Don’t you see Angry T.Rex breathing fire over there?”
Qi Feng’s smile became even more gentle. “Being burnt to death by Angry T.Rex is still better than being bitten to death by a tiger.”
Ling Yang was silent.
“Umm…” The corner of Xu Xian’s mouth was twitching again. “Yangyang, are you going to introduce him to us?”
Ling Yang was silent for a little while. He knew he could not run away from this, and thus introduced feebly, “This is our guild leader, Luoming Wind.”
Upon hearing this name, Ye Lang’s face immediately darkened.
Ling Yang then gestured towards them. “FlowerHouse, Night Wolf, and I don’t think I need to introduce that one over there.”
Qi Feng cocked his eyebrow at Ye Lang. “Yo, love rival.”
Ye Lang suddenly had the urge to PK him.
“What is the relationship between the two of you?” Ye Lang had yet to speak, but Angry T.Rex already opened his mouth. It was very obvious he was suppressing his anger.
Ling Yang did not know what to say, while Q iFeng took it one step further, only giving a meaningful smile.

Ling Yang started swearing in his head. Even if explaining would only make it worse, you still don’t have to smile so ambiguously and give people the wrong impression, right?!
“Qi Feng, don’t think I don’t know. Luoming Shadow is your account.”
“It used to be.” Qi Feng nodded. “I’ve already given it to him.”
“You’ve never given your accounts away to anyone. You don’t even let me use your account!”
“That’s because you always use my account to scold people on global.”
“Fuck, how many times must I say that they were the ones starting it!”
Qi Feng frowned. “Angry, you’re being vulgar again.”

