You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale

 Title: You’ve Got Mail: A Cautionary Tale (飞鸽交友须谨慎)

Author: Hei Dan Bai (黑蛋白)

Translators: Nyan-Nyan, AlexPT

Editor: DancingdolphinsYo

Status: Completed with 106 Chapters

Translation Status: Completed


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The Peng Society for Gentlemen — a secret friend-making club for the homosexual men of the Great Xia Dynasty. Its services were designed to help its members along in their quest for their lifelong partners. Upon paying a monthly fee of fifty coins, members could get themselves listed in The Pengornisseur after providing a self-portrait, a mailing address, their age and hobbies, as well as a self-introduction. All members would receive a copy of the monthly publication, and they could communicate with one another in private using the information in The Pengornisseur.

Wu Xingzi, a bachelor about to turn forty, worked as the adviser to the magistrate in Qingcheng County.

Qingcheng County was a place with barely any resources. In other words, it was poor. In the list of counties of the Great Xia Dynasty, it had been ranked at the bottom for the past two hundred years.

Wu Xingzi felt that his life was hopeless: not only was he a homosexual, he was also a virgin. Even his retirement fund was lacking. Worse still, his looks were… forgettable.

He might as well die.

Hence, Wu Xingzi decided to commit suicide on his fortieth birthday. However, he was unwilling to remain a virgin to death! And so, gritting his teeth, he joined the Peng Society for Gentlemen and received The Pengornisseur. It was very painful; after all, fifty coins were the sum of his daily expenditure for ten days! He would only pay it once, and he was determined to succeed on his first try.

Translators’ Note: There’s gonna be lots and lots of sexy times in this novel, so… underaged people please close your eyes?

Currently Translated Into:
Spanish — Karie24_
Russian — Kosen30
French — Polinsesi
Turkish — PebblesHive

Volume 1 –  Pengornis Drawings Are Always Flying Around in A Mess

Volume 2 – Always Trust Your Past to Trip You Up

Volume 3 – What Happens In The Capital Stays In The Capital

We’ve taken down our translation, respecting the author’s opinion on fan-translation. As a fan-tl site, our works are definitely on the illegal side of things, and we’ve always kept that in mind. Any of our fan translations that have been licensed, or if found out by the author and the author indicated a preference that they do not like it, we’ll be taking them down.

Please do respect this choice by NOT sharing any PDFs, ePUBs, google docs, or even links on aggregator sites. We do not allow for any of our translations to be hosted and shared in any of the methods stated above.

Do also purchase copies of the book (in Chinese) if you’ve read it already, and since the author has indicated an interest in getting it published in English… /fingers crossed!

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  1. I really appreciates the Author’s as well as the Translator’s work for bringing up such good translations and makes all of us laugh and brings lots of emotions so thank you for frequent updated! 🙂

  2. OMG. I can’t wait for the next update. Im very giddy i keep on reading it all over again and laugh out loud while enjoying the characters. I never enjoyed reading translation as much as I did with this one. Superb!

  3. I love this moron x moron shit. I keep thinking its been a week when its only been like, a day XD Thank you guys for your hard work and bringing this delight into my life!


  5. Monday has become my favorite day because I know YGMCT will get an update. I really, really really really really really love it!

    For the translators: Thank you so much for translating this great book!

  6. Thank you for your hard work translator sama💖
    Can you please upload this story in Wattpad for offline purpose? I’ve already read it till the last released chapter in website but a Fojushi’s heart can’t be satisfied with one time reading, right?!🤒😳😳😂

  7. Love this novel! Was reading it last few months till this point and now I just need more! Thank you translators for your hard work! 💜 and by the way translation is amazing! Till I wait for the new chapter I will go check other novels on this website 😻

  8. This is just so awesome!! I love everything in this novel!! Excited for the upcoming chaps!! I really love u all who have put all their efforts to translate this masterpiece!

  9. I appreciate your hard work in translating this! I’m too Impatient to wait for the next chapter, so I have started reading it over again from the beginning 😉

  10. I was confused for a moment thinking the end of the book was at chapter 70 and then realized is still on going the translation. I really enjoyed every chapter , many thanks for the hard work , I hardly find novels like these that are fresh for me as I used to read from west authors and are usually similar in a way. Is also the third translation I’m reading from this blog . Really thank you so much 😊

  11. Thank you so much for the translators. Waiting for the next chapters. Will surely miss Mr.Wu and General 😍

  12. Been rereading this a couple of times now while waiting for your updates. Thank you very much for translating this treasure. Thinking that the end is near I can’t help but be anxious and excited at the same time. I really need to get a life now.

  13. Hi alex. I saw the Indonesian translator deleted the translation, can I translate this novel? maybe you can confirm with the previous translator.

  14. This novel is just gold, is a must read!!! The MC is so adorable 🥺😍and the plot is funny and entertaining. Thankuuu so much for translating this novel ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐

  15. This novel is just gold, is a must read!!! The MC is so adorable 🥺😍and the plot is funny and entertaining. Thanku so much for translating this novel ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐

  16. Thank you so much for your translation. Can not even express or explain in words how much I enjoyed reading this.

  17. Oh wow, totally you have to respect the authors wishes but I can’t help but be a little devastated at the loss of it. Personally I was only 3/4 of the way through vol 3 so didn’t get the chance to finish it and it was my most recommended novel to others.

    Hopefully the author can work out a official English translation of it, that would be great.

    Also thank you to the team for translating this and everything else, your hard work is much appreciated!

  18. I can’t believe I missed the last seven chapters. I have been reading this diligently since the beginning. Every Monday morning. Life got busy in January but I finally found the time to finish this up. And nothing…
    I understand the wishes of the author to remove their work. They aren’t getting paid for their intellectual property. But I’m so sad I can’t finish this story after so long.
    Thank you for all your time translating this. It was beautifully done and always on schedule for we voracious readers.

  19. It was great while it lasted and I am happy we were able to enjoy the end of this novel, even if it was just for a short period of time.

    Thank you for your efforts you put into this, all the time, the love, the power to endure and translate the many nsfw chapters.

    Let’s hope an English publisher will realise this is a precious gem and publish it soon <3

  20. Please tell the author that I, like many, would welcome and buy the book translated into English! I didn’t get to finish the novel and definitely wanted to reread parts. It’s definitely good enough to own. Please beg for an official translation so I can finish!

  21. Okay! So, what exactly happened to all the translated chapters????? 😭😭😭😭 Im busy with my exams so I thought i would read it at once when im done with it but i came to check and its all gone (Naniiiii!!!!?) PLEASE POST IT BACK IF YOU HAVE BACKUP. 🥺 THANKS A LOT! You guys did a really good job in taking this novel. Not gonna lie, i dropped it after c6 because it was too smutty 🤤 and i live with parents (so no personal space to read smexy times b/w main 😭) Again, thank you for going thru my rant but please post it back or maybe add a pdf file of all the chapters in your dc channel if you’ve one(?).

  22. Reason why they removed the chapters was because the original author of the novel didn’t want their works to be posted without their consent. So most likely the author contacted the translation team to take it down and following the author’s wish they did it. Although really unfortunate, we gotta respect the author’s decision.

  23. So sad to see this taken down, but i also understand, hopefully it gets published in english soon, and so happy thatninwas diligently reading it every monday. Came back here for a re-read but alas its like watching an old friend leave

  24. Is this book license? I want to read it, it was recommended by a friend.

    I don’t mind buying if there’s official English available.

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