TANW Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – The Split Personality of the Glacier Beauty

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I had to sell myself for that, you must treasure it when drinking.

LingYang got to know Sakka in the game, they were a bunch of old players who had started playing <Pale Soul OL> when it went into open beta, so they had been playing for a longer time than most people, and as such, their gaming statistics were naturally better than other newer players.
In DaiShan everyone had called Sakka a god, but LingYang had never felt that there was anything special about a god. In the old server, the number of gods he knew were innumerable, essentially, as long as they started playing around the same time as him, and were a little more shut-in, they could all be referred to as god.
However, even if he thought this way, it did not mean that others would also think this way, especially those young girls who had read a little too many online gaming novels and those ladyboys with ill intentions. They all had the goal of attracting a god.
Not long after LingYang had entered college, the Pale Soul players in YanShan organised a small offline gathering. LingYang then discovered on accident that Sakka turned out to be his class leader in real life, WeiShi, this chance meeting made the two of them very close.
At that time WeiShi was very bothered by the girls flocking around him in the game, seeing this LingYang decided to introduce his disciple with a female account to his good friend as a shield, although that disciple of his was a little silly, but one of his good points was that he was very independent and never clung onto people, and it was just what WeiShi needed.

The minimum level requirement to get married in <Pale Soul OL> was level 30, on the day that LingYang suggested it, Little Buckle happened to reach level 30.
Even till today LingYang still remembered the day he introduced the two of them to each other, the small and cute Azure Buckle dressed in pink walked over leisurely, his first words to Sakka was: Imma man.
The other person’s reply was also very succinct: Doesn’t matter.
And so the two of them got married like that.
As this was a marriage of convenience, they chose the most basic ‘Dew’ marriage and did not bother with a ceremony. The only people who witnessed the marriage were a couple of close friends, only until when other people saw the two of them purposely displaying the husband and wife tags did the news exploded in the server.
Little Buckle’s character tended to be more unfathomable, his tone was very girly, and he admitted openly that he was a ladyboy. After marrying the god that many people had an interest in, he attracted many criticisms on the server. At that time many of them guessed that they were only in a marriage of convenience, and so with various motives they made personal attacks on Little Buckle, but Little Buckle had never ever spared them a single glance.
Maybe because of this reason, WeiShi slowly started protecting Little Buckle, even taking the initiative to help him level, with such actions he slowly and leisurely stopped people from doubting their marriage.
With the passing of time, the two of them became inseparable, slapping the faces of those people who laughed at them, even earning the label of being a model couple, becoming DaiShan’s famous sweethearts. At that time, Night Wolf had yet to meet Bell.
Then after that, for some unknown reason, Little Buckle suddenly wanted a divorce. However, WeiShi did not keep his words, and even presumptuously logged into the other person’s account and changed the marriage to “Love is Stronger Than Gold”. This incident made a huge commotion on DaiShan server.
In a fit of anger, Little Buckle dived into Lake ShiWen and logged off, never to come online again.

