TANW Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – LingYang Returns to The Swimming Pool

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The quality is very high. Too bad I don’t have a swimming pass there, and can only watch by the side.


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I can lend it to you, you want it? If you want it send me a message.


So uncomfortable…
My back really hurts…
I can’t breathe anymore…
Splash– LingYang surfaced from the water, his fingers clutching tightly onto the walls of the pool, slowly regaining his breaths.
As expected, this still could not work.
Giddy, and worse was the nausea.
His stomach was churning, although he was knew better than anyone else that this psychological nausea would not result in vomiting, but he could not get rid of this horrible feeling, every cell in his body was very averse to the water.

In a trance, LingYang saw a male’s two bare feet appearing in front of him.
He closed his eyes, breathing deeply, imagining himself as a cleric who could dispel buffs, and with a lot of effort he got rid of his negative state of mind.
Once he felt better, he re-opened his eyes. Those feet were still there, it was not his hallucination.

Those were two very manly feet, the toes were slender and angular, broad and powerful soles, the arch beautiful, the nails trimmed cleanly.
Boots fetish and feet fetish were a part of each other, with such a pair of bare feet appearing so closely in front of LingYang, it was not unlike a straight man getting to see a pair of exposed 36D breasts. LingYang swallowed his saliva and his spirits improved by quite a bit.
LingYang’s nausea receded, his lust welled up, he could not help but lift his head up to look at how the owner of that pair of pretty feet look like.

LingYang squinted, his eyes travelling past the defined muscular thighs, stopping at a certain bulging area. The tight speedos had outlined the male organ perfectly, from that dormant appearance, he could even imagine the powerful might when the beast awakened. 
No wonder there was a theory of phallic worship in psychology, from LingYang’s humble point of view, he really had an urge to prostrate himself in worship.
LingYang’s eyes moved from that key object and travelled up, finally seeing that person’s face clearly.

YeLang was also quietly standing by the side of the pool, studying LingYang in the water, the two of them, one at the top, one at the bottom, one looking down, the other looking up, both of them confused by the subtle feelings welling up within them.
Everyone had the impulse to dominate a person weaker than themselves, and everyone also had the desire to submit to a person stronger than themselves.This was a biological reflex of human beings, when the other one was also of a male gender, this desire was easily inspired and expanded.
Both of them would never have imagine, this confrontation at the pool today, would establish their positions in their relationship in the future.

YeLang crouched down, looking at LingYang’s paper-white face closely.
“Why are you here?” LingYang asked.
YeLang was silent for a bit, “It seems like I should be the one asking you this question.”
“Oh,” LingYang then realised whose territory this place was. “I didn’t want my classmates to see me swim, so I borrowed your schoolmate’s swimming pass on BBS.”
“Actually if you want to swim you can just look for me, I can arrange it for you.”
“Ah, why didn’t you mention this earlier?”
“… Because you get dizzy near water.”
Without YeLang’s reminder LingYang almost forgot about it, now with the sudden mention LingYang felt dizzy again.

YeLang’s right hand supported himself next to the pool as he leapt into the water, the resulting wave splashed across LingYang’s face, he automatically closed his eyes and turned his head to avoid it.
“You really don’t have to cover yourself this much,” YeLang looked at LingYang’s conservative swimming attire, who would wear a rashguard in an indoor swimming pool.
“Didn’t Hyoga once said, wounds are the medals of men?”
LingYang was speechless, he stared at the other person, he started to feel weak again, YeLang’s words were like clouds drifting by, but every word went clearly into his ears.

“Actually everyone has weaknesses, to be dizzy near water is nothing.”
LingYang looked at him doubtfully, as though asking, so what about you?
“I’m afraid of heights.”
LingYang was startled, struggling to speak, “… Real-ly?”
YeLang nodded.
“Born with it, although it’s not very serious.”

LingYang took a deep breath, saying a long sentence with some effort, “Doesn’t that mean, you can’t fly planes?”
YeLang gave a rare smile, “I’ve never thought of flying a plane, I don’t even really dare to jump off a 10m platform.”
LingYang’s attention was successfully diverted, he looked at the other seriously, his expression a little regretful.
“Are you feeling better now?”
LingYang gave a slow blink.
“Come, give me your hand now,” YeLang reached his hand ok, with a voice that sounded very reliable, steadily, warmly, he spoke. “Don’t worry, I won’t let go.”

