TANW Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Engineering: Love As Deep As The Sea  

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Just a hammer, he didn’t say anything else. I don’t know what he’s trying to say with this, can someone explain it to me please?

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Sub-Forum: Relationships
Topic: Re: The Senior I Have a Secret Crush On Gave Me a Hammer, What Does It Mean?
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OP is a new Year 1 student?Congratulations, the sun has broken through the clouds for you. This is our school’s tradition, Engineering: Love as Deep as the Sea!

When LingYang was done with his class in the afternoon, he was surprised to see YeLang waiting outside his classroom for him.
“Why are you here?” He asked in shock.
Actually YeLang did not have any classes today, going over to LingYang’s place at noon, he found only XuXian there. There was a class schedule on the wall of LingYang’s room, then XuXian told YeLang the location of the classroom and he came over. He had been waiting for quite some time, but he did not plan on telling him that.
“I was here to settle some things, little Xian told me that you’re having a class here, so I came by.”
LingYang was very happy, “Is there anything you need?”
“Didn’t you said the last time that you like that hammer? I’ve finished it,” YeLang took something out from his bag and passed it to him. “For you.”
LingYang accepted it and took a look, it was the finished product of that handle he saw the last time in YeLang’s room, it was even stored properly in a box.
“How did you make this?” He pointed at the head of the hammer, curious.
“With a saw blade, then filed with a file.”
LingYang was very surprised, “Sawing such a big piece of metal with a saw blade? Then how long did you saw it for?”
“A few classes, I can’t remember.” That metal piece was very hard, so it was very difficult to saw through it. Even guys with a lot of strength would need a few hours to saw through it, then roughly filing if for a few hours, and finely filing it for another few hours, finally punching a hole through it using heat, threading it, and finally installing the handle in it. A lot of effort was needed, and many people had blisters on their hands because of this.
LingYang held the hammer in his hand studying it carefully. He liked it very much, and very much wished that he could give YeLang a kiss in return.
“What’s this?” He suddenly discovered a carving at the bottom of the handle, the last time when he saw this it was not there.
He raised it into the light and looked at it carefully, realising it was the letter ‘Y’, “Y? For Ye?”
YeLang remained silent.
“Heihei, thanks then,” LingYang replaced the hammer in the box. “Let me treat you to Cafeteria 2.”

[Guild] LittleCloth: Hahahaha, I’ve given my hammer away!!
[Guild] CuteEgg: Really?? Congratulations!!!
[Guild] LittleRights: What, what kind of luck did you fall into, doesn’t that mean you’re graduating from single-hood? So mean, we’re still single here!
[Guild] LittleCloth: You’re all envious, jealous, hating me now right, hahaha!
[Guild] CuteEgg: ZhongMou have you given your hammer away?
[Guild] LittleRights: Give what hammer! I don’t even have anyone to give the hammer to!
[Guild] MourningMo: FengXian’s confession was successful? Congratulations ^^
[Guild] FlowerHouse: MoMo has also given his hammer already?
[Guild] MourningMo: Uh, I’m studying science, there’s no metalworking practice ^^! 
[Guild]LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: I really can’t stand you science and engineering guys, the science guys would come up with some program, the engineering guys would give a hammer, there’s not even a stalk of flower, damn, which girl would know that you’re even confessing!
[Guild] CuteEgg: Sister Away doesn’t understand, doing this is called being romantic!
[Guild]LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: What’s so romantic about a crappy hammer?
[Guild] LittleRights: This just shows your lack of knowledge. Flowers, rings, chocolates, they can all be bought with money, vulgar! It’s only these handmade things that can express the sincerity of us science and engineering guys.
[Guild] LittleRights: I don’t know about other schools, but at least in SenLan, giving a hammer is the tradition of us engineering guys, it’s a recognised confession, if the other party accepts it, it means that the confession is successful!
[Guild]LittleCloth: You also have to carve the initial of the other person’s name on the bottom of the handle, why else would we say, Engineering: Love as Deep as the Sea!
[Guild] <Bell> is online.
[Guild] Bell: Good evening everyone O(∩_∩)O!
[Guild] CuteEgg: Sister Bell ^o^
[Guild] LittleRights: Hi Sister-in-law!
[Guild] FlowerHouse: Good evening (*^__^*)
[Guild]LittleBottomDon’tRunAway: Bell you’re here~ Let’s go do some dungeons?
[Guild] Bell:
Not today, I’m going to train in forging \(^o^)/