WeiShi then started keeping watch, fishing by the lake every night. This fishing session lasted for half a year, and became a legend not only in DaiShan but across all servers. Sakka this name had became a representative of faithfulness, and even Lake ShiWen became a famous place for the online couples to go on dates.
Today, that unfathomable, silly and idiotic Little Buckle was sitting in front of him, elegantly, nobly and cooly admitting his identity to him, LingYang could not believe what he was hearing.
“You’re really Little Buckle?”
“Uh huh.”
“My idiotic disciple Little Buckle?”
Tang XiuWen gave an ambiguous smile.
“That Little Buckle who said ‘Imma man’?”
“You’re still doubting my gender up till now?”
“That Little Buckle who asked me if I wanted to see your dick on video?”
Tang XiuWen pitched his voice up, “Why, Master, you want to see it?”
LingYang unconsciously grabbed the cup in front of him to steady his emotions, bringing it to his mouth he then realised he had already drank it all in one gulp just now.
Tang XiuWen raised a finger, ordering another glass for him, LingYang gulped down half a glass before somewhat calming down: “Then does the class leader know about this?”
Tang XiuWen shook his head elegantly, “He shouldn’t know about it yet.”
“Shouldn’t? Yet?” LingYang covered his eyes in despair, that would mean that he was about to find out.
“So I guess the reason why you’re admitting your identity to me is because you’re now in trouble, and you need the help of your master.”
“So what’s your decision, Master?”
“I still don’t know what kind of trouble you’re in.”
“He’s starting to suspect me already.”
“Sit down!”
LingYang was forced to seat his butt that was moving away from his seat down, “Fine, so tell your master, how did you expose yourself?”
“No wait,” LingYang corrected himself. “First you tell me why did you suddenly want to get divorced?”
“Oh, that,” Tang XiuWen summarised. “At that time my younger brother was on a break, so he came to my dorm to play, in the end he saw someone calling me wife in the game, and so used my account to argue with Sakka. I said that this was only a game, but he still minded it. I saw that he was unhappy about it, so I decided to get divorced.”
LingYang was about to go crazy, “Just because your bro-con brother did not agree with this small thing, so you decided to divorce him?”
Tang XiuWen nodded, “If not?”
“Then what about your opinion?”
“Me?” He shrugged, “From the start I only agreed because Master you asked me to help him act this out, hasn’t this been fake all these while?”
“But later you guys were clearly very close? Almost everyday he would bring you to do this and that.”
Tang XiuWen laughed coldly, “It’s him who wanted to bring me around, what does that have to do with me. Also, I haven’t settled that issue where he secretly logged into my account to change the marriage, I was very nice to not fail him last semester already.”
LingYang: “…”
“The issue now it, after that because of you he fished for half a year, were you not even moved a little by this?”
“That’s only because he likes to fish. Also, he’s still my student, I have no interest in him at all.”
LingYang rejoiced, “So it turns out Teacher, you still have some morals.”
“What are morals, can they be eaten? I just don’t like his type, poker-faces are very boring.”
LingYang: “…”
“If I want to get involved in a student-teacher relationship, I would also choose a type that I like. I like the sunshine and cheerful type, like…” Tang XiuWen dragged his words out, his index finger rubbing against his chin, squinting his eyes he stared at LingYang.
LingYang’s asshole tightened.
“… People like my little brother.”
LingYang gave a long sigh, “Teacher, can you please don’t give such a long pause when speaking next time.”
“Passionate Sword’s Guild Leader came to look for me privately,” Tang XiuWen suddenly changed the topic. “Did you expose your identity to him?”
“That pervert looked for you? I was forced to expose myself, what did he talk to you about?”
“No other than to hint that he knows about my identity, and wants me to restrain myself. How funny, I’ve only used your account to help you do a few dungeons, even this is unacceptable?”
“… This fellow is definitely overprotective of his children,” LingYang mumbled to himself.
“But the main issue isn’t with him, but with you.”
“I’ve always been very low profile on the new server, not creating any waves or trouble. But Master, you have so much gossip about you as though they don’t cost anything, appearing on the headlines every other day.”
LingYang was speechless, I also didn’t do it on purpose, the crowd is just too good at making groundless accusations!
“FlowerHouse’s incident yesterday, someone made a video of it, it includes your last sentence, if an observant person sees it, he’ll definitely realise that there’s an issue there.”
“… This, the class leader wouldn’t go and specially see this kind of video right?”
“You better pray that he doesn’t, if not…”
LingYang’s asshole tightened again.
“I’ll fail you as well.”
LingYang: “…”
“Fine,” Tang XiuWen waved his hand. “We’re done with chitchat, I should move on to serious matters.”
“What the fuck, weren’t those serious matters?!”
“A few days ago WeiShi used my computer to copy some materials, I carelessly let him discovered the game client in my hard drive.”
“…….. Teacher you’re also a little too careless!!!”
Tang XiuWen completely ignored LingYang’s blustering, “He previously had access to my account, and had seen my IP address used for registration, he knows I’m from YanShan, that I have night classes every Tuesday and Friday so I wouldn’t go online. Now that he’s also seen my game client, so, you understand.”
“I don’t understand!!!”
“At that time I found an excuse, saying that a student came to my dorm to play, and downloaded it on my computer.”
“Hahaha, so funny, Teacher you’re the famous glacier beauty from our literature department, which idiot would dare to go to your dormitory to play games, he definitely has some secret relationship with you.”
Tang XiuWen smiled again.
LingYang became as dumb as a piece of wood.
He suddenly straightened his body, as though he was on alert, then in the next moment, he deflated as though he lost all his strength, lying across the table.
“So you understand now?” Tang XiuWen’s mouth was curved wickedly.

LingYang did not speak, and used his head to knock against the table.
“After all this problem also started because of you, I’m now giving you a chance to remedy it,” Tang XiuWen took his time to finish his milk tea and stood up. “I’ve said all that I wanted to say, if there’s nothing we’ll settle it like this, Student LingYang who has a. Secret. Relationship. With. Me.”
LingYang lifted his head resentfully, “You want to force me to sell myself with two glasses of milk tea? No way.” He raised his voice, “Boss I’ll take away another tea!”
LingYang held onto the tea, walking behind Tang XiuWen weakly. Upon exiting he heard a voice next to him, “Teacher, LingYang.”
LingYang immediately froze hearing this voice, at this very second he finally understood what was ‘one cannot avoid one’s enemy’.
“Why are the both of you together?”

WeiShi slowly walked over.
Tang XiuWen looked at LingYang, LingYang hurriedly replied WeiShi, “I looked for Counsellor to discuss my Party admission.”
“Party admission?”
LingYang slapped his own chest, “I’m a diehard Communist, three generations of my family are all in the Red Army, it’s expected of me to join the Party, this quota Class Leader you don’t fight me for it.”
Although LingYang knew that this excuse was a little stupid, but it was still better than admitting that he had a secret relationship with Tang XiuWen!
WeiShi stared at him suspiciously, LingYang quickly tugged at Tang XiuWen’s sleeve. “Teacher, I still have some details about the Party admission I would like to discuss with you. If you don’t mind it we’ll walk and discuss it at the same time.”
Pulling Tang XiuWen along he turned around and left, not noticing the fire blazing in the eyes of the person behind them.

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