Ling Yang covered his mouth and gritted his teeth. “When you’re flirting, can you pay attention to your surroundings? There’s still the three of us over here…”
Qi Feng pretended to carelessly look behind him. Hs hand exerted a little force, and he pushed Ling Yang out of his embrace. “He’s turned around. Quick, leave.”
Ling Yang, who regained his freedom, immediately leapt away. His left hand gripping onto Xu Xian, his right hand pulling on YeLang, he fled without a single word.
Having been pulled away by Ling Yang suddenly, these two people were dragged away with no comprehension of the situation, and without the ability to express any doubts.
Baffled, He Jiawei watched as the person who was just being embraced by Qi Feng run away while dragging along the two members of his guild — What the fuck was going on?
He was about to open his mouth and ask Qi Feng, when he saw someone with an unfriendly expression approaching them.
“It’s you,” that person spoke.
He Jiawei did not recognise this guy. The “you” must have been directed towards Qi Feng.
As expected, Qi Feng nodded his head. “You’re here too.”
That person looked around. “Where’s Ling Yang?”
“If you want to see an antelope, just go to the zoo. Why did you come to a mountain?” Qi Feng replied, his expression unchanging.
“You’re still pretending? I just saw him here, but he’s disappeared in the blink of an eye.” He looked gloomy.
“Oh, so you’re actually referring to Little Antelope. Too bad, you’re too late, he just left with his labourer.”
“What did you say?”
Qi Feng smiled. “Don’t misunderstand me, the words are exactly what I said.”
His forehead creased tightly. “I heard that Ling Yang has been very close to you recently?”
“You heard that? From where exactly have you guys been hearing this? How come I’ve never heard it before?”
They could tell that that person was on the brink of exploding, but had forcibly held himself back.
“Qi Feng, every time Ling Yang sees me now, he would run away. Do you know exactly why?”
“I do.” This time, Qi Feng’s reply was very direct.
“You really know? Why?”
“He’s a herbivore, while you’re a carnivore. Isn’t it normal for him to run away when he sees you?”
The other party finally exploded. “Can’t you just speak properly!”
“Sure, if someone suddenly called me and scolded me viciously, I think I wouldn’t want to see him too.”
After hearing Qi Feng’s words, that person was alarmed. “How did you know about that?”
“Because I was there. Oh, that’s not correct. To be more precise, I was the one who answered that call.”
“You answered that call??”
“Yes, at that time, it wasn’t too convenient for Ling Yang to hold onto the phone, so I even helped him put the call on speaker-mode.”
“I’m really sorry. If I knew that you were going to be like that, I wouldn’t have put it on loudspeaker. Ah, let me recall exactly how many people were present…”
The other party was clearly very agitated, needing some time before he calmed down. “Can you help me pass a message to him?”
Qi Feng placed his hands into his pockets. “If it’s an apology then forget about it. If you want me to tell him you’ll never see him again, I’ll be happy to pass it on.”
That person was silent for a bit. “I’m about to head to another place for an internship. Let him know that he doesn’t have to put in so much effort into hiding from me anymore.” 
Qi Feng nodded. “As expected, it’s the latter. I’m willing to help out.”
That person walked away. He Jiawei, who had became background scenery, reacted. “That person just now seems somewhat familiar. I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.”
Qi Feng shook his head. “It can’t be. You must have remembered wrongly, his face is very plain and ordinary.”
While Qi Feng was dealing with an unwelcomed party, Xu Xian and Ye Lang were still being tugged away urgently by Ling Yang.
“Yangyang, why are you running?” Xu Xian followed behind Ling Yang.
“A big tiger is here. If we don’t escape, we would be eaten up,” Ling Yang answered without looking back.
“What do you mean?” Xu Xian did not understand.
“It means we should leave quickly. We shouldn’t stay there and play gooseberries.” What a joke, that was the sports school’s Angry T.Rex. With a punch from him, a gaming novel could straight away turn into a rebirth novel.
“Say, Yangyang, that person just now…” Xu Xian felt something was strange. “You definitely know LuoMing’s #7.”
“Yes, we’ve met once before.” Ling Yang started spouting random nonsense as usual.
“To be so familiar after meeting once? Where he can just hug you like that? Could your once be that one…” Xu Xian suddenly remembered that Ye Lang was next to him and stopped talking.
Ling Yang turned around and glared at him. To even dare to say this kind of nonsense in front of his husband, he was really seeking death.
If Night Wolf found out that Bell had been cheating on him behind his back, he would definitely be castrated.
A person was standing under a tree near their path, his back facing them. Dressed casually in white, both his hands were in his pockets. With that jackass look, who else could it be but Little White Dragon?
Xu Xian was the first one to notice him, and his big eyes blinked.
“Yangyang, I realised you have many enemies.”
There was no need for him to explain anything. Ling Yang had also noticed his presence.
“Fuck, you always meet the ones you never want to meet.”
He pulled the two of them towards another direction.
“You’re not bringing us to jump off the mountain, right?” Xu Xian asked helplessly.
Ling Yang suddenly stopped. With a pitiful expression, he looked at Xu Xian, his lips quivering as though he was about to cry.
“Fine, fine, I’ll help you settle it.”
“Flower, you’re really the best person on earth!”
“Please keep your friendzone card, I don’t need it.” Xu Xian swiped his hand away and headed back towards Bai Long.
“You must not let him know you’re here to attend the meet-and-greet!” Ling Yang suddenly remembered and told him.
Xu Xian did not look back. “I know, I know, I’m here on a weekend outing, ok?”
Finally only Ling Yang and Ye Lang were left. LingY ang saw that near them was the wooden path down the hill, and he headed towards it.
The crisis had been averted, and LingYang’s steps slowed down as well. He was no longer rushing around like previously, but insteadm he started taking his own sweet time as though deep in thoughts. People who did not know the situation would have thought he was taking a stroll. 
His thoughts had already drifted elsewhere. He was also looking at something else, and his expression looked very serious.
Ye Lang saw that he seemed to be contemplating something. He did not disturb him, only looking down to see his hand that was still being held by Ling Yang. He wondered if he should pull away.
Two guys strolling around hand in hand, it sounded just a little frightening.
There were two girls who brushed past them. They happened to notice their clasped hands and their eyes brightened instantly.
Only after a few steps, they heard two people behind squealing softly behind them.
That noise alerted Ling Yang to Ye Lang’s presence.
“Why are you still here?” Ling Yang questioned.
Ye Lang silently looked downwards.
Ling Yang looked downwards too, then he quickly let go, “Ah, sorry.”
Ye Lang shook his head.
Ling Yang was stumped, “Mr. Cool, are you so cool to everyone? We’re also considered familiar with each other, but you still won’t say a single word.”
Ye Lang frowned slightly. “This seems to be only the second time we’ve met.”
Ling Yang smacked his head, that was right, he was Luoming Shadow now.
“Ah, that, uh, I’m referring to the game. We’ve fought before, and don’t they say it takes a fight to get to know each other?”
Ye Lang nodded. “Maybe. I can’t remember it, but you’re not a max level character, so I don’t think I would take the initiative to kill you.”
“Also, you’re Flower’s childhood friend. I’m cohabiting with him, so we should be good friends, don’t you think?”
Ye Lang nodded his head again hesitantly. In front of friendly people, he always felt a little helpless.
But cohabiting… Should the term not be co-tenants?
“Ah, right. Your name is…?”
“Ye Lang.”
So this wass how he came up with the name Night Wolf, Ling Yang understood then.
“Can I call you Brother Lang? Flower calls me Yangyang, so you can call me Yangyang too.”
Ye Lang looked down, this person was really very out-going.
While Ye Lang was still somewhat expressionless, Ling Yang was bursting in joy.
He had originally came here with the purpose of teasing his ‘husband’, but who would have thought there would be such a pleasant surprise.
Ever since he knew that the person he fell in love with at first sight was a heterosexual with a wife, he was depressed for quite some time.
Ling Yang was not someone who was afraid of anything, but the only thing he was afraid of was someone with a wife. He met this sort of people once and died horribly, and never again would he repeat that a second time.
Whereas, this person in front of him, although he really was a heterosexual, and also had a wife… His wife is me! Ling Yang thought happily.
This was essentially a skeleton type elite boss downgrading to some random wild monster. No effort was needed to defeat him!
Thinking like this, Ling Yang cheered up immensely, his lips curved up unknowingly.
Ye Lang saw that this person who just had a solemn look upon his face was now beaming with joy. He completely could not guess what exactly was going through this person’s mind.
“You suddenly seem to be very happy?”
“Yes, I remembered something that cheered me up.”
Ye Lang was about to ask what it was, then he happened to see his left hand and recalled something.
“Your hand is fine now?”
The smile on Ling Yang’s face dropped. He immediately turned his head, his jaw dropping. He did not understand why the other party would suddenly ask him about this.
Could it be that he knew something?

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