Since YeLang had given him a hammer, LingYang definitely had to quickly complete the spear and give it to him, then admit his identity and confess his love!
Although the love confession might not succeed, but LingYang believed that the other person was worth a gamble.
LingYang went to mine happily. After mining for awhile, news appeared in the guild chat that FlowerHouse had been killed by Handsome Peng, and LingYang was surprised.
Ever since XuXian had harshly done away with Handsome Peng, he had not appeared so arrogantly for a very long time. Just as LingYang was feeling doubtful, the same news appeared three more times in the guild chat.
LingYang retrieved a friend teleporter from his bag and used it, when he reached the location, there were quite a lot of people there already, people from Passionate Sword, people from Handsome Peng’s guild, and other people who were just there for the show, the screen full of people. LingYang then realised through the global chat that they had been battling for awhile already.
People from both guilds were arguing non-stop, and a guild battle was about to erupt.
LingYang discovered Little Buckle in the crowd, he sent a whisper over.

[Whisper] Bell: What is this situation?
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Handsome Peng this scum is really too much, recently he found a new wife, but the two of them are not able to get married, and he also cannot hide the label of his previous 
marriage. His wife has been unhappy with Flower, so she
has been looking for him to create trouble for the past  couple of days.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: Just now I was with Flower completing our daily tasks here and we happened upon them. Handsome Peng’s weirdo wife insisted that Flower had stolen their monsters, and went into battle mode without any warning. Handsome Peng also helped her kill Flower many times, I can’t even watch it anymore, they’re really going too far!
[Whisper] Bell: Faint, this person really hasn’t learnt his lesson, it seems like 100 ways was too little, we should have killed him in 1000 ways.
[Whisper] Husband,PleaseDoItGently: We all want to help Flower kill him, but he doesn’t allow us to do so.

LingYang did not understand.

[Whisper] Bell: Why is he not allowing you guys to do so? Why keep this kind of people around?

Before Little Buckle could reply, he saw FlowerHouse’s chat message:

[Local] FlowerHouse: We’ve been fighting for so long, you’re not tired, but I’m tired of it.
[Local] FlowerHouse: Now you have a wife, and I also have a husband, we’ll just settle all our resentments at once.
[Local] FlowerHouse: Today I’ll fight with you, but as long as I beat you once, in the future we’ll go our separate ways, and you will not come and disturb me.
[Local] HandsomePeng: Haha, so funny, you? Beat me? With your skills?
[Local] FlowerHouse: Even if I can’t beat you, I’ll still continue fighting all the way, until you give up. I want to let you see my determination.
[Local] HandsomePeng: Sure, then I’ll also say this now, as long as you can beat me once today, I’ll leave this server!
[Local] FlowerHouse: Come on!

FlowerHouse prepared his buffs, summoned his pets, and took the first move against his opponent. Handsome Peng slowly faded away, then immediately appeared behind FlowerHouse. FlowerHouse was temporarily stunned, the series of moves that the other person made, FlowerHouse was unable to combat it.
LingYang was well aware of the capabilities of these two people, Handsome Peng could only be considered of an average standard, but XuXian was much worse than him.
Fighting bosses and fighting players required two very different set of skills, a boss was fixed, a player was flexible, most of the players good at PVP would also not be weak in PVE, but people who were strong in PVE did not mean that they would be good in PVP. XuXian mainly focused on doing dungeons, with regards to PVP he only played a 3V3 convenience team, and never even went into battle. He did not have much experience with PK, unless the opponent made a huge mistake, the chances of winning were very low.
As LingYang expected, under the opponent’s intensive attacks, FlowerHouse went down, and the other person’s hp had only decreased by 30%.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Bell, revive.

LingYang frowned, but he still revived FlowerHouse. When FlowerHouse revived, he sat there and ate items to replenish his hp and mana.
When he recovered, FlowerHouse stood up and buffed himself again.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Again!