The two of them left the pool and went to shower, this time LingYang no longer chose a corner to hide, but openly chose to suffer YeLang’s showering.
Maybe because there was a breakthrough, even though the progress was not very obvious, but at least a very good first step was taken, LingYang’s mood was very good. The corner of his mouth curved up gleefully, even humming an off-key tune, YeLang was also influenced by his good mood.

LingYang was about to reach out to grab the shampoo, then he was suddenly struck with an idea.
“Brother Lang, I’m out of shampoo, can you lend me yours?”
YeLang did not suspect anything, he straight away passed his shampoo bottle over.
Huh, so this is the scent of YeLang’s shampoo. LingYang happily washed his hair, “Do you know, when I just started living with Flower, once I stole his shampoo to use. In the end he told me that bottle was for washing the puppy in his dormitory, causing me to keep smelling a doggy scent on myself the entire week.”
YeLang thought about that image, he could not help but laugh as well.

LingYang passed the shampoo back, YeLang turned his head to receive it. The water caused the suds on LingYang’s head to continuously flow down, and so his eyes were closed tightly.
This was not the first time YeLang had saw LingYang’s bare body, the first time his attention was caught by the scar on his back, the second time was in LingYang’s bedroom where he barely caught a glimpse, even YeLang himself did not know why he left the room awkwardly, after all seeing the nude body of a person of the same gender– especially for him who trained daily in the swimming complex, was something very common.
LingYang was a lot more slender than YeLang, but he was not skinny, his complexion was healthy, his skin delicate to the point where he could barely see any pores, giving people the urge to reach out and see how it felt. This was the first time YeLang observed the other so closely, he was extremely shocked to realise that his own body was starting to have a reaction, stupefied, he stood there.

LingYang realised that YeLang was still standing there without moving, his eyes still closed, he doubtfully shook the bottle in his hand, as though enquiring.
YeLang embarrassedly took it back, he turned around, forcing himself to shift his eyes away from the other body.
He felt that if the shower went on it would become more dangerous, hastily washing up he returned to the changing room to put on his clothes.
YeLang’s mood at that moment was very complicated, was it because there was some guy calling him husband every day, so unknowingly he himself had assimilated to it?

By the time YeLang had finished dressing and calmed down, LingYang then exited the bathroom. Upon seeing him YeLang quickly turned around.
“You’re done showering so quickly.” LingYang spoke.
YeLang looked down, a little afraid that his thoughts would be discovered by the other.
“Actually yesterday I did come to watch the swimming finals, but as there were too many people around, and I saw that you were always surrounded by many people, so I didn’t stop by to say hi.”
YeLang stopped, he lifted his head, the other person had already dried himself and was wearing his clothes with his back facing him.
“I also forgot to congratulate you for getting silver.”
YeLang shook his head, “It’s nothing, it’s also not gold.”
“You can’t compare yourself to those perverts in the sports school, you’re only training during your leisure time, while it’s only during their leisure time they’re not training, second place is already very good.”
LingYang got dressed, then sitting next to YeLang he wore his shoes, “Actually my swimming was pretty good in the past as well, when I saw you competing I thought, if I continued swimming then, I might have been standing on the platform with you.”

“So why exactly do you get dizzy near water?” YeLang asked.
LingYang tilted his head to the side and thought about it, and finally chose to tell the truth, “Actually the last time when I said that the injury was caused by my dad I was lying to you.”
“The school break during the second year of high school, I went with a few friends to the beachside for a holiday. That was the first time I swam in the sea, at that time I only felt very buoyant in the seawater, swimming there was very relaxing, and didn’t know that the conditions of the sea were more complicated than the river.”

LingYang stared at the ceiling of the changing room, recalling, “At that time I had too much confidence in my swimming ability, I swam too far from the shore, in the end the weather changed suddenly, huge waves started appearing, I was thrown against something, the situation then was very dangerous. I don’t even know when I got injured, only realising it after I was saved by a fishing boat.”
“Because the injury was on my back, I also didn’t know how severe it was, there was no first aid kit onboard the fishing boat, by the time we reached the shore half the boat was stained red, it was horrifying, very scary.”
“So you really faint when you see blood too?”
“Hahaha, no, I’m not that delicate, I was just teasing Flower.”

