Summer Drowning

Title: Summer Drowning (夏溺)

Author: Biscuits Bought in September (九月买的饼干)

Translator: Yudun

Status: Completed with 24 Chapters

Translation Status: On-going

Translator’s Note: A touching story about two very broken and damaged men. This is an ABO novel! It’s so sad, touching and sweet at the same time. Words cannot express how hard I feel for this novel. Happy ending. Please read at ease.


Synopsis (By Nyan-nyan):

Eleven years ago, Xia Mian met Li Li for the first time in a manor where neither of them belonged, where they spent three intoxicating summers together.

Three summers filled with the heady aroma of ripened grapes. Three summers imprinted with the indelible marks of stolen, heated caresses. Three summers woven from the feelings of two young misfits only beginning to learn the taste of love.

Then, Li Li disappeared.

When the two reunite once more in that manor, eight years later — eight years too late — everything about them seems to have changed. But time never really moves on, and some wounds never heal. Will the two find a way to move forward, or will they remain trapped in their eternal summers together, forever drowning?

CP: Xia Mian x Li Li

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 (NSFW)

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  1. I’m already in love *,* SW was so good, had me both drowning in tears and floating in bliss.. This already feels like SW so I knoooow it’s gonna be so gooood *,*
    Looking forward this translation ✨💙

  2. Hello!
    I’m from Indonesia. This novel looks interesting, may I translate it into Indonesian and post it on my Wattpad account? Of course I will be put you on the credit so people will also be interested to read your works.

    I will wait for your reply 😁

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