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Chapter 33 – One Day Tour at LuoMing Sports Institution

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People from other schools, please comment. Let’s see which school has the most gays. I’m guessing it’ll be Lanshan Music College.
Is there anyone from Qiantang here?

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Of course, it’s Yanshan has the most gays, with pretty bottoms all over the place.
I’m from Qiantang, does OP have something to ask?

<Pale Soul OL>’s content update was as scheduled. As the update was fairly big this time due to the large increase in content, the game client would have a downtime of forty-eight hours.
Although the game was offline, Ling Yang did not slack off. He chose this day on purpose to look for Qi Feng, as he saw on BBS that Luoming Sports Institution was holding their Sports Day today.
What else could bring more excitement than seeing a bunch of fit, muscular athletes running on the field and perspiring? Especially that track and field uniform with the little tank top… those shorts… and some people heated to the point where they would also remove their tank tops….
Ling Yang was eagerly looking forward to this.
When Ling Yang got to the sports stadium, it was truly a workout for his eyes. There were broad chests and firm thighs all over the place for his admiration.
In this situation, Qi Feng was unable to bring his mobile along with him, and Ling Yang could only search through the stadium by himself. Luckily though, the other guy was eye-catching enough, and Ling Yang quickly noticed this big fellow who was nearly 190cm tall at the high-jump area.
When Ling Yang found him, it just happened to be his turn to jump. The bar was already set at the height of 210cm. Watching him stretch casually, jumping a couple of times on the spot, these small actions were enough to make Ling Yang feel that he was very dashing already.
Approaching with a run and a jump, then soaring, turning, flipping past the bar, and descending, it was a beautiful landing. 
The peak of Qi Feng’s jump was still quite a distance from the bar. Ling Yang knew that this was definitely not his record.
Qi Feng got off the mats and headed towards Ling Yang. “You’re here?”
“Yes, finished competing yet?”
A volunteer came over. “#7, do you still want to aim for a higher result?”
Qi Feng was already guaranteed the top spot. Now, it was up to him to decide if he wanted to try and break his record.
Qi Feng hesitated.
“Go ahead, I’ll wait for you.”
“Sure, then just hold on for a bit.” Qi Feng nodded before talking to that person, and that person hurried off to adjust the bar.
Ling Yang continued openly admiring his surroundings. He then suddenly discovered a familiar face standing in an inconspicuous corner, who was also watching Qi Feng compete.
Ling Yang was immediately amused.
Deciding to ignore him, he looked around the stadium but did not see Xiao Ge. He heard people around him clapping, and turning around, he realised Qi Feng had passed the jump.
“Sorry to keep you waiting.” Qi Feng accepted a towel handed over by somebody. Wiping the perspiration off his forehead, he casually slung the towel around his neck.
“Have you jumped over Yao Ming already?”
Qi Feng laughed, “No, but I’m nearly there.”
“How lousy,” Ling Yang gestured. “I can do it.”
“You’re that impressive?”
“A Yao Ming lying down is still Yao Ming.”
“Xiao Ge should be joining us soon.”
“He’s running the marathon?”
“What a self-torturous event.”
Ling Yang was about to reply, but the senses accumulated from his many years of experience became alert, and he felt a chill behind his back.
Quickly turning his head around, he saw a weapon heading towards him. In a twinkling, Ling Yang shut his eyes instinctively. 
After awhile, the expected face-smashing did not happen. He opened his eyes and saw that Qi Feng had already grabbed hold of that basketball.
A face as black as charcoal walked past them. “Sorry, my hand slipped.”
Ling Yang watched as that person departed, cold sweat dripping down his back.
“Which events are Angry T.Rex participating in?”
“100m and relay.”
“Thank god…”
“It’s not javelin and shot put.”
Qi Feng filled in the blanks accordingly and also fell silent for once.
“Actually Angry’s arm strength is quite good.”
“Is it?”
“But he was banned from participating in all throwing events.”
“During his first year in high school during the javelin event, his first throw broke the high school records.”
“Isn’t that good?”
“But he threw it into the amphitheatre next to the stadium. Luckily, there weren’t anyone there at that time… The amphitheatre was about 60˚ away from the prescribed boundary.”
“So even if his hand really slipped, no one would ever suspect him.”
Ling Yang immediately felt cold sweat covering his back.
“You were from the same high school as him?”
“No, I heard it from his classmate. We were on rival basketball teams in high school, and competition was fierce between us every year. This was the same case in junior high. We had many conflicts over the past few years, but who would have thought that we would be in the same faculty and team in college.”
“This is what they call fatal attraction.”
“How did you tame such a fierce person?”

