The Script Is Not Like This!

Title: The Script Is Not Like This! (剧本不是这样的)

Author: ZiWuYueYuan (紫舞玥鸢)

Status: Completed with 19 Chapters

Translation Status: Completed

Translator: BaiGou



This novel can be summarized in three sentences:

Scum top abuses trash bottom.

Trash bottom loses his heart completely and leaves scum top.

All of a sudden, the scum top comes to his senses: Oh, I’ll look for the next one then, bye.

Hold on Where’s the agreed abuse for the scum top? What happened to the promised transformation of scum top into a loyal dog? This isn’t how the script is supposed to be!

This novel is especially made as a reversal of the slag top and trash bottom tropes. There will be no three-views, no integrity, no limits and no logic.

Beware of intentional landmines, slag top and revenge against society!

Currently also being translated into:
Indonesian – By Reofl88
Portugese – By Emi_my
Burmese – By Jue

Chapter 1: A Scum Top
Chapter 2: A So-Called Awakening
Chapter 3: A So-Called Disastrous Outcome
Chapter 4: A So-Called Side Dude
Chapter 5: A So-Called Loophole
Chapter 6: A So-Called Confession
Chapter 7: A So-Called Explosion
Chapter 8: A So-Called Reunion
Chapter 9: No Such Things As So-Called
Chapter 10: Both Tragic Pawns in The Hands of Fate
Chapter 11: No Need to Be Acquaintances to Be Gay Together (NSFW)
Chapter 12: Why is It So Hard to Get Laid
Chapter 13: If You Want to Act, You Best Devote Yourself to It
Chapter 14: Nice Job
Chapter 15: You Must Be Joking With Me
Chapter 16: All Sorts of Crazy Turning Points
Chapter 17: Can’t Think of A Title
Chapter 18: There Was Once An Ending, But It Developed Wildly
Chapter 19: This Is A Sad Extra

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