ISMM Chapter 16

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We’re back with WYZ and more of his antics. This chapter is edited by Isa.

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ISMM Chapter 15

I made a slight error in the name of the poem in Chapter 14. It’s called Temptation to be exact… Well, in my defense, the very same Chinese characters can be used to mean Seduction as well. XD But no matter!

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ISMM Chapter 14

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Here’s another chapter of ISMM. I’ll be working on chapter 15 soon!! I know all of you are excited to know what GYL thinks right?! I KNOW YOU DO. DON’T LIEEEE. Well, you will get to meet our precious star again in Chapter 15 by peeking at his diary. lmao

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ISMM Chapter 12

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And also, the official art for Gu Yiliang and Wei Yanzi in their costumes are here!

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ISMM Chapter 9

Another new chapter for happy chinese new year!

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