Breaking through the Clouds


Title: Breaking through the Clouds (破云)

Author: Huai Shang (淮上)

Translator: Yudun, AlexPT, Angela

Status: Completed with 155 Chapters + 2 Extras

Translation Status: On-going


Translator Notes: I cannot stress enough how much I love this novel. God praises Huai Shang大大! The audio drama is glorious too!


Bizarre clouds billowed by in the sky, as if in a hurry.

During an anti-drug operation in the city of Gong Zhou three years ago, a chain explosion had gone off on site due to a mis-judgement made by the Commander-in-Chief Jiang Ting, and caused the anti-drug detachment team to suffer great casualties as a result. Three years now, Jiang Ting, who was supposed to have already been killed in the line of duty with not even a body left to bury—miraculously woke up from a coma.

His heroic soul had never been at peace. He returned from Hell back to the living, to give everything he had to bring the bloody and bizarre truth back to light.

Currently Translated Into:
Indonesian — Kenzterjemahan
Spanish — Meermmer

Table of Contents:

Volume 1
Case 502 – The Intoxicated Frozen Corpse

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3  | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10
Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15
Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19 | Chapter 20
Chapter 21 | Chapter 22 | Chapter 23 | Chapter 24 | Chapter 25
Chapter 26 | Chapter 27 | Chapter 28 | Chapter 29 | Chapter 30
Chapter 31 | Chapter 32 | Chapter 33 | Chapter 34 | Chapter 35
Chapter 36 | Chapter 37 | Chapter 38 | Chapter 39 | Chapter 40
Chapter 41 | Chapter 42


Volume 2
Case 619 — A Bloodstained T-shirt and A Kidnapping

Chapter 43 | Chapter 44 | Chapter 45 | Chapter 46 | Chapter 47
Chapter 48 | Chapter 49 | Chapter 50 | Chapter 51 | Chapter 52
Chapter 53 | Chapter 54 | Chapter 55

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17 thoughts on “Breaking through the Clouds

  1. I love this so much! Thank you for your hardworks TnT.
    A request though, can you please compile them into pdf? I really want to save it

  2. I’m sooo glad that u pick this up!!

    ahhh, I hope I don’t bother u but, may I ask for a permission to translate it into spanish? <.<
    I’ll make sure to credit ur page!

  3. Good afternoon. My name is Daiane and I am a Brazilian reader of “Breaking Through the Clouds” I met the story recently and I think it’s amazing 😍 First, I would like to thank you for the translation you do and for all the care and dedication you have with the romance ♥ ️ Thank you very much. Second, I would like to ask for your permission to make a translation of the novel into Portuguese from its version and give the opportunity for other people to get to know this incredible story. Of course, if you allow me to translate, I will give you credit. Thank you in advance. ♥ ️

  4. Super excited about this!! Is there a schedule for this (totally okay if it’s sporadic and ongoing, just curious and want to keep a look out!). Thank you so much for picking this up! 🙂

      1. Awesome! Thank you for your efforts! It’s much appreciated. I’m reading YGM:ACT as well and the quality of translation is excellent.

  5. The story is simply amazing, I absolutely love it!
    The quality of the translation is excellent! Thank you so much for your work!! <3

  6. Hello, I would like to translate this novel into Turkish if you allow me. thank you for this beautiful translation

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