“To stand on top of the food chain, humans do not rely on strength.” Qi Feng tapped on his temple. “But wisdom.”
Ling Yang, “…”
“How did you explain that incident on Mt. Pagoda that day? Don’t tell me he really thinks of me as a love rival.”
Qi Feng shook his head. “He gets angry very easily, but it’s very easy to coax him as well. He’s unlike someone who always keeps everything inside him, and rather suppress himself to death than to explain it to someone else.”
The corner of Ling Yang’s mouth twitched. “Thanks for criticising me in such a roundabout manner.”
“You’re welcome.”
A loud gunshot was heard. The men’s 100m event started, and cheers resounded from the crowd. Ling Yang saw that shockingly energetic guy shooting across the finishing line like an arrow in the distance.
That person only stopped after running a little more. Lifting his tank top to wipe his sweat, he exposed a tanned, firm abdomen.
“Actually he’s pretty cute, you shouldn’t bully him all the time.”
“Don’t you bully your labourer even more?”
Ling Yang waved his hand. “That’s different, that’s my expression of love.”
Xiao Ge returned from his event, but he was unable to speak for a bit, instead walking slowly around Ling Yang to recover.
“Why don’t you try opening your mouth wide and sticking your tongue out? Breath like this, ha ah ha ah ha ah, and you might be able to recover a bit faster,” Ling Yang eagerly advised him.
Xiao Ge shot him a glare.
Xiao Ge was only 175cm. He was considered a short guy in the sports school full of tall people. Also people who ran long distance were all very thin, so he did not look threatening at all.
But Ling Yang knew that in game, this person was very crazy, completely different from how he looked. The fire mage under his control was very violent, and if he was not killed in sixty seconds, the other person would definitely be killed.
Ling Yang had exchanged blows with him before, and he recognised and acknowledged his skills. Since that person accepted him into their team, he must have had the same idea as well.
The three of them could not be bothered to leave the school compound, so they just bought some drinks and grabbed a table at Cafeteria Natural. They were all PVP experts, so there were no issues between them when discussing the strategies they were planning on.
Qi Feng flipped through the documents Ling Yang brought along curiously. Those were the files that Ling Yang had gathered previously on the players in Hushuo City that were ranked on the PVP leader board. The files were very meticulous; the skill trees of every player, their PK habits, and their weaknesses were all listed in detail.
He glanced through them quickly. As expected he found a page on Luoming Wind, followed by Luoming XiaoGe and Second Young Master Luoming Hurricane.
Xiao Ge snatched his own page over to take a look, complaining while reading it, “You have completely underestimated my abilities…”
Qi Feng was also reading Ling Yang’s observations on him interestedly. “Just as I expected, you’ve really put in quite a lot of effort in this.”
“How else to beat you without working hard?” Ling Yang spoke straightforwardly.
“My command that time had was not up to my usual strength, you can consider yourself lucky you won that time,” Xiao Ge pointed it out scornfully.
“Why aren’t there any details about those two fellows in your family?” Qi Feng asked after looking through the file.
Ling Yang shrugged. “Is there still a need to do so? They’re not playing anymore.”
Qi Feng was definitely an employee in the Intelligence Department, with how quickly he reorganised the file.
“These teams are unchanged for now; these guys have disbanded, their teams are now like these; this team has recruited a new person from outside; those teams are now 5v5; and also this team, one is doing his post-grad while the other two are looking for jobs, they’re no longer playing.”
Ling Yang was awed. “If you don’t work for the FBI, it’s really a waste of your talents.”
From the discarded pages he picked up Second Young Master Luoming Hurricane’s page. “Your little brother isn’t playing anymore?”
“He’s overseas now, in a different timezone. He’s still competing, but he’s now in a 2v2 team.”
“With who?”
“Your guild leader.”
Ling Yang froze. “Which guild leader?”
“Your current guild, the leader of Passionate Sword.”
“… I have never seen this god in the two months I’ve been online.”
“You’ve met him before. Did you forget, he’s the champion of this year’s 2v2.”
Ling Yang’s jaw fell permanently. “So it’s really him, I thought they just happen to share the same name.”
“He doesn’t play PVE. Without a new season, there’s nothing for him to do online.”
“… He doesn’t play PVE but he still created a PVE guild, it’s no wonder this guild has no prospects.”
Ling Yang suddenly thought of something/ “What is the rank of Passionate Sword in Linshan?”
“It’s not the top 3, it should be 4th or 5th.”
“After clearing Qielan dungeon, they’re 4th on the server.” Xiao Ge piped up from the side.
“Oh… Then with their abilities, this result is still pretty good.”