LingYang’s laughter stopped, his expression becoming grave again, “I injured my back, and it was soaked it seawater. It was really very painful, but the strongest feeling then was still fear, afraid that there would be no rescue coming and I would die in the sea, after getting rescue afraid that there would be a scar, very scared, very scared…”
He looked down, “Maybe because of this reason, that’s why I get dizzy near water.”
YeLang was helpless, “Why are you so afraid of getting a scar?”
LingYang gave a miserable expression, “Because it’s very ugly, next time it’ll be very difficult to look for a partner.”
YeLang pursed his lips, silent.

“Right,” As LingYang was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something. “Your clothes are still with me, what’s your room number, I’ll send it to you in a couple of days.”
YeLang wanted to tell him there was no need for the trouble, but after hearing the second part of the sentence, he changed his mind and told LingYang his room number.

YeLang did not want to queue in the arena today, again he went to Lake ShiWen to fish. After Bell was done with his 3V3 matches, he also flew over and fished with YeLang.
YeLang looked at a certain somebody next to him who was in one of his rare quiet moods, he remembered that not long ago he still suspected that he was LingYang, but this conjecture was quickly proven wrong.
He again thought, if these two people were really the same person, what would he do? He could not imagine LingYang dragging a line of tildes calling him husband, YeLang did not know if it was his misconception, but he always felt that LingYang’s attitude towards him was very lukewarm, as though he was hiding a secret from him.

[Whisper] NightWolf: After knowing you for so long, there’s a question that I’ve never asked you before.
[Whisper] Bell: Husband just say it~
[Whisper] NightWolf: How do I address you?
[Whisper] Bell: What?
[Whisper] NightWolf:
I’ve always been calling you Bell, now that I think about it, Bell is an account you bought, you should have your own name right.
[Whisper] Bell:
… Why did you ask this question out of the blue?
[Whisper] NightWolf:
At least next time when I’m calling you, you’ll know that I’m not calling your account, but calling you as a person.

LingYang was silent for a while.

[Whisper] Bell: I’m not a very imaginative person, and I also can’t really come up with names.
[Whisper] Bell: Because I really idolise my master, so even my name is derived from his.
[Whisper] Bell: He’s called Little Antelope, so I’m called Little Fat Antelope.

(T/N: 小羚羊 – XiaoLingYang, Little Antelope; 小肥羊 – XiaoFeiYang, Little Fat Sheep, but I took the liberty of going with antelope rather than sheep.)

YeLang lay on his bed, unable to fall asleep. He stretched his hand out, due to LingYang’s fear in the day, he had gripped tightly on his hand unwilling to let go, his fingers leaving deep marks on the back of his hand, even till now they had yet to fade away.
Picking up his phone, he sent his childhood friend XuXian a message.

LingYang was also lying on his bed unable to fall asleep, every breath brought along the scent of YeLang’s shampoo, closing his eyes all he could see was YeLang reaching his hand out towards him.
He received a message on his phone, picking it up, it was a foreign number.
— This is my number, next time you want to practice swimming you can look for me. -YeLang

LingYang hesitated for a bit, storing the number, then switching over to his photo album.
There were two photos that he sneakily took of YeLang in his swimming attire.
At the same time, YeLang was also looking at his photo album, silently looking at LingYang’s photos.

The author has something to say:

Yesterday many players left a ‘heheh’ message.
The author pondered over them the entire night, what is everyone trying to say?

Arena 3V3 Team: [PureIndigo~]x1, [ScentedSleeve]x1, [ZiFeiYu]x3
Since someone keeps trying to farm for Brother Lang’s note, then I’ll drop one, but Brother Lang’s note is mostly to record his feelings, unlike Little Antelope who uses them to record lies.

[One of Brother Lang’s Notes]
YeLang: When I say heheh, I mean fuck you.

The guests for chapter 30 and 40 are QiFeng and T.Rex, please ask any questions you may have. Cuttlefish Wind knows many of Little Antelope’s secrets, but at the same time he’s also a person who “will die if he doesn’t tease anyone” and “will die if he doesn’t tell the truth”, it’s up to you whether you’ll be able to get any information from him, but whether his words can be trusted it still has to be discussed.

QiFeng: Heheh.

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