The both of them fought again and again, FlowerHouse fell again and again, the members of Handsome Peng’s guilds laughed non-stop at FlowerHouse, and even spoke sarcastically about him. LingYang’s rage boiled over when he saw the chat, wishing that he could just go into battle mode and attack them.
Friends of Passionate Sword continued giving FlowerHouse encouragement, while the audience commented freely, as though watching a free show.
Ten minutes passed, twenty minutes passed, thirty minutes passed…

[Local] FlowerHouse: Bell, revive.

FlowerHouse did not know how many times he had said this already, looking at his corpse LingYang jabbed harshly at his revive key, the audience had already slowly quietened down. With the passing of time, everyone was starting to be moved by FlowerHouse’s actions. At first they were there just to watch the drama, then they were belittling him, next moved by him, and finally they also started cheering him on.
“FlowerHouse, fighting!” Someone from the crowd first sent this message.
“Fighting! You can do it!” The encouraging messages flooded the local chat.
Everyone had been moved by FlowerHouse’s persistence, now that the winds were changing, even people from Handsome Peng’s guild started disappearing.
FlowerHouse fell over and over again, Bell revived him over and over again, there were more and more people in the audience, to the point where LingYang was lagging till he almost could not move.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Bell, revive.

LingYang remained motionless.
The crowd was silent.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Bell, revive!

LingYang pounded the table heavily.
XuXian’s door was suddenly pushed open, XuXian turned around, startled, his eyes even a little red.
Without giving any explanation, LingYang walked over, signalling XuXian to move aside. XuXian did not understand, but he still obediently handed over the control of the computer to LingYang.
LingYang studied FlowerHouse’s shortcut keys.
“Although the main task of summoner clerics is as a support, but with the correct application of skills, it can still be very formidable in solo-P.” LingYang said, while adjusting the position of the shortcuts.
“Especially towards professions like shadow warriors, as long as you control the pets and don’t allow him to come close, then slowly grind at him to death, the other person would have no other options.” LingYang was very familiar with FlowerHouse’s pets, choosing to summon the raccoon. The raccoon could shape-shift, blind the view of the opponent, and could also use vertigo to control the opponent’s actions.
XuXian looked at LingYang in shock, completely not understanding what he was saying.
LingYang also did not explain anymore, and starting attacking Handsome Peng. Handsome Peng had fought FlowerHouse for tens of rounds, he was very tired, and was also getting careless. Without hiding himself, he picked up his dagger and started attacking. By the time he realised something was not right, he was already fully under the control of FlowerHouse.
LingYang’s fingers were moving very fast, XuXian stared, dumbfounded, he still had a disbelieving expression on his face.  

LingYang slammed on the enter key.

[Local] FlowerHouse: Little Buckle, revive!

Although LingYang had typed this sentence out, but it still felt very earth-shaking. For a moment, it rocked through everyone in the crowd, and even XuXian was suppressed by his aura to the point where he could not speak for awhile.
After a period of time XuXian then pointed at the screen and spoke quietly, “That, I’m also a cleric, I can revive him too.”
LingYang turned his head, “What??”
LingYang revived Handsome Peng, replenished his hp, then killed him two more times in a row, so as to vent his hatred.
He finally let him go, turning towards the bewildered XuXian and gave a sigh, “Flower, I’m Bell.”
The author has something to say:
Today I saw my name on the top popularity ranking board, I got a shock, for a moment I thought there was a bug in the system.
The author is only a small fry, this is the first VIP novel, the topic is also an unpopular online gaming type, to squeeze onto the monthly board is already very surprising, I would never have thought that I’ll be able to get onto the top popular ranking board.
Everyone has worked hard, with this, no matter if it gets ranked, whether there are tickets, the author would still write attentively, update diligently, working to send the antelope into the mouth of the wolf next week, and would never let all of you down.
Yesterday’s 5-men raiding team [Pure Indigo~], [gynoid], [?], [ImaginaryYear] x2, [Ji] x2
Today’s loot other than [Cafeteria 2’s Buns] (this is a request from [Imaginary Year], don’t cry [Pure Indigo~]), a legendary item also dropped:
[Brother Lang’s Hammer]
Weapon: One Handed Hammer, DPS 250
*Engineering Boy’s Silent Love Confession

The author was that engineering student who made a hammer… But cannot remember the process too clearly, if any players from engineering also made a hammer before, you’re welcome to correct me.

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