“You also know about the weaknesses of Passionate Sword. Your labourer’s techniques are still ok, and he’s willing to spend money on his gear, but for the entire team to rely on one person, it’s not good enough. The biggest weakness of Passionate Sword is that they’re a school group. The members’ skills vary wildly, the guild leader never shows up, and  that Mo guy of yours…”
“Mourning Mo.”
“To record DKP he’s still ok, but he’s too gentle to be a raid leader. He can’t control the battlefield.”
“You think everyone’s like you, with your cold-blooded strategies?” Ling Yang pursed his lips.
“Hai, we’ve all been beaten black and blue under the oppression of our boss.” Xiao Ge’s heart was full of tears. “Although we’re also a school guild, Boss has never shown us any mercy. Any small mistake he would deduct our DKP, and if our DPS is a little low we’ll be forced to go farm. Everyone has to keep their resentment to themselves.”
Qi Feng spoke sternly, “A raid leader should be like this. Leading a team is not like public relations, where you have to make everyone happy. Instead, the stricter the raid leader, the more the team members would have a sense of crisis and be more serious about it, and the team can then kill the boss even earlier. Is it a happier occasion when your progress is faster, or would you prefer dying constantly?”
Ling Yang looked up and sighed deeply, “Hai, having stayed in Passionate Sword for so long, listening to this is like listening to something in a completely different language.”
“If you continue staying there, you’ll become like them. You should quickly come over to Luoming.”
LingYang hurriedly shook his head. “No no no, after hanging out with them for so long, I feel that slowly progressing through the game like this is also quite fun. There’s also someone next to you when you’re reviving, and this is called enjoying life.”
Qi Feng sighed as well, “You’ve already been influenced by them. Forget it, take it as though I didn’t say anything.”
“No matter what, once the game client comes online, the new dungeon will be available. During this period, it will be a little more tiring. We’ll form the 3P at 6pm, fight for 2 hours, then enter the dungeon at 8pm.”
Ling Yang’s face was miserable. “Bro, do you have to be so intense? Like this, how would I have the time for dating?”
“In my personal opinion, you should give up on this online relationship with no return. Going for it in real life would be faster. Didn’t you realise he seems more interested in you as Ling Yang?”
Xiao Ge jabbed in, gloating, “You must trust Boss, he’s a well known quick fighter who was engaged in an 8-year battle.”
Qi Feng glared at Xiao Ge, and the latter immediately shut up.
Ling Yang deflated. “This won’t work, let me think about it.”
Ling Yang was stopped by Qi Feng as he was about to leave.
“I forgot about something. Someone wants me to help me pass a message. He says he’s going to another branch for an internship, so you don’t have to put in so much effort into avoiding him anymore.”
“So quickly?” Ling Yang calculated. “Ah, no, it’s actually about time he left for that.”
“Out of curiosity, can I just ask out, he seems to be in the same year as you, so what internship is this?”

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